5 Best Nuts to Go in Banana Bread

If you have some overripe bananas on your kitchen countertop, the best thing to do is to whip up a batch of banana bread. Banana bread is impeccably moist with a decadent banana flavor with subtle hints of caramel. Needless to say, it’s an instant hit.

Yet, most banana loaves of bread are made with nuts. Nuts will add a delightful crunch that’s definitely needed in this ultra-moist and slightly dense treat. Which nuts are best for banana bread, though?

Walnuts are the typical option for banana bread. However, you can use any nut you want and succeed. Other popular options include macadamia nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans.

I’m Michelle, a self-taught baker. Today, I will share which nuts are the best for banana bread – you know, the ones that’ll make you “go nuts!”

5 Best Nuts for Banana Bread

When it comes to adding nuts to banana bread, you really can’t go wrong. Almost any nut will work fabulously in a batch of banana bread. So, don’t overthink it.

But if you need a little helping hand in deciding which nut to use for your banana bread, here are my top five picks:

Tip: Keep in mind that nuts aren’t essential for a successful banana bread. However, I can guarantee you will enjoy the crunch in your loaf.

1. Walnuts

The most popular nut for banana bread is the walnut. Don’t believe me? Go look up banana bread recipes on the internet. If they include nuts, they’re going to have walnuts. 

But why?

Walnuts have a relatively mild flavor that perfectly combines earthy and tangy. Yet, there is an undeniable sharpness to the taste of walnuts, giving them an edge over other types of nuts – especially for banana bread.

When paired with the ingredients of banana bread, walnuts are the ideal accompaniment. They won’t overpower the loaf of banana bread but will add some much-needed crunch and gentle zest.

2. Macadamias

Not everyone enjoys the earthy and sharp tones of the walnut. 

For those who seek something sweeter and more playful, the macadamia nut is the perfect option for your next batch of banana bread. 

Macadamia nuts have a lovely flavor. They’re subtly sweet and buttery, with intriguing hints of coconut and honey. Combined with overripe bananas, these flavors ensure an exciting sweet goodie for your palate. 

After all, you can’t go wrong pairing bananas with coconut; adding macadamia nuts to banana bread just makes sense.

3. Almonds

Almonds aren’t incredibly popular in banana bread, but they can still be used. 

They’re an excellent choice for substituting walnuts. So, if you don’t like walnuts or are allergic to that nut, you can reach for almonds instead.

Like walnuts, almonds have a relatively mild flavor, although there are some apparent hues of nuttiness and earthiness. It will complement your banana bread beautifully.

Want to shake things up a bit? Try toasting your almonds in some seasonings before adding them to your banana bread. For example, toast them with cinnamon and sugar or a delightful blend of vanilla and honey.

4. Hazelnuts

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you want to give your banana bread an extra dose of sweetness? Then look no further than the beloved hazelnut!

Hazelnuts are known for being one of the sweeter nuts out there, yet they still have a desirably nutty taste.

With the ideal pairing of sweet and nutty, hazelnuts are an obvious top contender for your upcoming loaf of banana bread.

5. Pecans

Last but not least, you can use pecans in your banana bread.

Pecans are a lovely choice because their flavor is perfectly buttery and sweet. These flavors will readily combine with the taste of your banana bread, ensuring a truly delightful experience from start to end.


You now know the top five types of nuts to toss into your banana bread. Great! If you still want to learn about this topic, though, I have added a couple of frequently asked questions to take a look at. Let’s dive in!

Is banana bread better with pecans or walnuts?

Walnuts and pecans are both incredible and popular choices for banana bread. Most recipes tend to include walnuts. However, many people prefer the sweet and buttery accompaniment to their banana bread. It truly depends on the final flavor you desire.

What is the nut in banana nut bread?

Most recipes use walnuts in banana nut bread. However, this isn’t always the case, as any nut can be used in a banana bread recipe. Walnuts are the most common, followed by pecans and macadamias.

Do bananas and walnuts go together?

Bananas and walnuts are like a match made in heaven. It’s the next best thing behind peanut butter and jelly. This is why banana bread recipes typically contain walnuts. Eating a banana with a handful of walnuts is also a yummy and nutritious snack.

Are You Ready to Bake a Banana Nut Bread Loaf?

Banana bread loaves benefit from the inclusion of nuts. Nuts will add some must-have crunch to this goodie. They can also add some yummy flavor, too. Walnuts are the most popular pick, but you can use any nut. Other popular choices include macadamias, almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans.

Which nuts do you use in your banana bread? Why is it your favorite? Do you have a nut you’d like to add to my list? Share in the comment section below!

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