Do You Preheat Pizza Stone and How Long?

There is nothing quite like a perfectly-cooked pizza. But who said you had to order delivery or head to the local pizza joint to get it? Using a pizza stone, you can make delicious pizza with the perfect texture. But is preheating a pizza stone necessary, and how long should it be preheated for?

It is absolutely essential for pizza stones to be preheated in order for them to do their job. Ideally, you should preheat pizza stones at 500F (or hotter) for an hour. Otherwise, your pizza crust will not crisp up. In fact, it may come out downright soggy and undesirable.

Hey, hey! I’m Michelle, and my family and I are big on pizza. We eat it at least once a week (don’t judge us – we eat healthy every other day of the week!). With that said, I’m very familiar with pizza stones, and I’m here to share whether or not you need to preheat the pizza stone – and how.

Who’s ready for the best darn homemade pizza of their life?

Do You Need to Preheat a Pizza Stone?

You have probably heard people say that you should preheat a pizza stone. In fact, it might even be on the “How to Use” section on the packaging of your pizza stone.

But in my opinion, it’s not a matter of whether or not you “should” do it.

You need to preheat your pizza stone.

What Happens If You Don’t Preheat a Pizza Stone?

OK, but you’re probably wondering – “Why is Michelle so adamant about preheating a pizza stone?” 

A preheated stone will ensure your pizza crust comes out with crispy perfection

If it’s unheated, you will likely end up with a sub-par, soggy crust that fails at the weight of the toppings. And honestly, who wants that?

It’s pretty simple, readers:

  • Preheated = perfect pizza
  • Not preheated = soggy nightmare

Which would you prefer?

What Temperatures to Preheat a Pizza Stone?

At this point, we know and understand how critical it is to preheat a pizza stone. But what temperature should you preheat it?

Honestly, the hotter, the better. Just like when you bake your pizza, you want to crank your oven up as high as it can go. This will not only create the ideal texture for the crust but also ensure all the toppings are perfectly cooked. It’s a win-win situation.

That said, the best temperature to preheat a pizza stone is as high as your oven will go. For most people, this will be 500F. For others, it will max out at 450F. And for some lucky duckies, it could mean 550F or more.

How Long Does a Pizza Stone Need to Be Preheated?

Here’s where things can get a little iffy. Some individuals will tell you to toss it into the oven for about 15 minutes and call it a day. And honestly, if you only have 15 minutes to spare, please do so. It’ll be better than using a cold or room temp pizza stone.

However, I recommend preheating a pizza stone for an hour. That way, it will be piping hot and ready to do its job correctly.

How to Preheat a Pizza Stone

Are you ready to preheat your pizza stone but need a little help? I’m here to make life easier. Just follow these simple steps to preheat your pizza stone correctly.

  • Place the pizza stone inside your cold oven. 

That’s right – you don’t want to stash your pizza stone in a preheated oven. You want the pizza stone to warm up with your oven to avoid cracking. Place it on the highest rack possible.

  • Turn on the oven to the highest setting.

Now it’s time to turn the oven on. Make sure you crank up your oven to the highest setting possible, whether it’s 450F, 500F, or higher.

  • Allow the pizza stone to preheat for an hour.

Go read a book, take a shower, go for a bike ride – do whatever you’d like to fill up the hour that you need to wait before baking your pizza. Just make sure you have a timer to let you know when it’s time to place your pizza on top of the pizza stone.


Who knew that it was so utterly essential to preheat a pizza stone? Readers, go ahead and start the process. But while you’re waiting the hour for your pizza stone to preheat, come back and check out these frequently asked questions.

How do I know if my pizza stone is hot enough?

If you allow your pizza stone to preheat in a 450F or 500F oven for an hour, there should be zero questioning if your pizza stone is hot enough. Follow my simple steps for pizza stone preheating success and take the guesswork out of it.

Do you put a pizza stone in a hot or cold oven?

You always want to put a pizza stone in a cold oven. Placing it in a hot stone can lead to cracks and shatters, which is obviously something you want to avoid. Place your pizza stone in a cold oven and turn the oven on, allowing it to warm up with your appliance.

Should I oil my pizza stone?

You do not need to oil or season your pizza stone. Most brands come glazed or sealed, rendering seasonings useless. There is also the argument that natural seasoning from prolonged use is superior to manual oiling or seasoning. So, don’t worry about oiling it unless your stone is not sealed or glazed, and there is no warning on the packaging about seasoning.

You Need to Preheat Your Pizza Stone for Success

Preheating a pizza stone is not a question – you need to do it for the pizza to come out correctly. Preheat your pizza stone to the highest temperature possible for an hour. Always add the pizza stone to a cold oven and allow it to heat up with your appliance to avoid damage.

Do you preheat your pizza stone? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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