How Many People Does a 6-inch Cake Feed

As a home baker and mother of two, I deal with a lot of cakes. And one of the most prominent questions I get asked is how many people a 6-inch cake can feed. After all, six-inch cakes are typically the most budget-friendly choice, but you need to be sure they will feed your guests.

Typically, a round cake can feed 4 to 12 people. However, this depends on how large the slices are, the size of the cake you’re purchasing, and how tall the cake is. For instance, a 1-inch tall cake may only be suitable for about four to six people, but a six-inch cake can easily feed 12 (if not more with strategic slicing).

If you’re wondering how many people a six-inch cake will feed, I have you covered. Today’s topic of discussion is how many people a six-inch cake will actually feed, taking the guesswork out of the situation.

Spoiler alert: I always recommend sizing up. Let’s be honest – the bigger the cake slices, the better, and the last thing you want to do are run out of delicious cake at your event.

Anywho, let’s talk about how many people a six-inch cake feeds!

How Many People Does a 6-inch Cake Feed

As a general rule of thumb, a six-inch cake can feed anywhere between four and 12 people, with six to eight being the “ideal” amount.

OK, I know what you’re thinking – that’s a huge range. 

So how can you know if the six-inch cake works for your party?

There are a couple of things to consider.

Is It Big Enough? Things to Take Into Consideration

The six-inch beauty might be enough to handle a party of 12 – but then again, it might not. To help decide if the six-inch cake is right for you, here are a couple of things to consider.

1. Cake Slice Size

A typical slice of cake is going to be one inch. So, if you’re planning to stick to “normal” cake slices, then the six-inch cake should be enough to serve your guest list of up to 12.

But if one inch of cake sounds devastating (it does to me!), then you will want to think again.

If you’re planning to serve cake slices over an inch, you’ll need to size up. Otherwise, you may only have enough cake for four to five people.

2. Cake Shape

The shape also plays a significant role in how many slices the cake will render.

You see, when it comes to cutting a round cake, you have options. The best way is to cut out the center and slice it up. Then, you can go to the outer ring and slice that into portions, too.

But when it comes to square cakes, you don’t have that same option. However, you also get a bit more square footage. That said, you might get a few more slices from a 6×6 square-shaped cake compared to a six-inch round cake.

3. Cake Layers

Lastly, let’s talk about layers!

If you have multiple layers, you can get them by slicing them in half. This is especially true if you’re going for one of those Instagram-worthy cakes that are sky-high (over six inches). 

Although some guests may appreciate the super duper-sized slice, most will prefer to have half of that – which means your six-inch cake can serve even more than 12 people. If your cake is taller than six inches, you might be able to get up to 24 servings out of it. Pretty impressive, huh?

On the other hand, you won’t want to try and cut one-inch thick cakes in half. That will leave your guests with nothing but a few crumbs, which will ultimately lead to a meh party – and who wants that?


It’s not complicated – a six-inch cake can easily serve up to 12 people if you opt for a typical round cake and choose one-inch slices. If you aren’t ready to leave this page just yet (aw, we like you too!), dive into these frequently asked questions!

How many slices can you get out of a 6-inch cake?

With a “typical” six-inch cake, you can get around 12 slices of cake – with strategic cutting no larger than a single inch. However, if the cake has multiple layers, this amount can double up to 24 people. 

How much does a tall 6-cake feed?

If your six-inch cake is incredibly tall (over six inches), it may be able to serve up to 24 people. However, the slices will need to be cut in half. Otherwise, you’re maxed out at the 12-guest limit for a six-inch cake.

How do you cut a 6-inch round cake?

Cutting a six-inch round cake is the same as cutting any other type of round cake. Cut out the middle and then slice the middle and outer edges of the cake. This will produce slices that are all one size. 

The Bottom Line: Six-Inch Cakes Feed Up to 12 People

Most six-inch cakes can accommodate up to 12 guests. However, a lot depends on the cake slices, shape, and whether or not there are layers. The higher your six-inch cake is stacked, the more people you’ll be able to feed. The bigger the slices, the fewer guests you can serve.

How many people do you typically feed with your six-inch cakes?

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