How to Store Brownies and Keep Them Fresh

There is really nothing quite like an ooey-gooey and ultra-rich brownie. Unfortunately, this also means they can dry out quickly. The best way to store brownies and keep them fresh is to simply wrap them or keep them in an airtight container on the counter for up to four days.

Hey, there, brownie fanatics! I’m Michelle, and I’ve been baking for the past ten-plus years. I’ve had so much fun trying out different brownie recipes, from strawberry to peanut butter, coconut to caramel. 

If you’re baking a fresh batch of brownies (I might join you after this post!), then you need to know how to store them properly. Brownies are highly prone to drying out, but this article will teach you to avoid dried-out disasters.

Let’s whip up some brownies!

How to Store Brownies and Keep Them Fresh

A brownie is known as one of the moistest desserts on the planet. They’re succulent, indulgent, and oh-so-rich. Unfortunately, that desirable texture can quickly get dried out, crumbly, and disgusting. 

How can you avoid this nightmare?

The best way to keep your brownies fresh and delicious is to store them properly – whether they’re left on the counter, in the fridge, or freezer.

Storing Brownies on the Counter

The best way to store brownies is simply by keeping them on the countertop. You need to protect them from the air, though. Leaving cooled brownies exposed to the elements will cause your brownies to become rock-hard and dry. 

There are a couple of ways you can store your brownies:

  • In the original pan with plastic wrap or foil covering. This is the easiest way to store brownies on the counter. Just keep them in the pan and wrap them tightly.
  • In an airtight container. You can also move your brownies over to a container that can hold the brownies and lock air out.
  • Sealable plastic freezer bag. Have baggies on hand? Use them to keep your brownies safe and sound.
  • Wrapped tightly with plastic wrap. The tighter the wrap, the better. You can use foil, too, but this tends to be a bit less “tight” in the end.

Whether you opt to keep them in a pan or use a bag, one thing to remember is that you shouldn’t cut them until they’re ready to be eaten. Cut brownies dry out faster. Cut “as needed,” and they will remain far fresher.

When stored at room temperature, your brownies should be a-okay for up to four days. Cut brownies may only last up to two days, though. 

Storing Brownies in the Fridge

The thought of storing brownies – or any baked good for that matter – makes me cringe. You want to avoid storing baked treats in the fridge as much as possible. The refrigerator is notorious for drying out foods, including freshly baked brownies.

Now, I completely understand that sometimes, using the refrigerator is a must. For example, if you’re not planning to eat the brownies within four days but don’t want to freeze them entirely, you might consider the fridge.

You have to be extra careful when using the fridge. Remember: fridge = dryness. So, your brownies need to be wrapped tightly. I would suggest using a double barrier. For example, wrap them in plastic wrap and place them in a freezer bag or airtight container.

Storing in the Freezer

What about freezing brownies? Is that acceptable? Will it keep brownies fresh? You bet. The handy freezer is a great spot to keep your brownies, especially if you want them to last up to an impressive three months.

There are two ways to freeze brownies:

  • Uncut brownies. If you’ve baked and cooled your brownies but haven’t cut them yet, you can simply wrap the slab of brownies and stick them in the freezer. It’s that easy.
  • Cut brownies. Some people may like the convenience of cut-up brownies. Sound like you? Wrap the brownies individually in plastic wrap. Then, put the pieces into a large airtight container or plastic freezer bag.

When you’re ready to eat your brownies, you can let them thaw in the fridge overnight. You can also set them out at room temperature for about an hour. Want your brownie goodness even sooner? Plop them into the microwave for a few seconds and achieve fresh flavor and texture.


Basically, if you want to store brownies and keep them fresh, it is best to do it with plastic wrap, foil, a plastic bag, or an airtight container. Check out these handy, frequently asked questions below if you’re still itching to learn more.

How do you keep brownies from getting hard overnight?

Ensuring that your brownies are kept away from the air is the best way to avoid brownies getting hard overnight. Some people swear by adding a few slices of white bread to the container or bag that they’re using. I don’t typically do this – but it’s worth a shot!

How do you keep brownies soft and chewy?

Proper storage will keep brownies soft and chewy. To encourage a chewier texture from the get-go, you can do the following: reduce the amount of egg and only use yolks, make sure to use melted butter, and don’t overbake your brownies. In fact, underbake them a pinch.

Are brownies best kept in the fridge?

No, no, and more no. I suggest avoiding the fridge at all costs. Only use the refrigerator when it is necessary. When storing in the refrigerator, double and triple-check that the brownies are tightly sealed. Add another barrier of protection to ensure they don’t get dried out.

How long do brownies last once baked?

How long brownies last depends solely on how they’re stored. At room temperature, brownies last around four days. In the fridge, this number extends to two weeks. In the freezer, brownies last up to three months.

Final Words

Storing brownies is pretty simple. The goal is to keep air away from them. Using a tight wrap of plastic wrap or aluminum foil is excellent. You can also use airtight containers or resealable plastic freezer bags successfully.

How do you store your brownies?

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