How Much Does a Pizza Oven Cost?

All pizzas are delicious. But not all pizzas are created equal. There’s something about a wood-fired pizza that is exponentially more yummy than “traditional” types of pizza. But going to a restaurant for wood-fired pizza isn’t always feasible. What if you could bake wood-fired pizzas in your very own backyard?

You can. All you need is a pizza oven. How much do they cost, though?

A pizza oven can cost anywhere from $100 to $5,000. It all depends on the type of pizza oven you’re purchasing. A small, tabletop pizza that doesn’t get too hot will be the cheapest. A built-in pizza oven with glamorous features and add-ons will be the priciest.

Hey! My name is Michelle, and I love wood-fired pizza. I have been thinking about adding a built-in pizza oven to my backyard, so I researched to see how much they cost. I’m going to share what I found.

Keep reading to learn the price of a pizza oven!

How Much is a Pizza Oven?

Pizza ovens can be as cheap as $100 or cost over $5,000.

Yeah, that’s a pretty big difference. Let me explain the factors that determine the cost.

1. Built-Ins Are More Expensive

First, let’s make one thing clear – a built-in pizza oven will be vastly more expensive than a tabletop model.

That’s because built-ins require a lot more work and materials, unlike tabletop pizza ovens that you simply set on top of a flat surface.

The price for built-ins typically averages around $5,000, although you may spend more or less depending on certain factors like size and material.

2. Size Matters

Whether you’re going with a tabletop model or a built-in pizza oven, one thing that will significantly alter the price is the size of the oven itself.

A small-sized tabletop oven can cost as little as $100.

A large, built-in pizza oven that can bake several pizzas at once can easily be over $5,000.

3. Heat Also Plays a Role

Did you know some pizza ovens can reach a higher temperature than others?


A cheaper model may only reach 850F, while pricier options get up to 1,000F.

Considering that most commercial pizza ovens are about 950F, you want to get as close to that number as possible. If you try to bake a pizza at a lower temp, you won’t get the same scrumptious results as you would in a professional environment.

4. Materials

Now, this particular section pertains more to built-ins than tabletop models.

The materials used for different tabletop pizza ovens will create a price difference, but it won’t be tremendously different. You will only notice a few hundred dollars difference if that.

However, for built-in pizza ovens, the materials used will significantly impact the final cost.

For example, clay is much cheaper than brick. If you choose clay, your built-in pizza oven may only cost around $1,000 to $2,000. If you want an entire brick pizza oven, you’re looking at $4,000 and up.

5. Add-Ons

Finally, let’s discuss add-ons.

For portable tabletops, you don’t have a ton of options for added features.

For built-ins, it’s a different story. 

There are many add-ons you can choose when going the built-in route. For example, you might consider doing a full kitchen in your backyard. This can easily cost over $10,000, but having a decked-out kitchen at your fingertips is well worth it.


A pizza oven doesn’t have to be expensive, but it definitely can be – depending on the oven you’re purchasing.  Now you know what to expect. If you want to keep learning about pizza oven prices, check out the frequently asked questions below.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a pizza oven?

Building your own pizza oven is cheaper than having one professionally installed in your backyard. However, purchasing a tabletop pizza oven is the most inexpensive route.

How much does it cost to have a brick pizza oven built?

The average cost of a brick pizza oven built into your backyard is around $5,000. However, this price can go up and down depending on several factors, such as the size of the oven and any additional features requested.

Does a pizza oven add value to a home?

Pizza ovens add a decent amount of value to one’s home. In fact, Zillow claims that homes with pizza ovens in the backyard sell for 3.7% more than the competition.

Let’s Bake Some Wood-Fired Pizzas!

If you’re considering adding a pizza oven to your backyard, know you may spend thousands for a built-in model. Tabletop options are the cheapest, but they aren’t as good as built-in pizza ovens. The choice is yours!

Do you have a pizza oven? How much did you spend on your pizza oven? Did I miss anything in this article? Add your comments and questions to the section below!

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