Most Famous and Popular French Candies

France may be famous for many wonderful foods, from coq au vin to chocolate soufflé. But did you know a wide range of delicious candies is produced by the French, too? These candies are designed to send your taste buds into a magnificent whirlwind of delightful flavors!

Hey! I’m Michelle, and I’m always looking to try out new things – especially candies from around the world. I wanted to dive into some French candies just to see if they could stand up to American favorites like Butterfingers and Swedish Fish.

If you’re like me and love to experience new candies, come with me on my journey through the best French candies that need to end up in your candy dish.

Let’s uncover the best French candy brands together!

10 Most Famous and Popular French Candies

While I’m sure there are many wonderful French candies out there, I decided to place these 10 on my “top French candies list” and if you want to try them, you can get most of them online. (If I missed any really good French candies, please mention them in the comment section below.) 

Voici les 10 meilleurs bonbons!

1. Nougat

One of the most delicious candies hailing from France is Nougat. This delectable candy is contrived of a mixture of egg whites, sugar, honey, almonds, and sometimes, fruit pieces. As long as the concoction contains 30% almonds and 30% honey, it can be classified as “Nougat.”

Nougat has a sweet taste and chewy texture that is highly enjoyable. It first debuted in France in the 15th century, making its way to the rest of the world in the 18th century – and we couldn’t be happier that it did.

2. Candy Cane

Did you know that the Candy Cane was invented in France? While it’s now known as a Christmas staple, the original purpose was to relieve sore throats – especially of the priests reading at Mass. 

The original Candy Cane was a bit less magical, with fewer red notes and a rounder silhouette. Over time, the Candy Cane evolved into the “cane” striped with red and white. Now, you can find flavored and colorful Candy Canes extending beyond the “traditional” aesthetic and taste.

3. Anis de Flavigny

If you’re looking for a French candy that’s truly spectacular and unique, then consider shopping for Anis de Flavigny. This treat has been around since 1591. It originated as a three-ingredient candy made up of sugar, anise seed, and natural flavors.

Today, you can find these “magical balls of flavor” in ten exciting flavors, including blackcurrant, lemon, mint, and rose. With so many flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find a crunchy sweet that suits your fancy.

4. Calissons d’Aix

The Calissons d’Aix has roots dating back to the 12th century, but the candy remains immensely popular today. Essentially, this candy is a mixture of candied fruits and ground almonds topped with a delicious layer of royal icing. 

The best way to describe the flavor and texture of Calissons d’Aix is like marzipan but with a more pronounced fruity melon flavor. Creating Calissons d’Aix is quite time-consuming and extensive, which is why these candies tend to have a high price tag.

5. Coussin de Lyon

Coussin de Lyon is as exciting to look at as it is to eat. This mesmerizing candy is designed with a sheet of pale green marzipan accentuated by a dark green stripe. The inside combines succulent chocolate ganache, beautifully enhanced with curacao liqueur.

The result? A burst of flavor you won’t soon forget. (And honestly, you won’t be able to forget this interesting bright green candy!)

6. Carambar Caramel

You may have had caramel before but haven’t lived until you’ve tried Carambar Caramel. Carambar is a staple in France – in fact, it can only be found in France (or online). Therefore, it’s a standard souvenir that tourists take back to their families.

This lovely stick of caramel is stiff and crackly when cold and nice and soft when warm. Many people claim it’s the lovechild of Sugar Daddies and Tootsie Rolls, creating a magnificent flavor and intricate texture you’ll enjoy from the first to the last bite.

7. French Almond Dragees

French Almond Dragees are essentially what the Americans know as Jordan Almonds. They’re nice and crunchy and have a flavor that’s not overpoweringly sweet but not dull and bland, either.

French Almond Dragees are typically served during special events, such as baptisms and weddings. So, if you want to go the French route at your upcoming extravaganza, consider serving French Almond Dragees. Yum!

8. Truffles

There are truffles, and then there are French Truffles. French Truffles are basically pieces of chocolate ganache rolled up in a delectable cocoa powder. 

You can expect two things when you pop a French Truffle into your mouth. First, the silky smooth chocolate will melt in your mouth. Second, the rich flavors will send your taste buds into a sea of chocolatey goodness you won’t want to leave.

9. Berlingots de Carpentras

Are you looking for something less rich and more fun? Then the Berlingots de Carpentras may be the best choice for you!

These colorful candies come in an interesting pyramid shape and various bright shades. The color reflects the flavor – for instance, green is for anise, while yellow is for lemon. There are lots of flavors to pick from, and each comes with a white stripe crafted from the sugar added at the end.

10. Lutti Arlequin Sour Candies

I couldn’t end this list without adding sour candies for those who prefer tart over sweet! While I don’t care for sour candies, I know plenty of people do (including my brother and son!). 

For those that love sour candies that will leave your face unsightly twisted, consider the Lutti Arlequin Sour Candies.


est-ce que vous avez l’eau à la bouche? (Is your mouth watering?) I know mine is! While these ten treats should be enough to excite your taste buds for a while, here are a few commonly asked questions about this topic that might pique your interest. Check it out!

What kind of candy does France have?

I couldn’t fit all of the lovely candies from France on my top ten list. So, I’m going to add a few more favorites here. Pralines, Cannelée, Guimauve, Biscuit Sablé, Pate de Fruits, Violettes de Toulouse, Marron Glace, Macarons, et Berlingots. (Yeah – there are tons of French candies to enjoy!).

What is Paris’s famous dessert?

If you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth while visiting Paris, France, there are many famous desserts you can indulge in. Some of the favorites include Saint-Honoré, Chouquettes, Opera cake, Mille-feuille, Religieuse, et Tarte Bourdaloue.

What kind of chocolate does the French eat?

There are many chocolates that the French population consumes. One of the most unique is the French dark chocolate, though. It’s known as being the least sweet chocolate on Earth, with a cocoa content ranging from 62% to 86%. Wow!

French Candies Are Undeniably Delicious

There are so many delicious French candies out there that it was hard to limit it down to the top ten. However, I recommend starting with these top ten tasty treats and going from there. There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy sour, sweet, or fruity candies!

What is your favorite French candy? What would you add to this list?

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