How to Make Brownies from a Box Taste Better

Brownies? Do you mean the greatest invention of all time? Brownies are undeniably delicious and impossibly easy to bake. That doesn’t mean that plenty of people still don’t reach for the box mix, though. If you’ve got a box of brownie mix lying around and want to rev it up, I’m here to help.

Hello, one and all! My name’s Michelle, and I’ve been baking in my kitchen for the past ten years. I thoroughly enjoy baking, but one of my favorite things to make is brownies. I typically make them from scratch, but I’ve had to zhuzh up a few boxed mixes in my time.

To make brownies from a box taste better, replace the butter with oil, eggs with egg yolks, and milk for heavy cream. You can also toss in some delicious mix-ins, such as chocolate chips, small pieces of candy, and fruit. Finally, don’t overbake, as that’s an easy way to ruin your brownies!

Let’s take those brownies from 0 to hero!

5 Ways to Make Brownies From a Box Taste Better

Brownie mix is definitely yummy, but it can be a little meh. If you want to amp up your brownie mix and make them taste “homemade,” you can do so by following these simple tips and tricks for success. Use one or use them all!

1. Swap Butter for Oil

Although your boxed brownie mix likely tells you to add oil to the ingredients, I highly recommend saying sayonara to the humdrum oil and replacing it with rich and decadent butter.

Using butter instead of oil will transform your brownies, giving them a more indulgent flavor while simultaneously creating a velvetier texture. It’s a win-win for your mouth and your fingertips, honestly.

Use the same amount called for in the directions. I.E., a ⅓ cup of oil for ⅓ cup of softened butter.

If you do one thing to make your boxed brownies taste better, let it be this.

2. Replace Eggs with Egg Yolks

Another must-have ingredient your boxed brownie mix calls for? Eggs. But don’t settle for “eggs.” Replace the eggs with egg yolks. Why? Because it will provide an even fudgier pan of brownies.

We’re talking so fudgy that you might feel like you’re falling into a pool of chocolate. Sounds a little bit like heaven, doesn’t it?

To swap eggs for egg yolks, remember the two-to-one ratio. For every egg, use two yolks. So, if your boxed brownie mix calls for two eggs, you’ll need to use four yolks. 

Tip: Save the egg whites for tomorrow morning’s omelet. You’ll need something healthy and full of protein after a night of feasting on this chocolate goodness!

3. Swap Milk or Heavy Cream for Water

Most boxed brownie mixes call for water


The thought alone is enough to make my taste buds yawn.

So what’s the better option? Use full-fat milk or heavy cream in place of the water, of course.

You’ll use the same ratio. For instance, one cup of heavy cream for one cup of water. Yet, you’ll enjoy the incredible results. Brownies will become richer, fudgier, and even gooier with the help of fatty milk or heavy cream. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it.

4. Consider Add-ins

Now that we’ve transformed the boxed brownie ingredients from “yuck” to “yum,” we can focus on taking extra steps to ensure these are the best brownies you have ever tasted. One great way to do that is to add ingredients to your brownies.

But which ones?

Honestly, it all depends on your personal preference. Here are some of the top ideas to consider:

  • Chocolate Chips – My personal favorite. Adding chocolate chips to the brownie mix will produce an overwhelmingly pleasant chocolate flavor that will send your taste buds soaring
  • Fruit – Some people love to eat fruit covered in chocolate. Why not make your brownies the same way? Some of the best fruits to consider using are raspberries, strawberries, and oranges.
  • Candy Pieces – Candy pieces are a great addition to any boxed brownie mix! Think – by adding candy, you can instantly change the result. For example, add some Reese’s Pieces to your mix and achieve an excellent peanut buttery finish.
  • Cookies – Everything goes well with cookies, right? Well, the same is true for your brownies. Crush up some cookies and toss them into your brownies.
  • Espresso – Where are my coffee fans at? If you’re obsessed with coffee and espresso as I am, then you’ll love adding it to your brownie mix. Just add a teaspoon or two of your fave espresso powder and enjoy.
  • Nuts – You can add brownies to your mix to give them a little crunch. Any nut will do, but my personal favorite is walnuts!
  • Spice – Some people love to add a little spicy kick to their chocolate desserts. Sound like you? Then consider adding a spice like cayenne pepper, you daredevil.

Don’t worry – if you forgot to mix something in, you could always top your brownies with some frosting. That’s one way to “hide” the flavor of the boxed brownie mix!

5. Don’t Overbake

When it comes to making brownies from a box taste better, low and slow wins the race.

That said, forget the “directions” listed on the brownie box. Listen to me instead.

Drop your oven down to 325F. Allow it to preheat entirely. Then, add your pan of brownie batter into the oven. Bake for about 40 minutes, or until a toothpick (or fork, knife, whatever) comes out clean. Allow them to cool.

Enjoy the most delectable brownies you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.


That’s it – no more humdrum boxed brownies! With these tips on your side, nobody will be able to tell that you’re disguising a boxed brownie mix. In fact, everyone will be asking for your “secret recipe.” Oh, but here are some FAQs to check out before you go!

Does the toothpick trick work for brownies?

The toothpick trick works for brownies. I should know; I always use this trick to ensure that my brownies are done! To use the “toothpick trick,” simply stick a toothpick into the center of your brownies. If it comes out clean or with a few crumbs attached, they’re good to go!

Do you add brownie toppings before or after baking?

That kind of depends on what you’re adding in. If it’s truly a “topping,” such as crushed-up cookies and candy bits, you’ll wait until the brownies are done baking. If you want the add-ons to be mixed into the brownie, you’ll add them to the batter before baking. (Or do both!)

Do brownies taste better with butter or oil?

Butter makes brownies taste better. Always use butter when making brownies. I prefer to use salted butter because I enjoy the additional saltiness in my baked goods. However, if you want to be in complete control of your brownies, I recommend using unsalted butter and adjusting the salt content to your liking.

Delicious Boxed Brownies Are a Moment Away!

Boxed brownie mix doesn’t have to reap subpar results. Doctor boxed brownie mix way up by swapping butter for oil, replacing the eggs with yolks, using milk or heavy cream rather than water, and tossing some mix-ins into the batter. Don’t overbake, either – slow and steady wins the race.

How do you improve boxed brownie mix? Did I miss anything? Do you have anything to add? Share in the comments so we can try it out!

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