Can You Microwave Cookie Dough?

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is fire up your oven. It’ll make your entire kitchen warm, leaving you with no escape. Trust me, I should know. I live in Southern California, where it gets scorching in the summertime!

But what happens if you’re craving a cookie?

While you could set up an order on Instacart or DoorDash, the easier (and cheaper) solution is to make cookies in your microwave.

Yes, it’s true – you can successfully microwave cookie dough and create a yummy treat in a matter of seconds. Find out how below!

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough?

Did you know? The oven isn’t the only place to make cookies. In fact, there are several ways to make cookies without an oven. Yes, that includes your microwave.

You can microwave cookie dough, and the results are pretty surprising. In as little as one to one and a half minutes, you can have a delicious cookie to munch on. It’s super easy, too!

However, there’s a right and wrong way to microwave cookie dough. If done incorrectly, your cookie will become dry, crumbly, and disgusting. 

Don’t worry, though. In this next section, I will teach you exactly how to microwave cookie dough to make a yummy goodie all summer.

2 Ways to Microwave Cookie Dough

Microwaving cookie dough is relatively easy. However, how the cookie dough is microwaved depends primarily on whether it’s store-bought or homemade

Let’s take a closer look.

1. How to Microwave Store-Bought Cookie Dough

If I’m honest, microwaving store-bought cookie dough is way easier than microwaving homemade varieties. So, if you tend to have store-bought cookie dough in your house, you’ll be glad to know you can make a yummy single-serving dessert in no time.

As I said, it’s easy. Just do the following:

  • Get a tablespoon of cookie dough from your store-bought cookie dough package
  • Place it on a microwave-safe dish and flatten it out
  • Microwave on high for approximately 30 seconds, or 45 seconds if frozen
  • Check for doneness

Your cookies should be done at this point. If they’re not quite done, you can microwave them in five-second intervals until completed. However, be careful not to overcook. Microwaving cookie dough for too long will ruin your dessert.

2. How to Microwave Homemade Cookie Dough

Microwaving homemade cookie dough is the same, with minor alterations.

Personally, I don’t recommend trying to use eggs or candies (like chocolate chips) in your microwaved cookie dough. They can separate and make the texture funky. There is also the issue of not cooking the eggs entirely.

So, find an eggless cookie dough recipe, at the least. Then, you can do the following:

  • Mix your cookie dough ingredients
  • Scoop a tablespoon of the cookie dough and place it on a microwave-safe plate
  • Push it down gently to flatten it
  • Microwave on high for around 45 seconds
  • Check for doneness
  • If not entirely done, continue to cook in five-second intervals until complete

Does Microwaved Cookie Dough Taste Good?

Microwaved cookie dough tastes fine. It’s not as good as if the cookie dough had been baked in the oven, but it’s still a good option if you’re short on time or want to make just one cookie for yourself.


I know it’s pretty shocking, but yes, you can successfully microwave cookie dough and make a yummy dessert in just a few short minutes. Want to keep learning about this topic? I don’t blame you! That’s why I’ve included a few extra frequently asked questions in this article.

Can you microwave uncooked cookies?

You can microwave uncooked cookies, and they will come out surprisingly well. Of course, they won’t be as good as if you use your oven (or other methods of baking cookies), but it’s a good option if you’re on a time crunch or just want a single-serving cookie.

Can you bake Pillsbury cookies in the microwave?

You can “bake” Pillsbury cookies in the microwave. Flatten a tablespoon of the Pillsbury batter onto a microwave-safe plate. Then, microwave the cookie dough for about 30 seconds or 45 seconds if it is frozen. That should do the trick!

Is it OK to eat raw cookie dough?

It is not OK to eat raw cookie dough. Even a small bite can lead to a number of health issues, such as stomach aches, vomiting, and diarrhea. That said, it’s best to avoid consuming any type of raw cookie dough, even in small amounts.

Microwaved Cookie Dough is A-OK in Our Books!

If you want a cookie and you want it now but don’t want to suffer through waiting for the oven to come to temp and warming up your kitchen, you can always use the microwave! Store-bought cookie dough works best, but you can also use egg-free homemade varieties.

Have you ever microwaved cookie dough? What were the results?

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