How Many Scoops/Servings of Ice Cream in a Gallon?

Ice cream is a popular treat, whether having a scoop of chocolate after dinner or serving confetti to go with the birthday cake at a big bash. Regardless of why you’re enjoying a bowl of ice cream, you might wonder – how many scoops/servings come in a gallon of ice cream?

How many scoops/servings of ice cream are in a gallon is determined by the size of the scoops. If the serving size is one cup, one gallon of ice cream will serve 16 people. One gallon of ice cream will serve 32 people if the serving size is half a cup.

Hey! My name’s Michelle, and I’m a bit of an ice cream fanatic. I tend to finish every day with a little bowl of ice cream. It’s my reward after eating (somewhat) healthy all day! I was curious how many people my big gallon bucket of ice cream would serve, so I researched.

Want to know how many scoops/servings in a gallon of ice cream? Read on!

How Many Scoops/Servings of Ice Cream in a Gallon? The Truth

Honestly, there is no “one size fits all” answer to this question. It all depends on the size of the scoops you’re serving to yourself and others. That said, you could get anywhere from 10 to 32 scoops of ice cream from a single gallon.

Let’s take a closer look.

Three Scoops of Ice Cream – Ten People

If you and your guests want to indulge in quite a bit of ice cream, you can opt for three scoops per person (one cup per scoop).

However, because the serving size is larger, you won’t get as many scoops from your gallon bucket of ice cream.

When serving three scoops per person, you’ll only be able to feed up to ten people.

One Scoop of Ice Cream – 16 People

The most traditional way to serve ice cream to a group is to serve one scoop per person. (Each scoop equals one cup of ice cream.)

Following this amount, you will be able to serve 16 people one scoop (one cup) of ice cream.

½ Scoop of Ice Cream – 32 People

If you have a huge group of people and don’t want to purchase extra ice cream to accommodate the crowd, you’ll need to be a bit more reserved with your serving size.

For larger gatherings, you can go as small as ½ scoop (or half a cup) of ice cream.

This smaller serving size will allow you to portion the gallon of ice cream to 32 individuals.


Simple enough, right? Now you know how many scoops/servings are in a gallon of ice cream. But wait! Don’t take off just yet. I have added a couple of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about this topic.

How many gallons of ice cream do I need for 50 people?

That depends on the size of your scoops. If you go with the typical one-cup serving size, you’ll need to purchase four gallons of ice cream. However, if you serve smaller portions (half a cup of ice cream), you’ll only need two gallons.

How many gallons of ice cream do I need for 20 people?

Again, it comes down to serving size. If you want to serve generous portions, you’ll need two gallons of ice cream. However, you should be able to accommodate 20 people with a single gallon of ice cream.

What size is a gallon of ice cream?

The size of a gallon of ice cream is four quarts. 

A Gallon of Ice Cream Can Serve a Relatively Large Crowd!

A gallon of ice cream can go a long way, especially if you keep the serving sizes small at just half a cup. When serving half a scoop of ice cream, the gallon will feed up to 32 people. If you go a bit larger with one-cup servings, you can feed up to 16. Finally, three cups per person will only serve up to ten guests.

What size scoops do you usually serve yourself and others? How many people does your gallon of ice cream serve?

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