What is Artisan Pizza?

Anyone who loves pizza knows that there are quite a bit of options out there. From thin and crispy options to sky-high deep-dish delights, there’s a pizza style for everyone. Another top-notch style that many pizza enthusiasts seek is artisan pizza. What is it, though?

Artisan pizza refers to exquisite, high-quality pizza made by hand with little or no machinery. Artisan pizzas are made with grade 00 flour, kneaded by hand, and topped with fresh toppings. They’re typically cooked in wood-fired ovens. 

Hello, there! I’m Michelle. I have been baking cakes, cookies, and pizzas in my home kitchen for years. While I won’t say no to any type of pizza, there is one that I always prefer – Artisan. I have discovered what makes this pizza a true standout in the pizza biz.

Wondering what artisan pizza actually is? Let me put your mind at ease. Keep reading!

What is Artisan Pizza? How It’s Different From Other Pizzas

To put it simply, artisan pizza is a type of pizza that’s been made with the highest quality. It’s known for being the most prestigious type of pizza on the market.

But why?

Here’s what sets artisan pizzas apart from the crowd.

1. Made With Grade 00 Dough

All pizzas begin with dough, but not all doughs are created equal.

While some are made with handy all-purpose flour and others with bread flour, artisan pizza is made with grade 00 flour.

Grade 00 flour is the most finely graded Italian flour with a low protein and gluten content. This ensures the crust is desirably soft, supple, and loaded with delicious flavors you won’t get with other flours.

For this reason, all artisan pizzas are crafted using grade 00 flour. 

2. Kneaded By Hand

I know, I know – nobody really “enjoys” kneading pizza dough by hand. However, artisan pizza chefs might.

That’s because they know the utter importance of kneading pizza dough to perfection. They take great pride in ensuring that the dough is exquisitely kneaded, rendering a five-star pizza crust – in terms of texture and flavor.

Note: With technology becoming such a predominant part of our society, it’s not exactly uncommon for artisan pizza chefs to use machinery in this day and age. However, it’s not the norm, and many would argue that this wouldn’t be a “true” artisan pizza. You be the judge!

3. Top-Notch Toppings

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to toppings for an artisan pizza.

Like any other type of pizza, you can add whatever toppings you’d like.

Yet, there are two main things to consider when choosing toppings for artisan pizzas:

  • The ingredients must be high-quality
  • The fewer, the better

When it comes to artisan pizzas, “classic” toppings like tomatoes, olives, and mushrooms tend to be the go-to. But again, you can choose whatever you’d like. It’s simply preferred to keep things minimal. Let the crust do most of the talking.

4. Cooked in a Wood-Fired Oven

Almost all artisan pizzas are created in a wood-fired oven, or at least they should be. For many people, a wood-fired oven is a “must” for a pizza to be considered an authentic artisan pizza. 

The wood-fired oven serves three purposes. 

For one, the wood-fired oven will create a mouthwatering flavor that you just can’t get from any other type of vessel. The subtle smokiness compliments all kinds of toppings, whether you stuck to a plain cheese pizza or piled it high with meats and veggies.

Secondly, wood-fired ovens are a game-changer for the texture of pizzas. Pizzas come out with a soft and chewy texture on top, yet with a subtle crunch underneath. The combination is nothing short of desirable and will leave your taste buds swooning.

Finally, wood-fired ovens don’t take as long to bake a pizza. And, since artisan pizzas are crafted by hand with little or no machinery involved, a quicker baking speed is a must.

5. Crafted By Hand

Another standout feature of artisan pizza is that they’re made entirely by hand. 

(OK, some chefs use a little bit of machinery to help them with the process, but let’s not talk about that right now.)

Artisan pizza chefs are typically very experienced and take great pride in their work – so much so that they may have their own creative spin on how they make the artisan pizza. For instance, they may knead it differently, add different ingredients, etc. 

With so much time, effort, and care given to artisan pizzas, it’s no wonder why they taste incredible.

6. Has an Unmatched Flavor and Texture

Speaking of flavor, I couldn’t finish this article without mentioning artisan pizza’s incredible taste and texture. It’s unlike any other kind of pizza you’ll sink your teeth into.

  • Artisan pizza has a lovely texture that blends soft, chewy, and crispy 
  • It has a mouthwatering flavor due to the type of flour, kneading process, high-quality ingredients, and wood-fired oven
  • Every artisan pizza is different because every chef has their own take on this iconic pizza

You simply won’t find the same flavors and textures with other kinds of pizzas!


There! Now you know everything there is to know about artisan pizza – and I’m sure you’re ready to order one at your local pizza joint. Before you do that, though, look at these frequently asked questions. You might learn something new about your new fave type of pizza!

What was on Domino’s Artisan pizza?

Domino’s Artisan pizzas come in three different styles to suit the customer base’s needs. First is the spinach and feta, a good option for vegetarians. Meat eaters enjoy the Italian sausage and pepper blend or the Tuscan salami and roasted vegetable combo.

What are the three most popular types of pizza?

The three most popular types of pizza include cheese, pepperoni, and veggie. If you’re wondering about the most popular crust options, thin crust, New York, and deep dish are the top three.

What style of pizza is New York known for?

New York is known for “New York-style pizza.” This pizza is incredibly large, thin, and flexible. It’s meant to be folded in half and eaten like a taco. It typically doesn’t have an overabundance of toppings.

Who’s Craving Artisan Pizza?

Artisan pizza is essentially high-end pizza that’s crafted entirely by hand. Due to the flour, kneading, toppings, and wood-fired oven, the pizza takes on a texture that perfectly combines softness and chewiness with crunchiness.

Have you ever tried artisan pizza? Do you like it, or do you prefer other types of pizzas? Why? Share all of your artisan pizza thoughts with us in the comments!

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