How to Make Oreos Soft

For me, there is nothing quite like an ultra-crunchy cookie. I just love the texture! However, even a crispy cookie fanatic like myself can still find the benefit of a soft cookie – particularly when it comes to those mouthwatering Oreos. 

If you’re someone who thoroughly enjoys their Oreos on the soft side – or you simply want to find out what all the hubbub is about – you need to know how to soften Oreos quickly and efficiently.

And while most people think that you can only make Oreos soft by dunking them into a glass of milk, there are actually several ways to achieve that desirable velvety texture.

Let’s make some Oreos soft, shall we?

How to Make Oreos Soft: Five Ways

Yes, you read that correctly – there are five easy-peasy ways to turn crunchy Oreos into delicious and delicate soft treats. Let’s dive in.

1. Dunk in Milk for 10 Seconds

The classic way to achieve a soft consistency is to dunk your Oreos in a glass of milk. The type of milk doesn’t matter. In fact, if you’re used to regular white whole milk for dunking, I implore you to try dunking them in chocolate almond milk instead. Game-changer!

Not only does a milk dunk provide a luxurious texture, but milk and Oreos go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re looking to enhance the flavor and experience, a good dip in the milk pool is all it takes.

2. Microwave for 30 Seconds

Okay, so what happens if you don’t like milk? You’re not out of luck. Like many other ingredients, the best way to heat something and change its texture is to stick it into the microwave. The same is true for Oreos!

All you need to do is microwave the Oreos for about 30 seconds. Place it in a microwave-safe, airtight container. That way, the moisture will be “trapped” and cause the Oreo to become soft. Yum!

3. Leave in a Humid Environment for 12 Hours

If you don’t need your Oreos softened ASAP, the best choice is to place them in a humid environment for around 12 hours. 

But why?

Really, it all comes down to the moisture present in the humid air. The moisture will cause the Oreos to become soft over time. Just make sure to rip open the bag a bit to allow the dampness to pass through.

4. Place Them in a Container With Fresh Fruit

Juicy fruit + Oreo in an airtight container = softened Oreos in a few short hours. Again, this isn’t an ideal choice if you’re in a time crunch. But it does work like magic!

All you need to do is place a few Oreos in an airtight container with a few slices of fresh and juicy fruit, such as a cut-up apple or orange. Let the ingredients “hang out” for a few hours, and the Oreos should become soft from moisture absorption.

5. Buy Oreo Cakesters Soft Snack Cakes

Why bother with trying to make your Oreo cookies soft when you can buy them soft, to begin with? Oreo Cakesters are designed to be soft. They have a brownie-like fudge exterior with rich cream inside, creating a “cake” that takes like a softened Oreo cookie.

Oh, and if you’re a home baker like I am, you can always make your own Oreo cakesters. I will admit that the homemade version is so much more delectable than the store-bought. Try it out – you won’t be disappointed!


Making Oreos “soft” is actually really simple, whether you have 10 seconds on your hands or can wait days before consuming. Want to learn more? Let’s check out some more questions related to this topic.

Are soft Oreos a thing?

Many people prefer soft Oreos over the crunchy form they arrive in, so yes, soft Oreos are a thing. You can also purchase them already softened, as we mentioned earlier.

Can you put Oreos in the microwave?

You can absolutely put Oreos in the microwave! You can simply place them in an airtight container and heat them, or create a type of “mug cake” by adding crushed Oreos covered in milk. Microwave for a minute and enjoy!

Do Oreos get soggy in the fridge?

Oreos won’t get soggy in the fridge, so don’t try this option if you want to make Oreos soft. Instead, opt for a humid environment where moisture can readily penetrate the cookies and render them nice and soft.

Final Words

If you love soft Oreos, you have options. The easiest solution is to dunk them with their BFF milk, but you can also soften them in the microwave. If time is no issue, leave them in a humid location or bunk them with fresh and juicy fruit slices.

Do you prefer your Oreos soft or hard?

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