6 Best Mixers for Pizza Dough

The most annoying part about making pizza is kneading the pizza dough. Kneading by hand takes around 15 minutes and can lead to tired and achy hands. 

But do you really “knead” to do it by hand? No. A mixer for pizza dough can save you time and hassle, and the Aucma Food Mixer is the best choice.

Hey, there, pizza lovers! My name is Michelle, and I love making pizzas. I make pizza way more often than I should, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. My family and I simply love pizza, and I think we’d eat it every day if we could.

Now, when I first started baking, I did it by hand. I wasn’t sure if I really “kneaded” to buy a mixer. However, after a few rounds of aching hands and exhaustion, I decided to buy one. I’ve been thrilled ever since (and my hands are very grateful).

I chose the Aucma because it comes with six quarts, the ideal amount for at-home baking. It also comes with an impressive six speeds to handle all kinds of baked goods, while the 660W motor is reliable and robust. It’s easy to use with plenty of attachments without being overpriced.

While the Aucma is undeniably my top choice, I understand it won’t suit everyone. That’s why I decided to research and find a few other great mixers that will work well in anyone’s kitchen.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get mixing!

Best Pizza Dough Mixer: Top Picks

If you’re on the hunt for a home mixer for pizza dough, you’re going to love this list. 

1. Aucma Food Mixer (Top Choice)

  • Key Features: Pulse function, low-noise motor, handles, multiple color options, blue LED power light, one layer painting for added shine, splash guard to prevent messes
  • Size: 6.5
  • Speed:
  • Power: 660W
  • Attachments: Whisk, dough hook, beater

If you’re looking for a reliable, do-it-all-set for your kitchen countertop, this is it. This model has so much to love, from the 660W high-performance yet low-noise motor to the six-speed options, including a must-have pulse function.

The stainless steel bowl is designed to handle all of your at-home baking projects, such as pizza. With six quarts, it’s the ideal size for home kitchens. The included handles also make it a breeze to maneuver the bowl when necessary. 

The tilt-head design is also a significant plus for this mixer. The tilt-head not only allows for perfect mixing but it makes it a cinch to install and uninstall when needed. You’ll love the addition of three essential accessories, including a whisk, dough hook, and beater. 

As much as I love this mixer, I have to share one thing: the attachments are not dishwasher-safe. This isn’t a major issue, especially for me – I’m one of those odd people that enjoy doing the dishes. However, it’s something you might want to consider before buying.

2. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer (For Small Jobs)

  • Key Features: Mess-free splash guard, tilt-up head design, complete bowl coverage, included mixing guide
  • Size: 4
  • Speed: 7
  • Power: 330W
  • Attachments: Dough, whisk, flat beater

Although this pizza dough mixer is only four quarts large, it’s certainly nothing to laugh at. Four quarts is best for those who aren’t planning to do any “major projects” yet still have enough room to make a large pizza to share with the family.

This four-quart mixer can undoubtedly be described as “tiny but mighty.” It comes with seven speeds, going from slow to fast in the blink of an eye. The motor comes with 330 watts, too, which is relatively impressive for this small-scale mixer.

Design-wise, you will love the tilt-up head that allows for the easy addition of ingredients and simple attachment changes. The mixer offers complete bowl coverage, which means no nuisance scraping during mixing. With four attachments, you’re ready for any baking adventure.

There’s a lot to love about this small-scale mixer, but the biggest downside is the noise. Although it’s small, it is powerful, and the motor can be a little annoying at times. 

3. Aifeel Kitchen Dough Mixer (Best Budget Pick)

  • Key Features: Under $100, compact, tilt-head design, anti-sleep feet
  • Size: 4.3
  • Speed: 3
  • Power: 800W
  • Attachments: Whisk, beater, dough hook

Are you looking for a mixer on a budget? I get it. Mixers aren’t exactly “cheap.” But the Aifeel is delightfully budget-friendly without slacking on features. Just look at that motor – 800W! That is one impressively powerful motor (with overheating protection just in case).

This pizza dough mixer is also compact enough to fit smaller-sized kitchens, too. The entire product is 13.7×7.5×11.88 inches with a bowl capacity of 4.3 quarts, perfect for those in apartments or condos where space is lacking, but the need for baking isn’t.

You will love the tilt-head design on this mixer, which makes it easy to mix and match the accessories at will. There are also four anti-slip suction cups on the bottom to ensure the machine stays steady no matter what you’re mixing.

Unfortunately, none of the attachments are dishwasher-safe. Again, this is only a bummer if you really don’t want to worry about cleaning by hand. You will also need to scrape the bowl a few times while mixing, which can be a slight hassle. 

4. KICHOT Stand Mixer (For Big Projects)

  • Key Features: Tilt-head design, five non-slip feet, mess-free splash guard, pour chute, dishwasher-safe
  • Size: 10.6
  • Speed: 6
  • Power: 800W
  • Attachments: Wire whip, flat beater, dough hook

If you’re looking at all of these mixers and thinking, “Nope, this would never work for me – I need something bigger!” allow me to introduce you to the Kichot Stand Mixer. This impressive machine comes with a whopping 10.6-quart capacity stainless steel bowl. Wow

That’s not the only thing that makes this mixer a standout product, though. It also has an 800W powerful motor and six speeds for ultimate control. Now, you can make up to 42 cupcakes at once without hassle. 

Enjoy the ease of use this machine has to offer. On top is a tilt-head design that allows you to add ingredients and swap accessories easily, while the five non-slip feet keep your item stationary. The pouring chute is also a big bonus, allowing for the easiest pours you’ve ever experienced.

One drawback is that the mixing bowl doesn’t have a handle. This can make this a little tricky, especially when you’re making extra-large batches of batter. With a bit of trial and error, you should be able to nail it in no time!

5. Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer (Commercial-Grade)

  • Key Features: Premium-grade machine, adjustable bowl height, largest capacity, bowl guard to stop messes
  • Size: 15
  • Speed: 3
  • Power: 600W
  • Attachments: Dough hook, flat beater, wire whip

For those of you planning to sell pizzas – or just use commercial-grade equipment for the best results – this one’s for you. The Happybuy mixer is a premium industrial mixer complete with a 15-quart capacity stainless steel bowl. With so much room, you can make plenty of pizzas in no time.

This mixer comes with three different speeds, which are enough to produce all kinds of goodies, whether you’re making fresh pizza for the fam or whipping up some homemade mayonnaise. You’ll love the 600W motor, with just enough speed to be handy and reliable.

With this mixer, you have the option to adjust the height of the bowl using the turning wheel. This opens up more opportunities for your mixing needs. The bowl also comes with a handy guard that will stop messes from happening, leaving you with a clean surface every time.

There weren’t a whole lot of complaints with this mixer. The bulk of the issues was with shipping. The machine tends to come damaged somehow, but the company is more than happy and willing to send a replacement. No worries, here!

6. Vospeed 5 IN 1 Stand Mixer (Best Multi-Use Pick)

  • Key Features: 5-in-1 model includes food processor, juice blender, glass jar, and meat grinder, overheating protection, dishwasher-safe
  • Size: 7.5
  • Speed: 6
  • Power: 850W
  • Attachments: Dough hook, whisk, beater

If you landed on this “best list,” you’re likely looking for a pizza dough mixer. But what if you want a machine that can do more? If versatility is what you’re after, then you will love the mixer from Vospeed.

The Vospeed mixer is designed to get more done in the kitchen. This handy gadget acts as a mixer with three attachments, but it is also a food processor, juice blender (with included glass jar), and meat grinder. Needless to say, this 5-in-1 model will see you through all of your kitchen needs.

The mixer itself comes with six different speeds, including a pulse option. You will love the powerful 850W (highest on this list) motor with overheating protection. Lastly, enjoy the 7.5-quart capacity that can handle big projects with ease.

The drawback is that the meat grinder can be a little finicky to use. Luckily, this isn’t a big deal if you’re mostly buying this product for the pizza dough mixing abilities.

Best Mixer for Pizza Dough: Things to Consider

You can’t go wrong with any of these mixers, but before you buy, there are a few things you might want to consider.


Think about how much pizza you’re planning to bake, especially at one time. I think a four or 6-quart option is perfect for feeding a family. However, if you have an extra-large family, have people over regularly, or are creating a business, you’re going to need a larger size.


The power of the motor will determine how hefty your machine is. Again, those who don’t make pizzas often or don’t make large quantities won’t need as much power as those performing big jobs.

Speed Settings

I like to have options for speed simply because I make more than just pizzas in my mixer. Newbies might not need the same amount of speed, though, as it can get confusing. Consider speed options before purchasing.


Things like anti-slip feet, tilt-head designs, and pour chutes are all extras that aren’t exactly “necessary” but are undeniably handy. Do you need these extra functions on your pizza dough mixer? Then pay attention to what every mixer has to offer.


You can find mixers of all shapes, sizes, and prices. Some are way more expensive than others, but there’s usually a reason. However, don’t skip lower-priced options, as I only added top-tier products to this list. It really comes down to your budget and how much you want to spend.


All of these machines are excellent choices for your pizza-making needs. I recommend the Aucma Food Mixer, though, because it’s a reliable option that’s easy to use without breaking the bank.

Which pizza dough mixer do you use? Got a better one to recommend?

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