Can You Make a Cake Without Eggs

There are many reasons why someone might want to make a cake without eggs. Perhaps they have an allergy, aren’t a fan of the taste, or simply (goofed) and forgot to buy a fresh batch of eggs at the store.

Regardless of why you want to make a cake without eggs, the good news is, you can! 

Many fantastic egg substitutes will allow you to bake a cake without eggs. Whether making a cake from scratch or a boxed cake, you can be successful sans egg products.

Hi! I’m Michelle, and I’ll be honest, I love eggs. But I made the silly mistake of forgetting to buy them, all the while my kids were begging me to make a homemade cake. Needless to say, I had to act fast – and I’m here to shed some insight on making a cake without eggs.

Can you make a cake without eggs? Let’s find out the answer – plus how to do it!

Can You Make a Cake Without Eggs?

You can successfully make a cake without eggs, even though they are the “backbone” of almost every cake recipe. They can also lend a hand with leavening and flavor. Still, you can make a cake without using them altogether.

What Can I Use instead of Eggs in a Cake?

If you follow along with an eggless cake recipe, you won’t need to worry about substituting for the egg. But if you have a specific recipe you’re trying to create, you will need to know the best subs for the almighty egg.

The good news is that there are plenty of top-notch swaps! The top four include:

1. Applesauce 

Fruit puree of any kind (banana, avocado, pumpkin) is one of the best choices for egg replacement in a cake. It provides plenty of moisture and depth of flavor. 

Applesauce is the #1 choice, thanks to its tame flavor profile that won’t overpower your cake’s taste. Replace every egg with ¼ cup of fruit puree.

2. Flax Seed “Egg” 

My personal favorite is the flaxseed “egg.” You can make this faux egg by soaking one tablespoon of ground flax seeds in three tablespoons of water for five minutes. Then, use it as usual in your cake batter.

3. Plain Yogurt 

Swapping ¼ cup of yogurt for every egg is another preferred egg substitute. It has high water content, so adding a pinch less liquid and baking longer is suggested. 

Plain yogurt is recommended, so it does not alter the final flavor of your cake. However, if you’re baking a particular taste – such as strawberry cake – you can use strawberry-flavored yogurt to enhance the flavor.

If you want to add a protein boost to your cake, you can always use Greek yogurt instead (flavored or unflavored).

4. Commercial Egg Substitute

If you plan to bake cakes without eggs regularly, I highly suggest opting for a high-quality commercial egg replacement

Commercial egg substitutes will come in handy and take away any hassling guesswork, as most come with instructions on how to use the product in place of eggs (in cake and/or other favorite treats).

Can I Use Oil instead of Eggs?

Since most cake recipes already contain oil, I wouldn’t suggest it as a replacement for the egg(s). However, if you’re in a pinch and have no other solution, you can use it for your cake.

You will need to make a slurry by combining one teaspoon of vegetable oil with two teaspoons of baking powder and two tablespoons of water. The baking powder will work hand-in-hand with the oil to create the necessary leavening that eggs provide in a cake.

Can I Use Milk instead of Eggs in Cake?

You can successfully swap milk for eggs in a cake recipe. This is especially true for buttermilk and condensed milk, but regular milk can work, too. Use ¼ cup of milk for every egg needed. 

Can I Make Cake Mix Without Eggs?

Whether you’re making a cake from scratch or using a boxed cake mix, any substitutions mentioned above will work. 

It is also recommended to add an extra ¼ cup of flour when using an egg substitute in a boxed cake mix for the best results.

What can I Substitute for Two Eggs in a Cake Mix?

If the cake mix calls for more than one egg, you can still utilize the aforementioned substitutions. You will need to adjust how much you’re using, though. For example, for two eggs, do the following:

  • Fruit puree: ½ cup
  • Flaxseeds: Two tablespoons soaked in six tablespoons of water
  • Yogurt: ½ cup
  • Commercial egg substitute: Double what is listed as directed 

What Happens if You Add no Egg to Cake?

If you don’t have any eggs on hand, you might consider nixing the ingredient altogether. But I would suggest against that.

Without eggs, a cake can come out denser and far more delicate – but not necessarily in a good way.

The best thing to do is use one of the substitutions listed above. With so many options to choose from, there’s really no excuse to leave out the eggs or egg substitute altogether.

What if a Recipe Calls for 3 Eggs and I Only Have 2?

If your recipe calls for three eggs and you only have two left, again it’s egg substitutes to the rescue. 

While this will obviously require an extra step, it’s well worth it. Nixing the final egg can change the flavor and texture of your cake, and nobody wants that.

If you don’t want to use an egg substitute, you can always use less of the other ingredients to compensate for the missing egg. This can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the baking world and aren’t sure how to reduce components and achieve the same results.


Your cake dreams don’t have to be slashed just because you don’t have any eggs on hand. There are great substitutes you can use, like applesauce or yogurt. Plus, many eggless cake recipes do all of the hard work for you. Still want to learn more? Keep reading.

Can you make a cake without eggs and milk?

Making a cake without eggs and milk is possible. Use one of the egg substitutions above. To replace the milk, you can simply use water. Add a little more butter (a few teaspoons should do the trick) to enunciate the flavor and make your cake richer.

What can I use instead of eggs in a mug cake?

Mug cakes have recently become popular because of their simplicity, and you don’t end up with a massive cake a single person would likely not be able to consume. For mug cakes, you can swap the eggs just like any other cake – with applesauce, yogurt, milk, etc.

How to make Betty Crocker cake without eggs?

The Betty Crocker website suggests replacing the egg with ¼ cup of applesauce or yogurt. That said, it’s clear that applesauce and yogurt tend to be the top replacements for eggs in cake across the board. You really can’t go wrong!

Final Words

Can you make a cake without eggs? Absolutely! People do it every day (including me, from time to time). Just make sure you use a good egg substitute for the best results. 

Applesauce and yogurt are the top choices, but you can also use faux flaxseed egg or a commercial egg substitute.

Have you ever made a cake without eggs? Did you use a substitute? Which one? Share your baking adventures with us!

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