6 Best Pizza Oven Thermometers

If you have ever read any of my posts, I will always say this: your oven might be lying to you. But instead of hiring a private investigator, consider purchasing an oven thermometer to get the best pizza results. I prefer the Rubbermaid Instant Read Monitoring Thermometer.

Hi, there! My name is Michelle, and I have a confession; I love pizza. To be honest, I had pizza last night. I have used all different kinds of pizza ovens throughout my baking journey. Regardless, I found it imperative to know my oven’s “true” temperature.

If you’re constantly wondering why your pizza isn’t coming out “perfectly,” it might have something to do with your oven temperature. Ovens aren’t always accurate, which is why it is crucial to have a handy thermometer on your side.

I like the Rubbermaid thermometer because it works on virtually any pizza oven. It is durable, battery-free, and instantly reads your oven’s temperature. It can read up to 580F, which is enough for most at-home pizza bakers out there (like me).

If you’re looking for something different, don’t worry, I have plenty of other recommendations that might suit your needs. All you have to do is keep reading.

Let’s check out which thermometer for the pizza oven made my top six list.

Best Pizza Oven Thermometer: Top Picks

I was surprised to find so many styles and options when I was on my original hunt for a thermometer. While this was a good thing, it was also overwhelming. Today, I’m making it easy on you. Read my reviews and find exactly what you’ve been looking for with ease.

1. Rubbermaid Instant Read Monitoring Thermometer (Best Choice)

  • Key Features: Durable, shatter-proof lens, National Sanitation Foundation Certified, installed hanging or standing, instant temperature reading, used in many applications
  • Highest Temp Reading: 580F
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Okay, let’s start by saying this is a product from Rubbermaid. This is one of the most notorious and trusted brands out there. It’s really no wonder why it made my number one slot for pizza oven thermometers!

I love this thermometer because it’s easy to use and displays my oven temperature instantly. It can read between 60F and 580F, ideal for most at-home chefs and bakers like me. It can also work with almost any appliance, from ovens to grills and smokers.

These thermometers are designed with durable stainless steel and a completely shatter-proof lens for reliability. Not only that, but this mechanical device requires no batteries, so you don’t have to worry about a “dead” thermometer when you need it most. 

There are so many positives to using this thermometer. The only drawback is that the base is a bit on the small side. That makes it easy to bump over, which can be a hassle when you’re trying to check your pizza oven temp. Not a considerable damper, though!

2. Etekcity Infrared Thermometer (Best “Gun-Style” Pick)

  • Key Features: 9V battery included, auto shut-off, LCD backlit screen, 500MS response time, built-in laser for accuracy, heavy-duty
  • Highest Temp Reading: 716F 
  • Material: Plastic with UV Coating

Zip and zap; it’s as easy as that! If you’re someone who likes the “gun-style” thermometer, you’re going to love the Etekcity Infrared Thermometer. This easy-to-use device provides impeccable accuracy up to 14.17 inches away and handles up to 716F. Wow.

Not only is the accuracy and temperature range impressive, but you will love the fact that this pizza oven thermometer has a 500MS response time for quick and easy temp gauging every time. 

Yes, this infrared temperature gun requires a battery. However, they’ve designed the gun with an LCD screen backlit with an auto-off function to extend the overall battery life. It will also alert you when it’s low on battery, so you don’t have to worry about it turning off at vital times.

Lots of great plusses with this temperature gun. The biggest issue is that there is no ON/OFF switch. This can pose a challenge when trying to conserve the battery. I suggest plugging it in when it’s not in use – just in case.

3. Taylor Precision Products Oven Thermometer (Largest Dial)

  • Key Features: Extra-large 2 ½-inch dial, accurate, red pointer temperature indicator, durable, corrosion-resistant, National Sanitation Foundation Certified
  • Highest Temp Reading: 600F
  • Material: Stainless Steel

One of the biggest complaints with dial oven thermometers is that the screen is tiny, making it hard to read – especially when you’re not “up close and personal.” Well, you can put those worries to rest (finally).

The Taylor Precision Products thermometer comes with an impressively large, 2 ½-inch dial that’s colorful and easy to read. Needless to say, there won’t be any confusion or misgivings about the accurate temperature in your pizza oven.

Not only that, but this highly accurate dial oven thermometer can read up to 600F. With a stainless steel construction and the ability to be hung or stood up, this is a reliable and convenient thermometer you won’t mind having in your kitchen arsenal.

This thermometer is prone to discoloration. Luckily, it doesn’t affect readability. It’s just something a shopper might want to know before buying. It’s not exactly a pleasant surprise!

4. Hotloop Digital Oven Thermometer (Top Digital Choice) 

  • Key Features: Digital LCD temperature display, high accuracy, easy to use, heat-resistant probe, thin wire, durable and long-lasting
  • Highest Temp Reading: 572F
  • Material: Stainless Steel 

We live in a digital world. Why not add a digital thermometer into the mix? If you’re a tech fan, then you will appreciate the Hotloop thermometer. It registers your pizza oven’s temperature with a digital LCD that’s super simple to read – even from far away.

The thermometer has a range of up to 572F, which is enough for most individuals. Made with the highest-quality materials, you can ensure your digital thermometer will last year after year with no downfalls or destruction. 

All you need to use this thermometer is a single AAA battery. While you will need to buy the initial battery (and the following batteries for extended use), the good news is that AAA batteries aren’t super expensive, and the thermometer can last for quite some time with a single battery. 

To use this thermometer, you will insert the probe into the oven while the LCD screen is situated outside. While the wire and probe are small and convenient, plenty of buyers wished the wire was a bit longer. It’s still highly useful for any pizza oven, though!

5. Taylor Precision Products Kitchen Thermometer (Classic Choice)

  • Key Features: Old school style thermometer, hangs or stands up, large face, easy-to-read zone guide, durable, mercury-free, dishwasher-safe, NSF certified
  • Highest Temp Reading: 600F
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Not everyone wants the latest and greatest. If you’re looking for a high temperature pizza oven thermometer that has the “old school” style of temperature gauging, then you will appreciate this model from Taylor Precision Products.

Although this thermometer has an old-world feel, it’s anything but unreliable. In fact, this hanging or standing thermometer can handle up to 600F and provides an accurate measurement every time.

Entirely mercury-free and designed with stainless steel, you can rest assured that this is a safe and handy thermometer that will last quite long. It’s dishwasher-safe, too, which is a huge plus for messy bakers like me.

The numbers are a bit small on this pizza oven thermometer, but it wasn’t challenging for most people. It’s still something you should think about before purchasing.

6. Inkbird Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun (Highest Temp Range)

  • Key Features: 0.5-second response time, blacklist LCD, auto shut-off mode, durable and reliable, distance 12:1 ratio, battery lasts 12 hours
  • Highest Temp Reading: 1022F
  • Material: Plastic

If you’re using a pizza oven that’s verging on commercial grade, these other thermometers simply aren’t going to cut it. Some pizza ovens are designed to reach incredibly high temperatures, and you need a thermometer that can “take the heat.”

Let me introduce you to the Inkbird Infrared thermometer gun – otherwise known as the mighty gun that can handle a whopping 1022F. That’s right – no pizza oven is a match for this remarkable gun, complete with a 0.5-second response time. Just point, shoot, and read. Easy!

This infrared laser gun is designed with you in mind. It has a colorful, backlit LCD that allows you to read temperatures wherever and whenever. You don’t have to worry about the battery dying with an auto shut-off mode. In fact, the battery lasts up to 12 hours with ease.

This high-powered temperature gun is helpful in any pizza oven, big or small. It can be a little complicated to switch from Celcius to Fahrenheit if you need to. However, mess around with it for a while, and you will figure it out – I promise!

Best Pizza Oven Thermometer: Things to Consider

I know you’re thrilled to finally figure out what temperature your pizza oven is. That just means you’re going to make better pizza! But before buying a thermometer, consider these important things.

Temperature Range

First and foremost, check the temperature range. Some pizza ovens can go higher than others. So, if you have an oven that goes up to 700F, you won’t want to purchase a thermometer that caps at 600F. 

Type of Thermometer

Do you like the old-school thermometers, or do you prefer new technology? There are several styles of thermometers on this list, from temperature gauges to point-and-shoot guns. Which type do you want in your kitchen arsenal?

Ease of Use

Do you need an extra-large dial? Something that does not take batteries? Each of these thermometers comes with its own realm of features and benefits, but it mostly depends on the styles you’re looking at. 


While there are many great oven thermometers on this list, the Rubbermaid Instant Read Monitoring Thermometer remains my top choice. I think it’s convenient, reliable, and durable, and can be useful in almost any pizza oven.

Do you use a pizza oven thermometer or have a better one to recommend? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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