How Long Does Cake Last in the Fridge

So you bought or baked a cake that’s way too big. You don’t think you can finish it as quickly as you thought, so you store it in the fridge. How long is that delicious baked treat actually going to last? While it depends on the ingredients, you can expect anywhere from two to five days.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I will be honest and say that I rarely have leftover cake. However, the few times that I do, I leave it on the countertop. But this is not ideal for all types of situations. With that in mind, I’ve figured out just how long the cake lasts in the fridge.

If you want to save your cake from going bad too soon, it’s no secret that you want to chuck it into the fridge. But just because you’ve refrigerated this baked gem doesn’t mean you don’t have to think twice. 

Keep reading to find out how long cakes last in the fridge.

How Long is Cake Good for in the Fridge?

Although we wish that cake could last forever, this simply is not the case. But the longevity of cake in the fridge comes down to the ingredients used. Let’s take a closer look.


Cakes that are covered in buttercream, chocolate ganache, or fondant don’t have too much to be worried about. Why? Because the outer layer of frosting will work to keep moisture inside. Typically, you can leave these types of cakes on the counter for up to five days without fear of a dried-out wreck.

But what about the fridge? Well, you don’t necessarily have to place this type of cake in the fridge to increase its lifespan. If you think you can’t eat this cake within the first five days, though, go ahead and toss it into the fridge, where it can stay a few extra days.

The better option for this type of cake is to avoid the fridge entirely, though. Buttercream and fondant cakes freeze impeccably well for up to four months. Just make sure to thaw in the fridge to avoid breakage. (I guess the fridge comes in handy for this type of cake after all, huh?)

Cream Cheese/Whipped Cream/Fresh Fruit

On the other hand, these types of cakes are not countertop-friendly. Not only will the cake turn into a very sad, melted disaster, but it might make you sick if left out for too long, too. That said, this type of cake should be in the refrigerator. But for how long?

A cake that is made with cream cheese, whipped cream, or fresh fruit can be stored in the fridge for around two days. I know – not a whole lot of time. It’s not great when frozen, either. 

Basically, these are finicky cakes that need to be gobbled up sooner rather than later. 


It’s pretty simple – cake lasts anywhere from two to five days in the fridge, depending on the type of cake. After that, it’s destined to be dried out and well, unappetizing. Still have some questions about cake longevity in the fridge? Keep reading.

Does cake go bad in the refrigerator?

Yes, cake goes bad in the fridge over time. That’s because the cooler temperatures draw the moisture out of the cake, creating an unpleasant dryness. Does this mean the cake is inedible? Not exactly, but it certainly isn’t enjoyable.

How do you know when a cake is bad?

A cake that has gone bad will have a coarse, dry, and hard texture. Sometimes, it may even begin to grow mold. So, before you sink your teeth into a cake that’s been stored for longer than five days, give it a quick look. Mold is likely to grow on fruit cakes quicker than others.

Should you refrigerate a cake?

My answer is, most of the time, no. Of course, if you’re working with a fresh fruit cake or cream cheesecake, then yes, it should be stored in the fridge. But regular buttercream frosting and fondant cakes can easily be left on the countertop for several days without fail.

How can I make my cake last longer?

The easiest way to extend the lifespan of your cake is to put it in the freezer. Frosted cakes with buttercream or fondant can freeze very well. Cakes with fruit, cream cheese, or whipped cream should be frozen before these ingredients are applied for the best results.

Final Thoughts

Most cakes do well when they’re left on the countertop, and they do not necessarily need to be refrigerated. If you do end up placing your cake in the fridge, know it can typically last anywhere from two to five days. Check for signs of a ‘bad’ cake, such as dryness or mold, before eating.

Do you place your cakes in the fridge? How long do you keep them refrigerated? Share below!

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