How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make

So you’re thinking about getting into the pizza biz, huh? That’s not entirely surprising, considering a lot of people become pizza delivery drivers for their first job. But how much do they actually make? The average stands at about $22k per year, but this number varies.

Hey, there! My name is Michelle, and I love pizza. I have never been a pizza delivery person, though, but I have known many friends and family members who were or are pizza delivery drivers, and they love the money they make.

For those out there thinking about becoming pizza delivery drivers, it’s important to know how much money you will make before taking the plunge. There are a few factors to consider, and this article will explain them all.

Let’s talk about finances.

How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make?

There is no “set” answer. There are so many variables, such as where you live and what company you’re working for. However, the average amount a pizza delivery driver makes in the US is around $22,000 per year. Let’s take a closer look at this number.

Hourly Wage

Most pizza joints offer their pizza delivery drivers an hourly wage. Most of the time, it’s the minimum wage set in place by the state. So, someone in California is likely going to earn more than someone living in Kansas or Missouri.

While it’s common to receive minimum wage as a delivery driver, not all businesses operate the same. Some may pay more or less. Others might not pay an hourly wage at all, although this is less common. 


The biggest benefit to being a pizza delivery driver is the tips. On a good night, say Friday or Saturday evening, you can easily make $50 or more. 

The same isn’t true for the “off” hours, though. For example, someone delivering at 10 AM on a Monday won’t make the same as someone working the weekend evening shift.

Tips can also vary on the number of pizzas ordered and how long the drive was. Someone ordering ten pizzas will tip much more than someone who has only ordered a single pizza.

Regardless, it’s common for pizza delivery drivers to keep all of their tips. This is a great incentive for quick and quality service with a smile, which is what pizza joints want you to do.


Worried about all of the gas you’ll be using to tote around pizza boxes? Nobody can blame you, especially in this day and age. However, you will be happy to know that pizza places will likely reimburse you for gas and other related expenses, such as oil changes.

Some companies will provide you with a vehicle to drive so you don’t have to worry about putting miles on your car. 

Factors to Consider

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of factors that go into how much a pizza delivery driver makes. 

Where You Live

Where you live is going to be the biggest factor that plays into how much money you make. Let’s look at some of the salaries by state:

  • South Dakota – $15,906-$20,321
  • Maine – $18,259-$23,328
  • Washington – $21,725-$27,262
  • California – $24,395-$31,170

The Company

The company you work for will also play a major role in how much money you make. In some states, a big company like Pizza Hut might pay more or less than a competitor company like Papa Johns.

If you’re going with a small, local pizza joint, the number varies even further. Some local hot spots will pay more for their delivery drivers while others play less. It really depends on the pizza place and what they are willing, or able, to afford.

The best thing to do is research these companies and see how much each one pays.

The Order

Don’t forget to take the order into consideration! As described earlier in the “tips” portion of this article, someone purchasing many pizzas at once will likely provide a higher tip to correlate with the cost of the pizzas. 

The same is true for when the order is placed. While you might get lucky with a big tipper at lunchtime, the trend seems to state that the biggest tips will come on the weekends in the evening. 

That said, try to get the best delivery times. You may have to “do your time” with less desirable shifts at first. But, if you prove yourself, over time you will be able to land the “hot spots” with the best tips.


Pizza delivery drivers can make a good, livable wage, especially if they have the best shift times and big orders. If you still want to learn more about your (potential) new career, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

How much do pizza delivery drivers make with tips?

Tips can be hit and miss. Unfortunately, some people might not tip at all. Others might have a little extra cash to throw your way. It depends on the orders. On a good day, you can easily make up to $50 in tips or more.

Is being a pizza delivery driver worth it?

It can be, yes. It might not be intensely lucrative at first as you will likely have undesirable shift times. But when you are able to work the peak hours, such as weekend evenings, it can be worth it.

How much do pizza drivers make per hour?

It all depends on the company and where you live. Someone working for a big company in California will make more than someone working for a mom and pop pizza joint in Oklahoma. Search around to see where you can make the most money per hour (but don’t forget tips).

What pizza delivery pays the best?

While you might be able to score big bucks with a local pizza joint that gets tons of business, you will likely have better luck moneywise with a big company. Reported by actual delivery drivers, Pizza Hut tends to pay the best hourly wage for delivery drivers.

Final Words

Being a pizza delivery driver can be a great job that pays the bills and then some. It all depends on where you live, the company you’re working for, and the orders. With tips, you can easily earn an average of $22k per year, and this number is even higher in some states.

Are you a pizza delivery driver? How much do you make? If you’re considering becoming a pizza delivery driver, are you still considering it now? Share in the comment section!

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  • Mark

    I work for a small mom and pop pizza shop in Ohio. I average between $80-$100+ in tips per shift. My hourly pay is $8.80 per hour. I work varying shifts throughout the week. If I work all day I can average around $22 an hour. The closing shift I can average around $32 an hour. The biggest thing to consider is always smile, be super friendly and do your best to be there before the estimated delivery time. Use a 4 cylinder vehicle to save on gas, avoid as many stop light intersections as possible, and use a radar detector (purchased at Wal-mart) if legal in your state. Drivers don’t just deliver at most pizza shops neither, there is down time when they usually help with food prep.

    • Michelle

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for all the tips!
      Happy baking,