How Much Do Cake Pops Cost

If you haven’t jumped onto the cake pop trend, you’re really missing out. Or maybe you just don’t know how much they cost. If that’s the case, let me share with you some insight about cake pops pricing. Cake pops are pretty cheap and can run anywhere between $1 and $4.

Hi, there! My name is Michelle, and I am a cake baker. One of my absolute favorite things to make is cake pops. One, they’re tiny and adorable. Two, they always taste amazing. And three, they help to use up those leftover cake crumbs that would otherwise be trashed. Yay!

If you have stumbled across this article, then you want to know about cake pop pricing. Many things go into the final cost of a cake pop, and we’re going to dive deep into the money aspect of cake pops in just a minute.

Let’s talk finances!

How Much Do Cake Pops Cost?

This is a pretty “basic” question. So, I will start by giving a “basic” answer. Whether you’re buying from the store or a private business, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1 and $4 for a single cake pop.

Why such a price difference? Well, consider these things:

  • The flavor. If you’re buying chocolate or vanilla, it’s probably going to be cheap. If you’re asking for something fancier, like red velvet or carrot cake, you might have to shell out a few more dollars.
  • The decoration. Cake pops are going to be coated with candy melts or melted chocolate. But not all decorations are the same. Sprinkles will be cheap, but elaborate designs and patterns are going to cost you.
  • The packaging. If you want simple packaging, then the baker or bakery isn’t going to charge extra. But someone that wants crafty packaging, say for a birthday or wedding, will need to pay for the specialty packaging.
  • How many you’re buying. You might snag a deal if you buy a 12-pack of cake pops. Or you might not get so lucky. While buying in bulk will probably give you a better deal overall, you’re going to have to pay more upfront.

Really, there are so many variables when it comes to cake pop pricing. While you will get a standard amount if you buy at a shop like Starbucks, a personalized cake pop will cost a few extra dollars.

The best thing to do is call and check for pricing. As I said, a standard cake pop will likely be a dollar or two. But you will have to discuss specifics if you want customized cake pops. They shouldn’t be more than $4 apiece, even with specialty decorating, flavors, etc.

Although cake pops are small and don’t look like as much work goes into them, keep in mind that bakers are still putting in the effort and using their equipment and ingredients to create your cake pop masterpiece. It’s well worth the extra dollars!


It’s pretty simple when it comes to how much a cake pop costs. Even customized cake pops will be less than $5 a pop, but a standard cake pop can be as little as $1 or $2. Still want to learn more about cake pop pricing? I would love to answer your questions! Keep reading.

What is the average cost of cake pops?

The average cake pop will run you around $2. This is for a standard cake pop that doesn’t have bells and whistles, such as multiple flavors, exciting flavors, or enticing decorations. 

How much does a cake pop cost from Starbucks?

A cake pop from Starbucks will be around $2, although some are as cheap as $1.95, and some are as high as $3.50. This can depend on many things, including the location of the Starbucks and which cake pop you’re buying. Specialty “festive” flavors may cost more than traditional ones.

How long do cake pops last?

Cake pops don’t have the longest shelf life in the game. I wouldn’t store cake pops for longer than two days in the fridge or about two months in the freezer. The good news is, cake pops are tiny and you can eat all of them in a single sitting (just make sure you share with a friend or two!).

How long do you chill cake pops before dipping them?

You will want to chill your cake pops before dipping. I recommend tossing them into the freezer for about 15 minutes so they can get firmed up and ready for dipping. There is nothing worse than losing your cake balls in a mix of melted chocolate! No, thanks.

Final Words

Cake pops are pretty cheap, especially if you’re only buying a single standard cake pop. Some are as cheap as $1! Expect to pay higher prices for cake pops that are customized and have added decorations or flavor combinations. Even so, they shouldn’t be more than $4 each.

Do you like cake pops? How much do you pay for your cake pops? If you make cake pops, how much do you sell them for? Share in the comment section below!,

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  • Francoise H Fussell

    I made a recipe at Halloween that was called a “truffle”. It used leftover candy corn. Basically, it was a cake pop but not on a stick. The cake-part of the inside was a bag of crushed yellow Oreos. I think that the sticky part was cream cheese, but not sure about that part. After freezing, I dipped the balls into the candy-melt product using the little melting pot that I bought locally. When the coating was still soft, I sprinkled the balls with Halloween-colored sprinkles. They were so good!

  • Judy

    I have been doing cake and cookie pops (not a cookie on a stick, but a mixture of crushed cookies and homemade buttercream icing or cream cheese) for about 7 years and my cake/cookie pops range from $1.50 up to $5.00 per pop based on not only the flavors, but more importantly on the decorations. I love doing cake/cookie pops they are my jam! LOL.

    • Michelle

      Hi Judy!
      Thanks for your input. The cookie pops sound amazing! Never heard of that before.