How to Smoke a Pizza in a Smoker

When you think of “smoking” something in a smoker, you likely think of ribs or some other type of meat that tastes oh-so-delicious when it’s smoked. But did you know you can create an incredible, mouthwatering pizza in the smoker, too? It’s easy, and you’ll be fascinated with the flavors.

Smoking a pizza in a smoker is easy. Start by making your pizza (if made from scratch). Preheat the smoker as high as it will go (400F to 550F). Preheat the pizza stone or a suitable substitute. Bake pizza with the lid closed for ten minutes, rotate, and bake for another five to ten. Yum!

Hey! My name’s Michelle, and I love using my smoker. I use it for a variety of yummy foods, but one food item that is leaps and bounds above the rest is pizza. Smoked pizza has a very distinct smokey flavor that pairs beautifully with the toppings, from cheese and pepperoni to sausage and bell peppers.

Keep reading to find out how to smoke a pizza in a smoker!

Smoking a Pizza in a Smoker – 5 Easy Steps

Smoking a pizza in a smoker is surprisingly simple – even though it might sound like the most complex way to cook a pizza.

Don’t believe me?

Then follow along with my easy steps to smoke a pizza below!

1. (Optional) Make Your Pizza

When making pizza in a smoker, you have two options.

You can either purchase a premade pizza from the grocery store or make your own.

If you’re going to make your own pizza, use your favorite recipe.

This is a great pizza dough recipe to help you get started. All you have to do is add your preferred toppings on top!

2. Preheat the Smoker as High as It Will Go

Now that you have your pizza ready for action, it’s time to crank up the heat!

You’ll want to turn your smoker up as high as it can go.

For some smokers, the limit is 400F. Others can go as high as 550F. Opt for the highest temperature. This will mimic the scorching hot temperatures of an actual pizza oven.

Remember: it’s always best to bake a pizza at the highest possible temp.

3. Preheat Your Pizza Stone

After you turn your smoker on, immediately add your pizza stone to the smoker.

Pizza stones need to be preheated; the longer you preheat them, the better.

Don’t have a pizza stone? No problem. You can always use a pizza stone substitute, such as a baking sheet or pizza steel. Just make sure that whatever you’re using can handle ultra-high temperatures up to 400F or 550F.

If you don’t have any items you can use as a pizza stone, you can always place your pizza directly onto the rack inside of your smoker. Don’t worry – the results will be fantastic.

4. Smoke Your Pizza!

Ideally, you will allow your pizza stone to preheat in the smoker for up to an hour.

Once your smoker and pizza stone (if used) are ready to go, it’s time to bake your pizza!

Simply slide your pizza into your smoker. You may want to use a pizza peel to make this easier. Close the lid of your smoker.

Then, bake for ten minutes. Rotate the pizza (carefully) and smoke for an additional five minutes, or until you’re satisfied with the way your pizza looks. (I prefer mine slightly crunchier!)

5. Cool and Eat!

When your pizza is done smoking, remove it carefully and set it aside. 

Allow the pizza to cool for five to ten minutes before cutting it.

This will allow the toppings, especially the cheese, to set, so you don’t end up with cheese sliding off in every direction when you go to grab a slice.

After ten minutes, slice using a pizza cutter and enjoy your amazing smoked pizza!

Why Smoke Pizza?

Smoking a pizza isn’t complex and can be done in as little as five steps. Pretty amazing, right?

But at this point, you might wonder why anyone would want to slip their pizza into a smoker.

Well, here are the top four reasons to consider smoking your next homemade pizza:

1. Amazing Flavors

One of the main reasons why someone might choose to bake their pizza in a smoker is to achieve incredible flavors.

Let’s face it – you smoke your favorite cuts of meat because the flavor will be developed tenfold. The same is true for your pizzas.

Keep in mind that the pellets you use won’t have a tremendous outcome on the overall flavor. That’s because pizzas don’t smoke for too long, so the actual taste of the pellets won’t matter as much.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try new flavors, though. Opt for hickory one week and apple the next. Try new flavors easily by purchasing a variety pack of pellets.

2. Woodfired Without the Woodfire Oven

Woodfire pizza ovens are excellent and have a price tag to prove it.

Unfortunately, many people love the flavor of wood-fired pizzas but can’t make them at home because there’s simply not enough money in the budget!

Thankfully, smoking a pizza can give you that same delicious wood-fired flavor without the high price tag.


3. Easy!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just love when things are simple.

Sure, making my family a four-course meal featuring the most extensive and expensive food items is fun, but on a Friday night, I want to keep it basic.

Thankfully, smoking a pizza is incredibly easy. Sure, it might take a pinch longer than when using a regular oven, but it’s 100% worth it.

4. Perfect Texture

Last but not least, let’s discuss the texture.

Now, I’ve only made smoked pizzas on a pizza stone in my smoker, so I may be biased.

But I have to say that the texture of the crust is unbelievable. It comes out with just the right level of crunchiness yet still has lots of chewiness. 

It’s the perfect outcome, in my opinion!


Smoking a pizza in a smoker? Yup, super simple – although the flavors are anything but “simple.” If you want to continue learning about smoking pizzas, here are a couple of frequently asked questions to check out.

Can I cook pizza in a smoker?

You can definitely cook pizza with a smoker. In fact, I highly recommend it. Not only is it incredibly easy to do, but the flavors are fantastic. The crust’s texture is also heightened compared to a pizza baked in a traditional oven. Give it a try ASAP!

What is the best temperature to smoke pizza?

As with any other type of appliance, it’s always best to smoke pizzas at the highest temperature possible. Some smokers will only go up to 400F, while others can go to 550F (or higher). Keep in mind that the lower the temperature, the longer it will take to finish baking.

What temperature do you cook pizza on a pellet smoker?

The higher the temperature, the better. Always crank your pellet smoker as high as it can go, whether that is 400F or 550F.

What wood for pizza in a smoker?

Any type of wood will work wonders for smoking a pizza. Oak, hickory, and Mesquite tend to be the top picks, though. 

Smoked Pizza is a Definite Must-Try!

The next time you want to make pizza at home, consider smoking it in your smoker. It’s as easy as preheating your smoker to the highest it will go and placing your pizza inside. Shut the lid, smoke for about ten minutes, rotate, and bake for another five minutes. That’s it!

Have you ever made pizza with a smoker? What do you think? Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Comment below!

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