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If you’re making a recipe that calls for almond bark, but you’re all out of the precious substance, don’t panic. There are many substitutions that can be used in its place, with the most popular choice being white chocolate. However, candy melts are a typical sub, too.

Hello! I’m Michelle, and I’ve been baking at home for the past ten years. I do it all, from pies to cakes, cookies to sweet bread, and everything in between. During my learning journey, I’ve learned plenty of substitutes for various ingredients – including almond bark.

One thing I’ve learned is that baking is truly a “science,” and trying out different swaps can be so much fun. Sure, some of my experiments haven’t gone as planned. But these substitutes for almond bark will work like a charm.

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Top 5 Almond Bark Substitutes

Almond bark is a common ingredient for dipping various goodies, such as strawberries and almonds. It turns into a delectable, hardened shell around the component, creating a decadent sweet treat everyone loves. It can also be used to decorate cakes and cupcakes, too!

If there’s no almond bark in your kitchen cabinets, try using one of these great swaps.

1. White Chocolate

White chocolate is almost always my go-to for substituting for almond bark. Why? Well, for one, I have an affinity for white chocolate. It’s my favorite type of chocolate. I just can’t get enough of that irresistible flavor.

Secondly, it works like a charm in almond bark recipes. It melts down quickly and hardens just as fast, so you know you will gain the same great result.

Whether you opt for white chocolate chips or white baking chocolate, you will want to add a teaspoon of fat such as butter. This will provide the much-needed fat to your recipe. You might also consider adding a pinch of sugar if you’re concerned about the sweetness.

Tip: You can use regular or dark chocolate chips if that’s what your recipe calls for!

2. Candy Melts

Another popular option for an almond bark substitute is candy melts. You can use candy melts in a 1:1 ratio of almond bark, making it a breeze to substitute for this ingredient. You might consider adding a teaspoon of butter to “richen” the candy melts.

However, keep in mind that while candy melts meltdown incredibly fast, they’re also quick to harden – much more quickly than almond bark. You will need to work fast when using this substitution.

3. CandiQuik

Another great option is CandiQuik! CandiQuik is impressively simple to use. Most of the time, it comes in a microwave-safe bag so you can melt this lovely candy in no time. Not only that, but the resulting texture is flawless so that you can dip, coat, and cover all of your desserts easily.

4. Marshmallows

Plenty of people have marshmallows hanging around in their kitchen arsenal. They’re cheap, oh-so-yummy, and great for crowd favorites like hot cocoa. But did you know they can be used in place of almond bark, too?

Marshmallows can be melted down over medium heat with a tablespoon of butter. Once melted, you can dip your treats and allow them to cool with the hardened marshmallow shell.

The only significant difference between marshmallows and almond bark is the stickiness. Marshmallows are quite sticky, so they will be a bit more challenging to work with. With a little learning curve, though, you will be enjoying perfectly-dipped treats in no time!

5. Couverture Chocolate

Last on the list of couverture chocolate! This type of chocolate melts quickly and evenly, making it great for dipping or drizzling. It mimics almond bark quite well, so you won’t need to add other ingredients to get the same great results.

Couverture chocolate comes in three flavors: regular, dark, and white. So, you can easily find a chocolate that suits your almond bark recipe. 

Couverture chocolate has the added benefit of drying with a somewhat glossy sheen, so your treats will get a boost in the aesthetic department. 


Now you know the top five swaps for almond bark! Want to learn more? I’ve found some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this topic, and I want to share the answers with you.

Can you substitute baking chips for almond bark?

You can use baking chips as a substitute for almond bark. They can be used in a 1:1 ratio. However, I recommend adding some fat, such as a teaspoon of butter, to the mix. From there, you can melt the ingredients over medium heat and dip and drizzle to your heart’s content.

Are white chocolate and almond bark the same?

White chocolate and almond bark are relatively similar, which is why they can be substituted for each other easily. The significant difference is the ingredients. White chocolate contains cocoa butter and milk products, while almond bark focuses on vegetable fats and flavorings.

Does almond bark taste like chocolate?

Almond bark tastes relatively similar to chocolate. However, it does not contain the same ingredients, so the texture and flavor are altered somewhat. It still works like a charm in many recipes, and chocolate chips or baked chocolate can be used as a sub for almond bark.

Does almond bark taste better than candy melts?

Almond bark is noticeably richer in flavor than candy melts. That is why I recommend adding a bit of fat (butter or shortening) to the candy melts to reach the same desired indulgent taste (not necessary, but you will be glad you did!).

Final Words

Almond bark is a versatile ingredient used in many applications, from drizzling and dipping to decorating cupcakes and cakes. If you don’t have any on hand, you can always opt for chocolate chips or baking chocolate. 

Candy melts, CandiQuik, marshmallows, and couverture chocolate can also be used.

Have you ever used a substitute for almond bark? Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Share in the comment section so we can try it out, too!

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