What’s the Best Chocolate to Use for Chocolate Fountain

There is nothing quite as elegant as a chocolate fountain – even though many top-notch chocolate fountains on the market are under $30! That said, if you’re deciding to splurge and get your hands on an at-home chocolate fountain, you might wonder – what’s the best chocolate to use?

Essentially, almost all chocolate can be used in a chocolate fountain. However, my favorite is the Wilton Chocolate Pro. Swisense Melting Chocolate is also a crowd favorite, and it’s available in milk and white chocolate flavors. ChocoMaker Chocolate and OH Mai Chocolate also rank highly.

Hi! I’m Michelle, a self-taught baker who loves chocolate! My son decided he wanted a chocolate fountain for his last birthday, and it was a huge hit. I personally used the Wilton Chocolate Pro, but I have heard good things about many other items. I’m here to share which ones rank as the best.

Who’s ready to dip strawberries, pretzels, and other goodies into a decadent choco fountain?

Top 5 Chocolates for Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain needs, well, chocolate

Thankfully, there are many all-star chocolates you can use in your chocolate fountain with ease. These chocolate products are specifically designed for chocolate dips, so you should have next to zero problems using them.

Here are the top five:

1. Wilton Chocolate Pro (Best Overall)

If you want chocolate that will melt with ease – and then melt again in your mouth – look no further than the Wilton Chocolate Pro.

Y’all, this chocolate is a little slice of heaven.

The chocolate wafers are incredibly easy and quick to melt, which means you spend less time fussing around with melting your cocoa and more time enjoying your incredible chocolate fountain. The best part is that no oil or other items are necessary!

Aside from the ease of use, the flavor is another reason to love this product. It’s absolutely sensational – some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had. It’s made in the USA, too, which is a plus for many shoppers!

2. Swisense Melting Chocolate (Runner-Up)

Now, when I was shopping around for the perfect chocolate for my chocolate fountain, it was a hard choice between this product and the Wilton Chocolate Pro. That’s because my friend raves about this Swisense Melting Chocolate and how delectable it is.

According to my friend Jean, the Swisense Melting Chocolate is the “it” choco for choco fountains. It’s made using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, with zero artificial ingredients. The result is a flavor that’s truly mouthwatering and impeccable.

The flavor is definitely something she speaks highly of. However, that’s not all – it’s also a cinch to melt for fountains. It can be microwaved easily, and the silky smooth consistency slides into any fountain.

Overall, this is a definite contender when shopping for the best chocolate to use in a chocolate fountain!

3. ChocoMaker Chocolate (Best Dark Chocolate Option)

Some people love and adore dark chocolate, labeling it as the epitome of decadence.

Are you one of them?

Then you’ll want to add dark chocolate to your fountain, and there’s no better option than the ChocoMaker Chocolate.

This product comes with two pounds of delicious dark chocolate that can quickly be melted and added to your fountain. The smooth texture is ideal for dipping all your faves, from bacon and potato chips to oranges and bananas.

4. Swisense Melting Chocolate (Best White Chocolate Option)

Wait – Swisense is mentioned twice on this list?

Yup – you bet!

That must mean it’s some pretty darn good chocolate, and I’d have to agree.

If you’re a fanatic for white chocolate like I am, I highly recommend using this product. I used it several times and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it! Simple to melt, easy to add to my fountain, and undeniably some of the most scrumptious white chocolate I’ve ever dipped a Rice Crispy into.

5. OH Mai Chocolate (Best Single-Serving Choice)

Clearly, there are plenty of fantastic chocolate fondue chocolate products on this list. But I had to include the OH Mai Chocolate.


Because this unique and convenient product comes with 7.05-ounce containers. So, instead of measuring out chocolate from a big bag and resealing, you can simply pop the choco container into the microwave, melt it, and add it to your fountain. It’s as easy as it gets, folks!

Needless to say, this chocolate fondue choco is the most handy on the market. But it also tastes divine. Give it a try!


With this top-five list, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing your chocolate fountain dreams to life! Oh, but hold on – I have a couple of frequently asked questions I’d love for you to see. You might learn more about choc fountains!

What chocolate works best in a chocolate fountain?

Personally, I find that the best chocolate for chocolate fountains are products specifically designed for fountains, such as Wilton Chocolate Pro. However, you can use any type of chocolate as long as it’s melted with oil or heavy cream.

What is the best food for a chocolate fountain?

Some of the best foods for chocolate fountains include pretzels, fruits like oranges and strawberries, potato chips, cake, brownies, bacon, Rice Crispy treats, etc. Honestly, just about anything will taste amazing, dipped in chocolate!

Do you have to pre-melt chocolate for the chocolate fountain?

You must pre-melt chocolate for a chocolate fountain. You should never attempt to melt chocolate directly inside the chocolate fountain. It simply won’t work, and you may end up ruining your machine.

Bring Your Chocolate Fountain Dreams to Life!

If you are considering setting up a chocolate fountain, don’t forget the chocolate! My favorite is the Wilton Chocolate Pro, but many people (including my friends) have used Swisense Melting Chocolate and rave about its flavor and texture. ChocoMaker Chocolate and OH Mai Chocolate are also excellent choices!

Which type of chocolate do you use in your chocolate fountain? Share in the comment section below!

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