Is New York Style Pizza Thin Crust?

Yum, pizza. My mouth drools at the thought, whether it’s pizza rolls in my air fryer or a freshly baked deep dish with all the toppings (including extra cheese, of course). Another type of pizza I thoroughly enjoy? New York style. But what exactly is New York-style pizza? Is it a thin crust?

New York-style pizza is frequently referred to as thin crust. Yet, although New York-style pizza does, in fact, have a thinner crust, it’s not as thin and cracker-like as “true” thin-crust pizza. New York style is thin but slightly fluffier, so it can be folded and consumed the “correct” way.

Hey! My name’s Michelle, and I’ve been baking and eating pizza for over ten years. Pizza is one of my favorite foods in the world, regardless of the “style.” But today, I am here to set the record straight on whether or not New York-style pizza is “thin crust.”

Let’s discuss New York-style pizza!

Is New York Style Pizza Thin Crust?

In a word, you can certainly say yes. New York pizza sports a very thin crust. It’s somewhat fluffy on the interior yet has a surprisingly crispy exterior, especially on the edges. The combination allows the pizza to hold on to towering toppings while still being able to fold – aka, the only “real” way to eat a New York slice.

However, I will say that I (personally) don’t refer to New York pizza as “thin crust pizza.” There is a subtle difference between the two.

When I think of thin-crust pizza, I think of a crust that is unbelievably thin and almost cracker-like. When you take a bite, it falls to crumbs as if you were biting into a Ritz cracker.

New York style, on the other hand? Yes, it’s paper thin – but it’s not cracker-like. It’s got a pinch more fluffiness to it, allowing it to be folded up and eaten more like a taco than a piece of pizza. That said, the New York style is definitely a style all its own and shouldn’t be lumped with a thin crust.

4 Characteristics of New York-Style Pizza

There are lots of different types of pizzas out there – which is excellent, don’t get me wrong. But it can also be a tad confusing. How do you know if you’re ordering the one you’re craving

Let me set the record straight on what New York pizza is.

1. Thin Crust 

Yes, New York-style pizza has a very thin crust. It’s one of those situations where you open the box, put your head flat on the table, and can barely see the crust hiding underneath the toppings. (Unlike deep dish, which has a crust that practically reaches the ceiling!)

However, as I mentioned previously, the crust isn’t overly crispy and crunchy. It’s got a little fluff for some wiggle, allowing it to be folded up and consumed.

2. Minimal Sauce

Some pizzas are drenched in pizza sauce. And, hey, sometimes I am a huge fan of that. But not always.

Whether you need a break from the puddle of pizza sauce or don’t like pizza sauce and are trying to avoid it, New York pizza might be the right choice.

Why? Because the thin crust is only minimally decorated with pizza sauce. A thin layer is applied so as not to overwhelm the thin crust underneath. So, you get the flavor without the mess. Sounds like a win-win to me!

3. Extra-Large Slices

A typical 16-inch pizza is cut into 12 slices. The slices are a decent size, and most people will have two, maybe three, and be satisfied.

Well, the same is not true for New York-style pizza.

The exact size (16-inch) New York-style pizza will only render eight slices

Needless to say, when it comes to New York-style pizza, the slices are humongous. That’s because they’re designed to be folded in half before being consumed, and you wouldn’t be able to do that with a smaller piece!

4. Fewer Toppings

Now, this isn’t exactly a “rule” when it comes to New York-style pizza. To be honest, you can put as many toppings as you’d like on top of these bad boys.

However, it’s not as common. For instance, you might see a deep-dish pizza riddled with all kinds of toppings, from veggies to meats and beyond. Yet, a thinner New York slice may be limited to the minimal sauce, cheese, and a topping or two.

While it does come down to personal preference, it’s just less common to see a New York slice that’s topped with a seemingly endless sea of toppings.


There you have it! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about New York-style pizza. If you want to learn more and become a self-described “expert,” check out these frequently asked questions below.

Is New York-style pizza thick or thin?

New York-style pizza is definitely thin. If it were thick, it would be impossible to fold in half. Thus, New York-style pizzas have a thin and delicate crust designed for folding.

Is thin crust the same as the New York style?

I do not put thin crust and New York style in the same category. While they both have thin crusts, thin-crust pizzas tend to have a crispy texture throughout. New York style is crispy along the border but soft and pliable in the middle, the perfect design for folding.

How thick is the crust on a New York-style pizza?

The crust for New York-style pizza is traditionally less than one-fourth of an inch. (Yeah, pretty darn small.)

New York Style Pizza is Thin but Pliable

New York-style pizza does have thin crust, but it’s not the crispy and crunchy kind labeled “thin crust pizza.” Instead, it has a somewhat soft middle that allows for folding in half, which is the standard for eating New York slices.

Do you call New York-style pizza “thin crust” pizza? What do you think?

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