How to Frost a Bundt Cake

A bundt cake isn’t your ordinary cake. They’re made in specific bundt cake pans, giving them their unique donut shape and iconic ridges. With this interesting formation, it’s easy to see why bundt cakes aren’t frosted like regular cakes. So, how do you do it?

Hello! My name is Michelle! I’m a self-taught baker with over ten years of experience. I thoroughly enjoy baking cakes of all kinds, including bundt cakes. I’ve discovered the easiest and best ways to frost these lovely little cakes, and I share how to do it below.

Got a bundt cake that needs frosting? Let me help you out! 

3 Ways to Frost a Bundt Cake

Unlike traditional cakes (we’re looking at you, birthday cake!), you won’t take a spatula and slather buttercream all over a bundt cake. Bundt cakes require specific frosting techniques. Don’t worry, though – it’s not challenging; it’s just different.

Here are my top three ways to frost a yummy bundt cake!

1. Drizzle Icing/Ganache/Glaze

My absolute favorite way is to drizzle icing, glaze, or ganache over my bundt cakes. This is also the most common way to frost a bundt cake. So, if you want to go the traditional route, you will want to choose this frosting method. 

Here’s how:

Step 1: Make your drizzle-ready icing, glaze, or ganache.

Step 2: Place your bundt cake on a cake turntable (not required, but highly recommended for ease of application).

Step 3: Evenly drizzle your icing all over the top of your bundt cake. It will slide down the sides of your cake. If using a cake turntable, spin the cake around gently while drizzling the icing. 

Step 4: To ensure the icing drizzles correctly down the sides, you can gently rock the cake around until you’re satisfied with the coating of icing.

This video shows exactly how it’s done: 

2. Zig-Zag Icing

Now, the first frosting technique for bundt cakes works best with a cake turntable. I understand that not everyone owns a turntable or wants to purchase one (although I highly suggest buying one for the future, it’s an excellent investment!).

For those who don’t want to fuss with a turntable, the next best technique is the zig-zag method. It’s so simple. 

Step 1: Start by making your icing. It should not be too thick.

Step 2: Place the icing inside a plastic bag or piping bag.

Step 3: Cut the tip of the bag/piping bag. Ensure it is a small snip, as your icing should be somewhat thin and runny.

Step 4: Squeeze the icing onto your bundt cake in a zig-zag motion.

Step 5: Continue the zig-zagging maneuvering until the entirety of your bundt cake is covered in delicious and aesthetically-pleasing lines.

Watch this video if you need some visual help on how to do the zig-zag icing method:

Tip: While icing is the typical frosting choice for bundt cakes, you can also use thicker options like buttercream and cream cheese frosting. You can use the zig-zag method to apply thicker frostings to your bundt cake.

3. Spoon or Spatula Frosting

I’ll be honest with you – bundt cakes are almost always topped with an icing glaze or ganache. It’s less common for them to be decorated with thicker frostings, like buttercream and cream cheese. 

It’s not a rule, though. 

If you’re as obsessed with the delectable sweetness of buttercream as I am, you can apply it to your bundt cake. It will give your bundt cake an extra sweetness punch you wouldn’t get from icing or ganaches. (Want less sweetness and more thickness? Use cream cheese frosting, folks!)

Applying thicker frosting to bundt cake is a cinch. Yes, it might not look as aesthetically pleasing, but who cares? As long as the flavor is on point, who’s complaining?

Step 1: Purchase or make homemade frosting.

Step 2: Scoop the frosting with a spoon and place a dollop on top of your bundt cake.

Step 3: Use a spoon or buttercream spatula to spread the frosting over your bundt cake however you please.

Step 4: Continue applying and spreading until you’re happy with the amount of frosting and how it looks on your cake.

Step 5: Leave it as is, or add some other fun decorations like sprinkles or fruit.


Now you know how to frost your bundt cake in three different ways. Pretty cool, huh? But if you’re itching to learn more about frosting bundt cakes, I have you covered. Below are a few more questions to which you will want to know the answers.

Can I use regular frosting on a bundt cake?

You can use regular frosting on a bundt cake. Realistically, you can use any kind of frosting. However, it’s more common to use a thinner coating, like icing or ganache. If you’re using buttercream, you can slather it on top of your bundt cake however you’d like.

How do you frost a bundt cake with store-bought icing?

You can frost a bundt cake with store-bought icing. Remove the icing from the can and place it in a microwave-safe bowl. Warm it up for about 30 seconds or until it’s somewhat runny. Then, apply it on top of your bundt cake in a zig-zag motion.

How long should I wait to frost a bundt cake?

You must wait until your bundt cake is entirely cooled before frosting it. Otherwise, the frosting will melt and run off the sides. Typically, it will take a few hours before your bundt cake is cooled. Place it on a wire rack to speed up the cooling process.

Nothin’ Bundt Frosted Bundt Cakes!

When it comes to frosting bundt cakes, the simplest way to do it is to drizzle icing or ganache on top while turning the cake on a cake turntable. You can also apply icing in a zig-zag motion. For thicker frostings, simply apply with a spoon or buttercream spatula however you’d like. This option is less traditional but delicious nonetheless.

How do you frost your bundt cakes? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? Let’s talk about it below!

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