How Much is a Fondant Cake

When you think of a celebration cake, you likely think of fondant. Fondant is not only incredibly delicious, but it allows for complete control with customization and design. With fondant, anything is possible. You can expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $300 for a fondant cake, typically.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I love a cake made with fondant. I love all of the different ways you can apply it, whether you’re going for a clean-cut look or have some 3D, over-the-top cake that is destined to wow the crowd. Either way, I’ve priced and bought many fondant cakes.

For those of you that aren’t sure about fondant cake pricing, I’m here to help. You might be surprised at how much one of these cakes costs, but you really have to look at the final product. Trust me – it’s well worth the price. Don’t go cheap when it comes to fondant cakes.

Let’s get pricing!

How Much is a Fondant Cake?

There is no one right answer for how much a fondant cake costs. That’s because every baker will have their price list. I can tell you this much, though – don’t go cheap. The phrase you get what you pay for is very true, especially when it comes to fondant cakes.

So how much should you expect to pay? Well, it really comes down to the size and decorations. If you’re looking to add tiers or make the cake 2D or 3D, then that comes with an added cost, too.

However, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $300+ per fondant cake. Let’s take a look at some of the specific costs.


The first thing to consider is the size. Obviously, a 6-inch fondant cake designed to feed four to six people will be your least expensive option, especially if there are no vivid designs, textures, or 2D/3D modeling.

On the other hand, a 14-inch cake that can serve up to 45 people will cost a whole lot more. Why? More time and supplies. Just like everything else you buy in life, the bigger, the more expensive it’s going to be. Adding exquisite details and designs will up the price to $200+.


Have you ever laid eyes on a marvelous 2-tier or 3-tier fondant cake? It’s truly mesmerizing. But it certainly comes with a cheap price tag. A fondant cake with multiple tiers will cost a pretty penny, with two tiers typically starting at $150 and three tiers starting at $300. 

Keep in mind that fondant cakes with tiers are better suited for a larger gathering. For example, a two-tier fondant cake can feed at least 25 people, but likely more. So, a small group wouldn’t benefit from spending hundreds more on a cake they’re likely not going to utilize.

2D/3D Options

A cake with 2D or 3D decorations is downright awesome. Talk about a cake that brings the party to life. 

Of course, 2D and 3D detailing takes a whole lot of time and effort on behalf of the cake decorator. You can expect to pay a lot for these types of fondant cakes. Most of the time, 2D starts at $200, and 3D starts at $300. The more detail, the higher the price.

How to Save on Cake Costs?

Not everyone has the budget for a fondant cake, and that’s okay – trust me, I’ve been there. Parties are already expensive, and the added cost of a fondant cake is not always feasible. Does that mean you’re stuck with a lackluster treat? Not at all. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to cut down on the cost of your cake.

  • Choose a different frosting – Working with fondant is very technical, which equals a higher price tag. If you need to cut costs, consider choosing a different type of frosting, such as whipped cream or buttercream.
  • Choose a photo cake – With a photo cake, most of the design work is done. The baker just has to apply the photo to the top and apply a little razzle-dazzle for the final product. With less work involved, you won’t have to pay as much.
  • Use plastic, pre-made decorations – Fondant decorations are nothing short of incredible, but they cost a lot. To immediately cut costs, opt for plastic, pre-made decorations instead.
  • Listen to the cake designer – Cake makers will typically have great ideas on how you can cut costs on your cake. Simply ask them how you can cut the cost and be flexible with their ideas.


Do you still have some questions about the price of fondant cakes? Then keep reading! Below, you will find several frequently asked questions with answers you’re going to want to know. Let’s dive in!

How much does a 10-inch fondant cake cost?

Every baker will have their price sheet, but most 10-inch fondant cakes will be priced from $60 to $80. Of course, that can change depending on the cake’s design and whether it’s 1D/2D/3D.

Are fondant cakes more expensive?

Yes, fondant cakes are more expensive than other cakes such as whipped cream or buttercream. That’s because fondant takes more time and effort to work with, which results in a higher price tag.

Why are fondant cakes so expensive?

For one, fondant is more expensive than other types of cake frostings. Two, fondant is a bit more finicky to work with. Although the result is a beautifully smooth and sometimes textured/designed finish, a lot of work is necessary for a fondant cake.

How much does a two-tier fondant cake cost?

The more tiers, the more cost. A two-tier fondant cake can easily exceed $150, and that’s for a basic style. Adding designs and textures can make these two-tier options $200+.

Final Thoughts

Fondant cakes are always a beautiful and thrilling sight to be seen, but they aren’t cheap. There is no single answer on how much a fondant cake costs, but basic small cakes start at $50 while extravagant, heavily designed two-tier cakes can reach $300 and beyond.

Do you like fondant cakes? How much do you spend on fondant cakes?

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