Why is the Starbucks Cake Pop so Expensive

It’s no secret that Starbucks cake pops are delicious, but the price tag seems a little outrageous for what you’re getting. What’s the deal? Are they doing something magical? Not quite. It’s a combination of labor, exceptional marketing, and branding that increases the price tag.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t love Starbucks cake pops (my kids do, too!). I’ve been ordering frappuccinos for over ten years, and the addition of cake pops made my heart and taste buds so happy. But that price – well, it’s not so great.

Have you ever wondered why Starbucks cake pops are so expensive? If so, you are certainly not alone. Plenty of people are surprised at the price, but there are several reasons behind it – and that’s what you will learn about today.

Who’s ready to enjoy some Starbucks cake pops?

Why is the Starbucks Cake Pop so Expensive?

Is it corporate greed? Maybe. But there are a lot of actual reasons behind the highly-priced Starbucks cake pop. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why Starbucks prices their cake pops so high and why we keep buying them.

Reason 1. Labor Costs

Making a cake pop is pretty darn cheap. It’s just a bite of cake covered in frosting or melted chocolate. You can make a lot of cake pops on a budget. But that doesn’t mean that the labor to make them is cheap, too.

While the ingredients may be cost-effective, bakers charge for their work (and rightfully so). That said, one major component of the high price of Starbucks cake pops is the labor. Someone has to form the cake into balls, dip them in chocolate, and design them. That costs money!

Reason 2. It’s Comparative to Their Other Pricing

People don’t go to Starbucks because it’s cheap and you will never hear someone say, “Wow, what a deal!” when buying a product from Starbucks. So, if they can easily charge over $5 for a small frappuccino, why wouldn’t they raise the price of their other items, too?

If you look at the rest of the Starbucks prices, you can easily see that the cake pop pricing is comparable to Starbucks pricing. That said, a Starbucks fanatic like myself isn’t shocked at the cost of a cake pop, but a newbie might not feel the same way.

Reason 3: Exceptional Marketing

If there is one thing that Starbucks is really good at (besides making delicious coffee), it’s marketing. They know what they’re doing. But how does that work with the high price of cake pops? Two things play into their marketing:

  1. The fancy and luxurious glass display case, and
  2. Only putting a few cake pops out at a time.

The fancy glass display case feels rich. It’s almost as if you were in a jewelry store shopping for diamonds. It is a gorgeous display. As such, you won’t mind paying more because it looks like it costs way more than it does.

Only putting a few cake pops out at a time is also used as a marketing mechanism. Are they going to run out? Maybe. Only seeing a few left, you want to be one of the lucky customers that could get their hands on the cake pop before they’re gone.

Basically, you need to buy it now, or you might miss out entirely.

Reason 4: Cater to the Audience

Whether you’re in a rush to get to work in the morning or are enjoying a leisurely afternoon sipping on a Starbucks latte, the cake pops cater to you. But how?

Someone in a rush isn’t going to want to wait around for something to be heated. They also aren’t going to want to stop in another location for something to munch on. Since the cake pops are ready to be eaten and on a convenient stick, someone in a rush will enjoy it.

On the other hand, someone enjoying a quiet and relaxing time might want to indulge. The cake pop looks indulgent with a luxurious price tag attached. Instead of hurrying down the coffee and rushing out for a snack, it’s easier to get a cake pop.

To put it simply, it’s a handy little treat that works for everyone, regardless if you’re in a rush or relaxing – and Starbucks knows this! That’s why the Starbucks cake pop continues to be a (somewhat pricey) hit.,

Reason 5: Delicious and Adorable

I am a sucker for treats that are tiny and adorable, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that plenty of people agree with me. If you find that tiny treats are the cutest thing in life, you won’t mind the price tag. 

The adorable factor is kicked into high gear when they offer special, limited edition cake pops, too, such as the kitty or unicorn cake pops. (Making something limited edition also increases the value, and people will pay more. Great marketing, Starbucks!)

Not only are Starbucks cake pops super cute, but they’re tasty, too! I have had all of the flavors and enjoyed every single one of them. Yes, it’s only a bite, but it is a very satisfying bite. If I don’t want to make my cake pop, it’s easier to enjoy one of theirs real quick.


It’s pretty simple – Starbucks has great marketing skills, and people love the adorable, handy little cake pops. Do you still have questions about Starbucks cake pop pricing? Keep reading! Below there are a few frequently asked questions about this topic.

Why are Starbucks cake pops so good?

Starbucks doesn’t do anything special or exquisite when it comes to making their cake pops. It’s done in the same way – with cake, frosting, candies, and decor. However, they can preserve them in the case, so they always stay fresh and tasty. Yum!

How much does a cake pop cost at Starbucks?

The price of a Starbucks cake pop might differ depending on where you’re located. However, it seems, for the most part, that Starbucks cake pops are always over $1. Currently, in Southern California, they are priced at $1.95 for any flavor.

Are Starbucks cake pops bad for you?

A Starbucks cake pop is just like any other cake pop. It’s loaded with sugar and fat that is not necessarily “healthy” for any diet. That said, yes, Starbucks is technically “bad” for you. But eating in moderation is perfectly fine, especially if you have an otherwise healthy diet.

What is the average price for cake pops?

Many things go into the pricing of a cake pop, such as flavors, decorations, and custom orders. A custom order cake pop can easily be over $2, while a generic cake pop can be as cheap as $0.50. It all depends on what and where you’re ordering.

Final Thoughts

Cake pops are so yummy and fun, and the Starbucks cake pops are no different! With a combination of marketing, flavors, convenience, and comparative pricing, Starbucks can charge a little bit more for their cake pops, and people (like me) will keep buying them.

Are you a fan of Starbucks cake pops? Which flavor is your favorite? Do you think they are overpriced? Share your comments with us below!

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    Extremely tasty. A yummy treat. The cake pops are $2.95. $3 for a cake pop??? I cannot do it anymore. ????