Differences Between Ring Dings and Ding Dongs (Which is Better)

Ring Dings and Ding Dongs are two famous treats that plenty of people enjoy. After all, there is nothing quite like biting into a handheld cake with a refreshing, indulgent cream smackdab in the middle. 

At a glance, these treats are almost identical. Both are handheld chocolate cake treats with a chocolate shell and creamy interior. However, although quite similar, each treat has its distinctive features to set them apart.

Hello! My name is Michelle, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy both of these tasty handheld desserts! I really wanted to dive into the difference between these delectable snacks, and I’m here to share what I found!

Ring, ding, and ding dong – pick up the phone, answer the door, and learn about the differences (plus which one is better).

Top 5 Differences Between Ring Dings and Ding Dongs

Ring Dings and Ding Dongs indeed share many commonalities. Both have chocolate cakes hidden underneath a chocolate coating and a creamy interior that’s bursting with flavor. So, what are the differences? Here are the top five.

Ring DingDing Dong
Exterior ShellSmoothBumpy
SizeSlightly bigger and tallerSlightly shorter and smaller
Cream/Cake PortionsMore cake/Less fillingMore filling/Less cake
TasteFluffier cakeDelicious coating
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1. Exterior Shell

If you set a Ring Ring and a Ding Dong side by side, you will notice one key difference – Ding Dongs have a textured exterior, while Ring Dings have an ultra-smooth plane.

While this doesn’t do too much to the overall flavor profile or experience, some consumers prefer to have a little more texture in their desserts. If this sounds like you, you may enjoy the added grooves a Ding Dong offers.

2. Color

Another clear difference in appearance is the shade. Ding Dongs are darker. Some may even refer to Ding Dongs as “black” and Ring Dings as “brown.” 

Now, the exterior color also doesn’t affect the flavor. However, some people may think that Ding Dongs are slightly more bitter and rich, like dark chocolate, while the lighter Ring Ding has a milk chocolatey flavor.

Is this true? Not necessarily. But sometimes our minds can play tricks on us!

3. Size

I don’t know about you, but I always say, “the bigger, the better” – especially regarding snacks and desserts. If you agree, you will appreciate that Ring Dings are slightly larger and taller than Ding Dongs.

Is the size difference huge? No, not really. In fact, it’s hardly noticeable. However, if you’re someone who is always looking for the biggest slice of cheesecake or the cupcake with the most frosting, you will undoubtedly notice the subtle size difference.

4. Cream and Cake Portions

Ring Dings and Ding Dongs have the same layers. It starts with a chocolate shell, followed by a slab of chocolate cake, and cream in the middle. Are they precisely the same, though? In terms of flavor – yes. In terms of the portion sizes – no.

Ding Dongs have slightly more filling than Ring Dings. So, if you’re a fan of the creamy interior (as I am), you might prefer a Ding Dong over a Ring Ding.

However, having slightly more filling also means that Ding Dongs have slightly less chocolate cake than Ring Dings. The Ring Ding may be the better option for those who love chocolate cake.

5. Taste

Ring Dings and Ding Dongs almost taste identical. Both treats share the same cream-filling flavor. However, there are two key differences to consider:

  • Ring Dings have a fluffier chocolate cake but an artificial-tasting shell.
  • Ding Dongs have a more flavorful and delicious chocolate shell but drier cake.

That said, you have to think about what’s really important to you. Can you handle a drier cake if it means a more decadent shell and a creamy interior? Or is the cake so crucial that you can withstand a lower-quality exterior?

Ring Dings and Ding Dongs: Which is Better?

Now it’s time for the verdict: are Ring Dings or Ding Dongs better? Your choice will depend on a few different factors, such as

  • If you want the bigger and taller treat, choose Ring Dings.
  • If you want a fluffier and more chocolatey cake, choose Ring Dings.
  • For those that want more cake and less filling, consider Ring Dings.
  • If you want a higher-quality chocolate coating, choose Ding Dongs.
  • If you want more filling and less cake, choose the Ding Dong.
  • For those seeking a treat with more texture, choose Ding Dongs.

As you can see, Ring Dings and Ding Dongs have their own pros and cons. It really comes down to personal opinion and what you deem as “delicious.” For example, I prefer the texture and extra filling a Ding Dong offers.


Ring Dings and Ding Dongs are two lovely handheld cakes you can eat on the go or at the table after dinner. They are relatively similar but have distinct features that are all their own. If you want to learn more about this infamous debate, check out these commonly asked questions.

What is the most popular snack cake?

While Ring Dings and Ding Dongs certainly rank as very popular snack cakes, many others are even more popular. Some of the top snack cakes include Fudge Rounds, Drake’s Coffee Cake, Hostess Cupcake, and Oatmeal Cream Pie.

Why are Hostess Ding Dongs called Ding Dongs?

Ding Dongs debuted in 1967. They were paired with a commercial that featured a ringing bell. Therefore, the Hostess company came up with the name “Ding Dong” to go along with the commercial. Pretty great marketing, wouldn’t you agree?

Final Words

Ring Dings and Ding Dongs are quite similar, but they’re not exactly the same. The Ding Dong is slightly smaller yet has an intriguing bumpy shell, more filling, and a delicious outer coating. The Ring Ding is somewhat bigger and taller, featuring a smooth exterior and plenty of fluffy cake inside.

Which do you prefer, the Ring Ding or the Ding Dong?

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