How Many People Does an 8-inch Cake Feed

If you’re baking or ordering a cake for a large gathering, you need to make sure you have enough cake to feed the crowd. After all, you don’t want to leave anyone out – that’s one quick way to ruin a good party! But how many people does a 10-inch cake feed? Is it big enough for your party?

An 8-inch cake typically feeds around 25 people if each slice is one-inch in size. If you plan to serve larger portions (over two inches), you can feed 12 people. If you opt for a multi-layer or square cake, you can feed up to 40 people.

Hey! My name’s Michelle, and I bake cakes regularly. I’ve been a home baker for over ten years and enjoy every second. Needless to say, I have to know how many people a cake will serve in order to help my clients have a successful celebration.

Keep reading to find out how many people a 10-inch cake serves!

3 Factors That Affect Cake Serving Size

How many people a 10-inch cake can serve depends on three main factors: the layers, the shape of the cake, and how big the servings are. Let’s take a closer look. 


First, you need to look at how many layers your cake has.

If it’s a single-layer 8-inch cake, you won’t get as many servings as one with multiple layers.

A three-layer, 8-inch cake can feed up to 30 people with ease. Add an additional tier, and you can maximize your servings, leaving you with up to 40 slices of cake.


Another thing to take into consideration is the shape of your cake.

An 8-inch round cake simply doesn’t have as much yummy footage as a square cake, so you’ll get a bit more slices.

That said, you can expect to serve around 25 guests with a traditional cake cut into one-inch slices. With a square 8-inch cake, you should be able to feed up to 30 guests.

As you can see, the difference isn’t tremendous, but it’s worth noting if you intend to serve more guests.

Portion Size

Last but not least, we need to consider how large the servings will be.

Obviously, if you plan to serve substantial pieces of cake, you won’t be able to serve as many guests as someone who does other types of cake-cutting techniques.

For example, generous serving sizes (over two inches) will leave you with just 12 servings. Those who cut their 8-inch cake into traditional one-inch slices will be able to feed 25 guests. Smaller servings, known as “event style,” will leave you with enough pieces to serve 40 guests.


Although an 8-inch cake might sound small, it can render quite an impressive amount of slices! But wait! Before you hit the “X” at the top of your screen, I recommend looking at these frequently asked questions. You’re bound to learn a few more important things!

Is an 8-inch cake enough for 12 people?

An 8-inch cake is more than enough for 12 people. In fact, if you only need to serve 12 guests, you can cut more significant portions (over two inches) and still have enough to feed everyone. If you want to serve smaller slices, you can look into buying a 6-inch round cake instead.

How much cake do I need for 50 guests?

If you need to serve 50 guests, an 8-inch cake isn’t going to be enough. The maximum number of servings for an 8-inch cake is 40, and that’s with very small slices. That said, you’ll need to step up to larger cake sizes, such as a 10-inch with multiple tiers.

Will an 8-inch cake feed 15 people?

An 8-inch cake can easily feed up to 15 guests. You will want to limit the slices to about an inch and a half. Otherwise, you won’t have enough pieces to serve everyone. If you’re going to serve more significant portions, consider upgrading to a ten-inch cake instead.

8-inch Cakes Are Great for About 25 People!

Eight inches might not seem like a lot, but you can serve up to 25 guests with strategic cutting. You can serve even more attendees by opting for smaller slices and adding tiers to your cake.

Is an 8-inch cake enough to feed your next party?

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