Are Oreos Considered Chocolate?

Sinking your teeth into an Oreo cookie is nothing short of delightful. It skyrockets your taste buds to the moon, leaving you in a chocolate trance. But while you’re enjoying this incredibly popular and utterly delicious cookie, you might wonder – is Oreo chocolate? Is there chocolate in Oreos?

When it comes to Oreos, there is an argument about whether or not it is considered “chocolate.” Many consider it chocolate because one of the primary ingredients is cocoa. 

However, the amount of actual chocolate is relatively low, and the cocoa is alkalized to tame traditional chocolate flavor notes, rendering it not “chocolate.”

Hi! I’m Michelle, and while I’m not a huge fan of Oreos (sorry, everyone), I have wondered whether or not it’s classified as “chocolate.” I went on a journey to learn the ins and outs of this product and came up with my decision.

Let’s discuss whether Oreos are considered “chocolate.”

Are Oreos Considered Chocolate?

Some say yes, and some say no. What’s the deal? Technically, they’re both right.

Oreos can be considered chocolate because they contain a bit of real chocolate plus a decent amount of cocoa – the same ingredient needed to create the indulgent chocolate we all know and love. 

This is especially true for the Oreo cookies that come with a chocolate filling rather than the popular white creme filling. And don’t even get me started on the Double Stuf

With double the stuffing, there’s even more chocolatey goodness to enjoy – making the Oreo an actual “chocolate” dessert.

However, Oreos can simultaneously be described as not a chocolate treat. Why? Well, the chocolate is more cookie-like than it is a chunk of chocolate. Also, most of the goodies have little “chocolate.” They contain alkalized cocoa, which isn’t the same thing.

You also have to consider the type of Oreo you’re eating. For example, the Golden Oreos with white creme filling is vanilla-flavored rather than chocolate, so they wouldn’t be able to fall under the category of “chocolate.”

When all is said and done, there is no actual correct answer. You can decide whether or not Oreo is “chocolate” or not. Personally? I consider Oreos to be chocolate cookies rather than strictly “chocolate.”

How Much Chocolate is in an Oreo?

Minimal amounts of chocolate are in Oreo cookies, and you can learn that by simply checking out the “ingredient list” on the back of a box of Oreos.

Here, you will find that cocoa powder – not chocolate – is listed somewhere in the middle of the ingredient breakdown. Remember – the first ingredient listed is the main ingredient. The following ingredients are placed in order of prevalence in the makeup of a product.

You will also find the term “processed with alkali” next to cocoa. This refers to cocoa powder undergoing the “Dutch process,” when acidity is removed. This creates a darker hue, which is why Oreos are so dark. It also tames the natural chocolate flavor, making the famous Oreo taste.


Oreos can be considered chocolate because of the ingredients, but they’re frequently referred to as chocolate cookies or just cookies. If you want to learn more, I’ve chosen a few interesting, commonly asked questions to which you might want to know the answer.

Is Oreo dark chocolate?

There are Oreos created with dark chocolate fillings, in which case they could be referred to as “dark chocolate.” However, most people think they’re dark chocolate regardless of the filling due to the black hue.

Although Oreos are black, it doesn’t mean they’re dark chocolate. This all roots back to the fact that Oreos are made with alkalized cocoa or Dutch-process cocoa. This causes the shade to turn darker, creating the traditional Oreo appearance.

What happens if your dog eats an Oreo?

Because dogs can’t eat chocolate, pet owners may be concerned if their pet snags a bite of their favorite childhood treat. Most of the time, a dog will be OK with eating one Oreo because of the small amount of chocolate.

Large quantities can cause toxicity and upset stomachs, though. Remember – Oreos don’t have tons of chocolate, but they have some. If a hound consumes too much of this ingredient, there will be adverse side effects. Stick to doggy treats instead.

Are Oreos considered candy?

A traditional Oreo cookie would not be considered a candy. However, Oreo recently released their candy bar, meddling the two worlds together in a beautiful way. If you love Oreos and you love chocolate bars, you will want to try this fantastic dessert.

Final Words

Are Oreos considered chocolate? They certainly can be. That’s because most flavors come with “cocoa” listed as one of the ingredients. However, some people refer to these treats simply as “cookies,” which also makes sense. You make the call!

Do you consider Oreos chocolate or not? Why or why not? Sound off in the comment section!

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    dogs have no problem with chocolate. Total mythology. People are way more affected by it. The overdose for dogs is one oz pure chocolate per pound of dog. Humans cannot handle anything near that. Dogs can also eat grapes, onions, and a whole buncha stuff. They puke because they tend to purge pthemselves of toxins this way, as they are mostly fed only cereal, aka, kibble. They also eat grass for the same reason. Dogs puke, as do babies. Normal.