Costco Kodiak Power Cakes Review

Costco Kodiak Power Cakes

Michelle Keldgord

Taste: Pretty good!
Price: $12.79. Not cheap, not expensive.
Nutrition: Healthier than your average pancakes.
Ease of Use/Store: SO simple!


The Costco Kodiak Power Cakes has three pouches of pancake/waffle mix that can be used for other items, like muffins. The mixture is touted as the “healthier” option for mixes, featuring 100% whole grains and 15 grams of protein per serving.

If you’re looking for a “healthier” pancake mix compared to others on the market, I highly recommend the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes. Yes, they are slightly spongier and denser than typical mixes, but you can hardly tell the difference – especially if you add your favorite mix-ins or toppings.

What I Like: Easy to cook, only needs water, instructions are easy to follow, healthier than other pancake mixes.

What I Don’t Like: Texture is a bit spongier and denser, doesn’t have much of a taste without toppings or mix-ins, kind of pricey.


How healthy are Kodiak Power Cakes?

The Costco Kodiak Power Cakes are surprisingly quite nutritious! They’re made with 100% whole grains and tout 15 grams of protein per serving – two things you won’t find in any other pre-made mix. The ingredient list is also relatively short, which is always a plus!

Do Kodiak Power Cakes taste good?

Why are Kodiak Cakes so popular?

Let’s get one thing out of the way: pancakes are delicious. I mean, seriously – can you think of a more delightful indulgence for breakfast!? Few other breakfast items can compare! 

But one thing that pancakes seriously lack is protein, and they’re typically not made with whole grains – which spells trouble for anyone looking for a “healthier” breakfast.
Well, I thought pancakes could only be a once-in-a-while treat until I ran into the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes. I had to give them a try.

Here’s what I found!

Detailed Review of Costco Kodiak Power Cakes

Before you decide to shell out money on the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes during your next Costco trip, I need to share a few things with you!

Let’s talk about it below.

Location in Costco Store

The Costco Kodiak Power Cakes aren’t challenging to find. They’re in the baking/breakfast section of Costco’s dried food area. Mine were near other pancake/waffle mixes and breakfast favorites, like Belvita Breakfast Biscuits.

The item number for Costco Kodiak Power Cakes is 834603.


The price of the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes is $12.79. You might think this is a lot for pancake mix, but you have to remember that this mix is way different from other mixes out there, featuring whole grains and protein.

You also have to consider the fact that there are three big pouches of mix inside the box, each weighing 24 ounces. So, you get a pretty large amount of mix for a decent price.

However, I can agree that they’re on the pricier side, especially compared to the Costco Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix, which is just $7.99 for ten pounds of mix.

Ease of Use/Store

Costco Kodiak Power Cakes are so easy to make. Seriously! Even if you avoid pancakes because you think they’re “too difficult,” you’ll find these a breeze to make.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Heat your pan/griddle 
  • Add one cup of mix with one cup of water
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Make your pancakes!

Yup, it’s that simple.

However, the box suggests replacing the water with milk and adding an egg. If possible, I highly recommend doing so. It will have a tremendously flavorful impact on the final product that you’re sure to enjoy. (Not to mention, you up the protein content quite a bit more!)

Regarding shelf life, the mix can last about a year in the pantry when properly stored. The box comes with three pouches, but they are not resealable. So, if you don’t end up using all the mix in one go, you’ll need to put it in a resealable bag or an airtight container.

Once cooked, I wouldn’t leave them in the refrigerator for longer than three days or in the freezer for more than three months.


Let’s talk about taste.

I’ll start by saying that the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes, on their own, are just “OK.” They don’t really have a flavor; if they do, some might even describe it as slightly unpleasant. It definitely does not taste like a “regular” white flour pancake.

The texture is also a little odd. I found it to be incredibly spongy and dense. However, this is unsurprising, considering it’s made with whole grains.

That’s not to say that the flavor or texture is terrible. Once you top it with your favorite toppings (I simply added syrup and butter), you can hardly tell the difference. In fact, my kiddos couldn’t tell the difference at all. Makenzie rated them 1000/5, and Pierce ranked them 10/5. Those are pretty incredible numbers!

That said, my biggest suggestions would be to:

  • Replace the water with milk and add an egg, as the box suggests
  • Add your favorite mix-ins, such as fruit, nuts, or chocolates, before cooking
  • Don’t forget the toppings! The more, the merrier.

When the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes are correctly topped, I give them a four out of five. Unfortunately, on their own, they get a two out of five. Thank goodness most people don’t eat pancakes without mix-in or topping!

Fresh off the griddle!
Great with some butter and syrup!
Pierce enjoying a big bite!
Mackenzie is a big fan!


The ingredient list is very short, which is fantastic! That said, the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes are healthy and nutritious, especially when compared to other mixes on the market.

You have to love that they’re made with whole grains! 

However, they’re unsuitable for those with milk, wheat, egg, soy, or tree nuts allergies.

The Costco Kodiak Power Cakes have 220 calories per serving with 2.5 grams of fat, 37 grams of carbs, and 15 grams of protein.

These can be referred to as the “healthier” pancakes on the market, especially considering the impressive amount of protein per serving. Awesome!

Final Verdict

If you want a healthier pancake mix that’s incredibly convenient, easy to cook, healthy, protein-packed, and has a pretty good flavor when dressed up with toppings, toss the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes into your cart and enjoy!

Have you ever tried the Costco Kodiak Power Cakes? What are your thoughts?

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