How to Tell if Muffins are Done

It’s not rocket science – but it is difficult. Knowing when your muffins are actually done can be challenging. What if they’re not done yet? What if they’re overdone? The good news is, there are some simple tricks to tell when your muffins are done – and they’re all accurate.

Hey, muffin lovers! I’m Michelle, and today we’re chatting about muffin doneness. My kids are always checking the oven when I’m baking muffins. Okay, I am too. But when are they done? I’ve learned the best ways to make sure my muffins are perfect before they leave the heat. 

If you have been wondering how to tell if your muffins are done, you found the right article! Here, I will be sharing all of my handy tips for checking muffin doneness. By the end of this article, you won’t have to fear that your muffins aren’t absolutely perfect and ready to be eaten.

Get ready to bake perfect 10s!

How to Know When Muffins are Done

So how can you tell if your muffins are done? There are three easy ways to do it.

1. Lightly Tap the Top

One of the quickest ways to check if your muffin is done is to lightly tap the very top of the muffin, right on its “peak”. What you’re looking for here is bounce back. When a muffin is fully cooked and ready for consumption, it will spring back when you tap the top.

Simple, yet effective.

2. Insert a Toothpick

Ok, ok. I know that tapping the top of your muffin might not seem like the most reliable method. (I promise you, it’s reliable. Give it a try). A lot of bakers want to be able to see what’s happening on the inside

After all, sometimes something may appear to be fully cooked or baked, but the center is still raw. We definitely want to avoid this.

If you’re ditching the tap, then move on to the toothpick method. This is simply a classic way of checking doneness on various baked goods, from cupcakes to cakes, cornbread to muffins.

For this method, insert a toothpick into the center of the muffin. But don’t test any ole muffins. Opt for a muffin that’s located in the center of the muffin pan. Muffins on the outermost part of the muffin pan will likely cook faster, so you want to check the middle of the middle muffin. 

Think of it as “The Golden Three M Rule” – middle, middle, muffin.

When removing the toothpick, it should come out entirely clean or with just a bit of muffiny crumbles. If there is batter or a lot of buildup on the toothpick, your muffins are not ready. Check back in a few minutes!

3. Just Look

Now, I definitely don’t suggest this method for newbie bakers out there. When I first started, I could never tell if my muffins were done just by looking at them.  With lots of practice, though, I am typically spot on.

For the experienced baker, a quick glance should tell you whether your muffins are done or not. The appearance should be golden brown throughout the whole lot of the muffin, instead of in certain splotches.

Of course, this sometimes does not always work. For example – making a double chocolate chip muffin would be impossible to see golden doneness. So, use this method at your discretion.


If you still have questions about how to tell if muffins are done, I’ve got answers. Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions!

How do you tell if muffins are done without a toothpick?

While the toothpick method might be the easiest and best way to ensure your muffins are done, it’s not the only method. Sometimes, I don’t have a toothpick on hand and use a fork instead. You can also use the tapping method described above.

How long do you leave muffins in the oven?

Really, this depends on the recipe you’re using and how hot your oven is. It is important to follow a recipe in its entirety. However, muffins typically don’t need a super long baking time. Most of the time, around twenty minutes will do the trick.

What is the secret to making moist muffins?

Using butter and oil will make a delightfully moist muffin. Also, you should not over-mix the batter or over-bake the muffins. That’s why it is important to know when your muffins are done.

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to sink their teeth into a muffin that is under or overcooked, so knowing how to tell if muffins are done is essential for great baking. The best ways to check are to use the tapping and toothpick method, although you can sometimes tell with your eyes.

How do you tell if your muffins are done? Share with us below!

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