How Long Does Chocolate Cake Last

Chocolate cake is a staple for any party, big or small. But just how long do these delectable cakes really last? Most of the time, a chocolate cake will last for around three days at room temperature and up to six months in the freezer – if stored properly.

Hey! My name is Michelle, and I love chocolate cake (although I will share that my mom loves it 100 times more than I do). I love baking and eating chocolate cake and do so several times a year (especially around Mom’s birthday).  Knowing how long it lasts is super important.

Que the drools – today, we’re discussing chocolate cake and how long it lasts. By the end of this article, you will know exactly how long your tasty treat lasts. You will also have a stomach rumbling and begging for a slice of chocolate cake. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Let’s talk about chocolate cake.

How Long Does Chocolate Cake Last?

Who wants to eat old cake? Not me. Knowing how long chocolate cake lasts will ensure you’re consuming it at the peak of freshness. It will also help you determine how far ahead of time you should bake a cake before a big party. Let’s get into it.

At Room Temperature

The best way to store chocolate cake is at room temperature. Why? Because it will hold onto its moisture and taste fresh as can be. Of course, you shouldn’t leave your cake uncovered. Make sure it’s in a proper cake holder or at least covered with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

At room temperature, chocolate cakes will last up to three days. If you live in a climate with high temperatures and humidity, this timeframe will be shortened. In this instance, it may be best to store it in the fridge to avoid mold growth.

In the Fridge

Don’t think you can eat the whole cake in three days? (Is this even possible?) Your next best option is to stick it in the fridge. Chocolate cakes can last up to seven days in the fridge

Please don’t leave your chocolate cake uncovered, though. Refrigerators are notorious for drawing out moisture and creating a rock-hard and stale cake. And while frosting may act as a barrier to hold in moisture, eventually, the fridge will break through. 

To avoid a hard and undesirable slice of chocolate cake, make sure the cake is covered. You can use your cake holder or wrap it with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or any airtight container. 

In the Freezer

Need your chocolate cake to last longer than a week? Turn to the ever-handy freezer. You can place a covered chocolate cake in the freezer for up to six months. Again, how long the cake stays fresh depends on whether or not it’s covered properly, so don’t skip this step.

What About a Frosted Chocolate Cake?

A frosted chocolate cake can essentially follow the same guidelines – unless it is covered in whipped cream or cream cheese or has a custard or fruit filling. Chocolate cakes utilizing these ingredients need to be stored in the fridge right away, or they will go bad. 

Other types of frosting, like buttercream and fondant, can follow the same guidelines listed above. As a bonus, frostings act as a barrier to hold in moisture, so you will have even better luck at keeping your chocolate treat nice and fresh.

How Can You Tell if Chocolate Cake Has Gone Bad?

There are three things you can do to check if your chocolate cake has gone bad: look at it, smell it, and touch it. A chocolate cake past its prime will have an “off” appearance such as white spots or a dingy appearance. It will also have an odd smell and be hard to the touch.

Another major indicator your chocolate cake has gone bad is mold. Give your chocolate cake a good look over, especially if it has been a few days after the recommended timeframe. Sure, some chocolate cakes can last a day or two past the time limit, but some aren’t so lucky.

If you see mold, discard the cake immediately. Mold can certainly make one ill.


There is nothing quite like a delectable, rich, and moist chocolate cake, but unfortunately, they don’t last forever. If you have further questions regarding chocolate cake lifespan, keep reading. Below are some very important frequently asked questions you will want to know about.

Can old cake make you sick?

It depends on how long it has been sitting out, but yes, the old cake can make you sick. (Note: I’m not a doctor). But unless the cake had custard, fruit filling, or whipped/cream cheese frosting, you shouldn’t get more than a stomach ache and possible vomiting/diarrhea.

How long will a cake last in the fridge?

Cakes can typically last three to seven days in the fridge. Of course, this depends on the type of cake and any fillings or slathered with whipped cream or cream cheese frosting. It also depends on how well the cake was covered. 

Do you keep the chocolate cake in the fridge?

You don’t have to keep the chocolate cake in the fridge, but it certainly extends its lifespan. Chocolate cakes with perishable ingredients will need to be refrigerated ASAP, so they do not go bad.

Does chocolate fudge cake need to be refrigerated?

Chocolate fudge cakes can follow the same recommendations as above: a few days at room temp, up to a week in the fridge, and up to six months in the freezer.

Final Thoughts

We all wish that chocolate cake had an indefinite lifespan and there was an unlimited source of chocolate cakes at our doorstep, but this isn’t the case. Keep your chocolate cake at room temperature for a few days for the best results. To extend the timeframe, opt for the fridge or freezer. 

Where do you store your chocolate cakes, and how long do they typically last? Share your chocolate cake storage solutions with us below!

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