What is the Most Expensive Chocolate in the World?

Do you have a taste for the finer things? Do you love chocolate? Are you trying to impress the love of your life with the best chocolate ever? Then you might wonder what the most expensive chocolate in the world is – and I’ve got your answer.

The most expensive chocolates in the world are Knipschildt’s La Madeline au Truffe, To’Ak Masters Series Enriquestuardo, Gold Chocolate Box from DeLafée, and Le Grand Louis XVI by Debauve and Gallais. The Lake Forest Confections Le Chocolat Box was the most expensive chocolate ever sold.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I’m a self-taught baker with a significant sweet tooth. I enjoy baking chocolate desserts and eating chocolaty things regularly. I was curious about what the most expensive chocolate in the world is, so I decided to research and come up with an answer.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

While hunting for the most expensive chocolate in the world, I ran across several top-notch contenders. So, I figured, why not give them all a mention?

Here are the top five most expensive chocolates in the world:

1. Knipschildt’s La Madeline au Truffe

If you read Forbes Magazine, you may have seen an article about Knipschildt’s La Madeline au Truffe. This delectable chocolate was touted as the most expensive chocolate in the world by the revered magazine, and people flocked to try this sensational treat out.

The Knipschildt’s La Madeline au Truffe is an intricate piece of chocolate. It starts with a mixture of dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and truffle oil as the base. It is enveloped with a rare French mushroom, Periford truffle, and finished with an enrobing of ganache, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder. 

To add to the astounding decadent, each La Madeline au Truffe is delivered sitting on sugar pearls and wrapped in a gold box sealed off with a ribbon.

Needless to say, this chocolate dessert oozes luxury and class – and has a high price tag to match.

2. To’Ak Masters Series Enriquestuardo

The To’Ak Masters Series Enriquestuardo is another popular yet costly chocolate treat. Yet, this isn’t “just” a box of chocolate. The To’Ak Masters Series Enriquestuardo seeks to create a chocolate that pays tribute to and celebrates the ancient history of Ecuador.

Inside the elegant, environmentally-friendly box, you’ll find a slice of chocolate that eludes an intricate combination of flavors, including caramel, plum, honey, and cashew. The prestigious 50-gram bar also has a roasted cocoa bean in the middle.

Chocolate isn’t the only thing to enjoy when ordering a To’Ak Masters Series Enriquestuardo. Each box has an original “Guardianes” artwork by Enrique Estuardo Alvarez Cruz, an esteemed modern artist of Ecuador. 

Aside from that, each box comes with a tasting plate, tasting utensils, a brochure with a story pertaining to the edition, a booklet featuring the To’ak story, and a handy pairing guide.

3. Gold Chocolate Box from DeLafée

If there are two things everyone loves, it’s gold and chocolate. But why do we have to keep these two indulgent things separate?

DeLafée, a Switzerland company that makes various decadent desserts, caters to clients who want to live in luxury. They have a wide range of indulgent treats crafted with edible silver and gold – including their famous “Gold Chocolate Box.”

The Gold Chocolate Box is more than a box of chocolates – it’s an experience. The package comes with eight impressive chocolates covered with edible 24-karat gold, creating an unforgettable bite. Not only that but in the middle of the box, you’ll find a collectible antique Swiss gold coin.

If you want your own slice of Swiss history while enjoying some of the most tremendous chocolates you’ve ever consumed, consider the Gold Chocolate Box from DeLafée – just don’t forget that it comes with a high price tag!

4. Le Grand Louis XVI by Debauve and Gallais

Debauve and Gallais began in 1800. The chocolatiers originally solely crafted decadent treats for royalty, which is why their packaging contains a stark royal blue shade that is intriguing as it is luxurious – although their famed chocolates are now available to the public.

While Debauve and Gallais have a wide range of expensive chocolates, their most expensive offering is the Le Grand Louis XVI.

This box contains various decadent chocolate treats, some containing over 99% cocoa, ensuring a rich and succulent bite.

5. Lake Forest Confections Le Chocolat Box

If you want to discover the all-time most expensive chocolate ever sold, the Le Chocolat Box from Lake Forest Confections is worth mentioning. The chocolate-making company paired with Simon Jewelers to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind box- over one million dollars.

While the Le Chocolat Box dripping with chocolate goodies and sparkly jewelry is no longer sold, you can still create custom chocolate boxes that are nothing short of extravagant and mouthwatering.


Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is! It’s pretty fascinating to see how expensive unique boxes of chocolate can be. That said, if you’re not ready to leave this article just yet, check out the frequently asked questions below!

What is the rarest chocolate?

The XOCOLATL (chee-ko-ah-tel) is said to be the rarest chocolate in the world. This coveted chocolate bar is crafted with Belize pure Criollo Heirloom cacao. It pays homage to the Olmec people who discovered this cocoa 4,000 years ago to make drinking chocolate.

Which is the top 1 chocolate in the world?

Currently, Teuscher hails as the number one chocolate in the world. Their fine line of chocolates uses only the finest and most expensive natural ingredients, including nuts, fruits, cocoa, champagne, and more. The delectable treats contain no additives.

Can you eat 100% chocolate?

Yes. You can eat 100% chocolate. 

Who Knew Chocolate Could Be So Expensive?

When it comes to elegant and expensive chocolates, there is no shortage. Many chocolate boxes have price tags over $100, with the most costly box ever being over one million dollars.

Do you have an expensive chocolate to add to this list?

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