How Long Do Brownies Last

Brownies. Moisty, delectable, chocolatey brownies (with a little bit of crunch, thanks to the walnuts). Is there anything better? Not really. But knowing how long they last can make the difference between sinking your teeth into chocolate heaven or being bummed with crumbles.

Most freshly made brownies will last at room temperature for four days. Store-bought or brownies purchased online can last for much longer. The fridge should be avoided unless the brownie contains perishable ingredients. In the freezer, brownies can last up to six months.

Hey, there, brownie fanatics! I’m Michelle, and brownies are some of my favorite treats. Don’t ask me to choose between a middle or corner piece, though. I’m a big fan of both and will likely just grab a whole little section for myself!

Who wants to know how long are brownies good for in the fridge, freezer, or room temperature?

How Long Do Brownies Last?

It’s essential to know how long brownies last. Why? Because the flavor profile and texture will start to deteriorate over time, leaving you with a lackluster brownie. Not only that, but an old brownie might not be the best thing for your belly and health, either.

On the Counter at Room Temperature

The best place for your fresh-baked brownies is right on the counter. As long as your kitchen is room temperature and there isn’t a shocking amount of humidity, your brownies will stay nice and moist for up to four days. 

Keep in mind that brownies must be covered with some type of wrap (aluminum foil, plastic wrap, cling wrap) or placed in an airtight container. You can also go with the trusty plastic bag. The goal is to keep the brownies away from the air. Otherwise, they’ll dry out fast. Yuck!

Note: This doesn’t apply to store-bought brownies or brownies bought online. Since they are baked and stored differently, they can extend far beyond the four-day rule. Check the packaging to know how long these brownies will last in your pantry.

In the Refrigerator

Please don’t store your brownies in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the fridge is going to be your baked goods’ nemesis. Brownies stored in the fridge are more likely to end up dried-out, hard, and ultimately undesirable. There are a few exceptions to this rule, though.

  • Brownies with perishable ingredients, such as cream cheese or whipped cream, must be stored in the fridge.
  • Areas with high humidity or temperatures may also consider storing in the fridge.

If you absolutely have to store your brownies in the refrigerator, make sure they’re sealed up tight. Keep them on the lower shelves of your fridge, so they aren’t as close to the cold temperature sources.

In the refrigerator, brownies can last up to a week.

In the Freezer

Yes! You can freeze your brownies! If you’re not planning to eat your brownies within a few days, the absolute best spot for them is in the freezer. When stored properly, brownies can easily last up to six months in the fridge. 

Well, honestly, they can last a lot longer than that. I don’t necessarily recommend it, though. While it might be safe to consume frozen brownies after six, seven, or twelve months, they might not taste as good. Just make a fresh new batch!

How to Tell if Brownies Have Gone Bad

Trust me; I wish brownies could last forever. The simple fact is, they don’t. If you’ve had your brownies stored on your counter for longer than four days, you might wonder if they’ve really gone bad or not. How can you tell? There are four tell-tale signs.

  1. It looks different. Your brownies will likely have an off appearance to them. They may appear lackluster or have a slight color change altogether. They simply won’t look as fresh and delicious as when you first baked them.
  2. It smells bad. Brownies have a decadent scent that makes you want to dive in headfirst. Give your brownies a whiff. Do they smell like they’re calling your name? If not, it’s time to ditch them.
  3. The texture is hard and crumbly. The texture is another vital thing to consider. Old brownies will have a tough, brick-like, and crumbly texture. Needless to say, it’s not something you’d want to eat.  
  4. It tastes awful. If you’re the daring type, go ahead and give your brownies a taste test. If they’re nasty, well, then they’re likely old. Bye, brownies!

Now, this should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: brownies with mold should be thrown away immediately. Do not try to cut off the mold and indulge. Mold can be present without you seeing it.

Also, keep in mind that mold might be more challenging to see on a brownie. The good news is, brownies don’t acquire molds like fruits and veggies. It takes a relatively long amount of time before brownies develop mold. But keep your eyes peeled, especially if it has been longer than four days.


Typically, freshly baked brownies last around four days on the counter and six months in the freezer. If you still have some prying questions, check out this handy list of frequently asked questions below.

Should I refrigerate brownies?

No. Unless you absolutely have to, brownies should not find their way into your fridge. The only exception is particularly hot and humid climates or when perishable ingredients are used with the brownies, such as cream cheese fillings or whipped cream frosting.

Can you get food poisoning from brownies?

Unfortunately, yes, you can get food poisoning from brownies. The risk is relatively low, though, especially if the brownies are cooked all the way. Making sure you don’t eat undercooked or old brownies is a great way to prevent illness.

How long are boxed brownies good for?

When we’re talking about boxed brownie mix, these can typically last up to 18 months in your pantry. So, whenever you have a craving for brownies, it’s likely your boxed brownie mix will be ready to roll when you are!

How do you keep brownies fresh for a week?

The best way to keep brownies fresh for a week is to store them properly. Airtight containers, the baking pan covered with some type of wrap, or a sealable plastic bag will work. Even with the best precautions, though, brownies are at their best (and safest) within four days of baking.

Final Words

It would be nice if brownies last forever, but they eventually go bad just like any other baked good. The good news is, you can get up to four days of moist, delicious brownies when stored on the countertop. When placed in the freezer, you get up to six months of shelf life.

How long do you keep your brownies before throwing them out?

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