Where Are Brownies From?

When I think of the best treat on planet Earth, I think of brownies. Brownies are super duper scrumptious and oozing with chocolaty goodness. Could you really ask for anything better? Probably not. But where did these delightful pieces of chocolate heaven come from?

Brownies originated in the United States and were created by Bertha Palmer in 1893. This famous socialite made the brownie recipe jointly with Pastry Chef Joseph Sehl. The first recipe was released in a catalog in 1893, and the dessert really soared in popularity in the 1920s and beyond.

Hey! I’m Michelle, and yes, I am obsessed with brownies (in case you didn’t know that already). However, I don’t just like baking and eating them – I like learning about them, too. I set out to discover where brownies actually came from, and I’m here to tell you their rich (no pun intended) history.

Where Are Brownies From?

When it comes to where things originated, there’s plenty up for debate – just look at the origin of pizza; there are lots of myths and thoughts surrounding this fan-favorite food!

With brownies, there are some theories and speculations, but it really all comes back to one incredible woman named Bertha Palmer in 1893.

Bertha Palmer was a respected socialite and philanthropist. She married Potter Palmer in 1870, who built the Palmer House in 1871. She became a part of the Board of Lady Managers in 1893 and asked Pastry Chef Joseph Sehl to help her develop a new dessert that would be easily transported so that she could bring the treat to a ladies’ luncheon.

From there, the “brownie” was born – although the name wasn’t coined until the recipe debuted in the Sears Roebuck catalog in 1898. The brownie became increasingly popular, especially in the 1920s when chocolate became more accessible. 

Since its humble beginning in 1893, the brownie has remained a staple in many homes and restaurants. Whether it’s the classic chocolate delight or a transformation of the original recipe, everyone can agree on one thing – we thank Bertha Palmer for the invention dating back to 1893!


Pretty interesting stuff, wouldn’t you say? But don’t leave yet! I have included some frequently asked questions below to help you discover more about the origin and history of the beloved chocolate treat, brownies.

Where are brownies first made?

Brownies were first made in Chicago, United States, by a woman named Bertha Palmer. Therefore, brownies originated in the United States. 

What is so special about brownies?

Brownies are a very special dessert. They have an ooey-gooey texture that drips with chocolate. Yet, they also have a slightly crunchy and crackly shell that adds the right amount of consistency. They’re the ideal combination of dense and chewy. 

Why was the first brownie made?

The first brownie was made by Bertha Palmer. She was looking to create a dessert that was not only delicious but could be packed and transported easily. Thus, the famous brownie was born and remains a favorite dessert.

Brownies Have a “Rich” History – Almost as Rich as Their Flavor!

The next time you’re chowing down on a plate of brownies, there is only one woman to thank: Bertha Palmer. Thanks to her unique idea, we can all enjoy brownies, whether we stick to her original chocolate recipe or try some of the new and exciting flavors out there.

Did you know about the history of brownies? Do you have anything to add to this history lesson? Please tell us about it in the comment section below! We love to learn!

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