6 Best Espresso Powders for Baking

Plenty of recipes (especially chocolate ones) contain espresso powder, which might leave some bakers scratching their heads. Is this a coffee or chocolate recipe? 

Espresso intensifies the chocolate flavor in many treasured desserts, and the King Arthur Espresso Powder is the best choice.

Hey, bakers! My name is Michelle, and I have loved and adored chocolate since I was a child – who hasn’t? When I first saw “espresso” listed in one of my favorite chocolate cake recipes, I was a little surprised and confused. But I added it anyway. And I am so glad I did.

Espresso is a critical ingredient in specific recipes. It pronounces chocolate notes greatly and creates a decadent, rich, and over-the-top flavor that will send your taste buds to the moon. This powder can also give traditional recipes a delightful, coffee-like twist.

For all of your espresso powder for baking needs, I recommend King Arthur. This espresso baking powder readily dissolves, so you don’t have to spend time mixing, blending, and stirring until your hands are sore. It’s also 100% certified kosher and has a lovely flavor that won’t disappoint.

There are plenty of other espresso-baking powders on the market besides King Arthur. So, if this one doesn’t “speak” to you, don’t worry. Below, I have created a must-see list of the top six espresso baking powders on the market. You’re sure to find the one that’s right for you.

Who’s ready to intensify and add a pop of coffee flavor to their favorite recipes?

Best Espresso Powder for Baking: Top Picks

Just talking about espresso powder is exciting – don’t you agree? Even if you’re not a plain espresso lover (like I am), it doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with the way espresso baking powder enhances your favorite recipes. Choose one of these great powders to get you started.

1. King Arthur Espresso Powder (Top Pick)

  • Key Features: Wide-mouth plastic jar, easily scooped, readily dissolves, certified kosher, delicious flavor
  • Size: Three ounces

When it comes to espresso baking powders, nothing beats King Arthur. The company has been around since 1790, and they have continuously produced out-of-this-world products. Needless to say, their espresso baking powder is just another stellar product you won’t want to miss.

The King Arthur Espresso Powder comes in a three-ounce plastic jar with a wide mouth for easy scooping. The espresso itself is delicious, easily dissolvable, and certified kosher – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Whether you’re baking ooey-gooey chocolate brownies or developing a new way to make classic chocolate chip cookies, King Arthur will see you through all of your baking adventures. The results are flawless every time, and you’ll love the minimal mixing and stirring required.

This espresso baking powder has a lot of great reviews. So much so that it was challenging to find a negative one! The biggest issue (for some) was that it’s not safe for those with nut allergies. If you’re allergic to nuts – I’m sorry! Try a different espresso powder.

2. DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder (Runner-Up)

  • Key Features: Modern glass jar, robust flavor, curated from dark roasted coffee beans, versatile for all baking and cooking
  • Size: 1.94 ounces

The DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder is undeniably the runner-up. It’s curated from rich dark roasted coffee beans, presenting a delectable flavor that will kick any recipe up a notch. Not only that, but it is readily dissolvable, so you don’t have to endlessly mix for success.

The flavor is definitely the standout feature of DeLallo – hence the somewhat high price tag. However, keep in mind that you’re getting a versatile espresso powder that can be used in all of your favorite recipes – from iced coffee to mocha brownies and beyond.

The other distinctive feature is the glass jar. I don’t know about you, but anything in a glass jar reads fancy to me – and I love anything fancy in my kitchen. It’s such a classy product that it can easily be left out on the countertop without appearing tacky or distasteful.

While I love a glass jar, not everyone will be so keen. Some people even stated that the packaging was way too flimsy for a glass jar. But hey, at least it wasn’t broken when it arrived. Be extra careful with this lovely espresso powder product! 

3. Anthony’s Organic Espresso Baking Powder (Best Organic Option)

  • Key Features: USDA organic, Verified Gluten-Free, easily dissolvable, derived from organic coffee beans, Non-GMO
  • Size: Five ounces

Are you a stickler for organic products? I don’t blame you. Organic is an excellent way to go. And for those of you on the hunt for an organic espresso baking powder to suit your needs, consider Anthony’s Organic option.

Anthony’s Organic espresso baking powder is made from 100% micro-ground organic coffee beans. There are no undesirable fillers or additives – just great taste. The beans are finely ground into an easily dissolvable powder, leaving you with less fuss come mixin’ time.

Not only is this powder USDA organic but it’s also Verified Gluten-Free. So, whether you’re trying to give your fave recipe a little healthy push or you’re trying a gluten-free, plant-based, or vegan diet, this espresso baking powder can see you through with confidence. 

This is another espresso baking powder that had next to no negative reviews. A few people said it was slightly bitter, and they needed to use a pinch more than other espresso powders, but it wasn’t a significant difference (and they claimed they’d repurchase it anyway).

4. Civilized Coffee Grande Espresso Powder (Premium Option)

  • Key Features: Non-GMO, allergen-free, soluble, versatile, wide-mouth container, recyclable and reusable packaging, rich flavor
  • Size: Six ounces

Okay, there is a lot to love about this espresso baking powder from Civilized Coffee. Where do I even begin? Well, I will start by saying that this medium-ground espresso powder is derived from the highest-quality ground Colombian coffee beans, ensuring an exquisite flavor every time.

For those searching for “healthier” espresso baking powder options, you will appreciate that this powder is entirely non-GMO and allergen-free. The packaging comes with a wide mouth for easy scooping, yet it’s also wholly reusable and recyclable to help our planet. 

Last but not least, this espresso baking powder is highly soluble and can work in a wide range of recipes. Whether it’s a garnish for your favorite cup of Joe in the morning or added to any cake or cupcake recipes, the espresso flavors will sing. You simply can’t go wrong.

People really love this espresso baking powder, mainly because the flavor is so robust. However, the most significant drawback is that it’s pretty pricey. It’s one of the more expensive options on this list – but most would say it’s well worth the money.

5. Civilized Coffee Espresso Coffee Powder (Best Seasoning-Style Option)

  • Key Features: Convenient seasoning-style packaging, Non-GMO, allergen-free, soluble, recyclable and reusable packaging, rich flavor
  • Size: 1.75 ounces

I know what you’re thinking – Civilized Coffee again? You can’t really blame me. After all, their espresso baking powder is the “cream of the crop” (or should I say coffee of the crop? I’m a horrible joke teller!)

With this espresso baking powder, you get to enjoy all of the same benefits as the one listed above. It’s non-GMO, allergen-free, highly soluble, and has an incredible taste. So why did I add this one?

It’s simple: this powder comes in a recyclable and reusable 1.75-ounce container that allows you to sprinkle the goodness all over your baked treats, just as you would any other kind of seasoning. The convenience is undoubtedly what makes this top-notch powder stand out.

When you use this espresso baking powder, be extra sure that you close the cap all the way. Otherwise, you might end up with a rock-hard mess that’s almost impossible to use. (Think: it’s similar to brown sugar!)

6. Medaglia D Oro Coffee Inst Expresso (Best Deal)

  • Key Features: Subtler flavor, great for beginners, two per pack
  • Size: Two ounces

In this economic climate, most people are on the hunt for significant deals. Well, that’s why I had to add the Medaglia D’Oro Coffee Instant Espresso to my list.

This pack comes with two super high-quality and delicious two-ounce containers of instant espresso. The great thing about this espresso is that it can be used to make coffee or as a baking powder, making it a highly versatile staple you’ll want in your kitchen.

Users have raved about the immense flavor this instant espresso brings to their palette. And with a relatively low price tag, you won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on some mouthwatering flavors.

Some people claimed that it had more of a primary coffee flavor than espresso, but that wasn’t necessarily bad. With a subtler flavor, this might be an excellent option for beginners who have not yet tried adding the best instant espresso to their recipes. 

Best Espresso Powder for Baking: Things to Consider

Excited to spruce up your favorite recipes in a way you never have before? Yeah, I thought so. But before you dive into purchasing one of these espresso baking powders, there are a few key things you will want to consider.


Are you an avid espresso lover, or are you new to the game? If you’re constantly reaching for your espresso baking powder, you will want to consider purchasing a larger-than-life pack. If you’re new, choose a smaller package in case you don’t like it (although I’m 100% sure you will!).


I love glass jars, but others might enjoy a resealable bag better. Consider the packaging when looking for which espresso baking powder is right for you. Note: I highly recommend finding packaging that allows for easy scooping. It just makes life easier.


I’ll be honest with you – a lot of espresso baking powders aren’t cheap. I have tried to include some budget-friendly and pricier options, but it really comes down to your budget and how much you’re willing to spend.


These espresso baking powders aren’t hugely different, but each has pros and cons. While you should definitely pay attention to the cons, you should also seek your must-haves. For example, you might prefer organic or allergen-free options.


All of these baking espresso powders are lovely options, but I highly recommend the King Arthur Espresso Powder above all. The flavor is undeniably exquisite, and I love how the jar has a wide mouth so that I can scoop and dissolve this certified kosher powder in a flash.

Which brand do you use? How do you like it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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