Egg Substitute for Cornbread

Does your cornbread recipe call for eggs, but you don’t have any on hand? Don’t panic. Although eggs play a significant role in cornbread, you can bake a successful cornbread with a viable substitute such as applesauce, yogurt, flaxseed, and more.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I love cornbread! I’m typically keen on following recipes, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. That said, I have had to bake without eggs plenty of times, and I know some of the best substitutes for eggs in cornbread.

Whether you’re out of eggs or simply do not want to consume eggs, there are plenty of substitute options for making cornbread. This article will share some of the very best ways to swap eggs and bake a successful batch of cornbread.

Let’s get corny, shall we?

What Do Eggs Do in Cornbread Recipes?

Most cornbread recipes contain eggs, and most of us crack the egg into our batter without thinking twice. But if you’re wondering why eggs are part of your favorite cornbread recipe in the first place, then keep reading. 

  • Binding agent – Cornbread recipes contain many wet and dry ingredients, but they aren’t going to stick together magically. No, the egg plays a vital role in binding the ingredients and creating the stretchy batter that will become cornbread.
  • Leavening agent – Who wants flat cornbread? If you want your cornbread to rise, then you need eggs. Whipped eggs will trap air which expands under heat, creating the volume for airy and fluffy cornbread.
  • Moisture – The fluffy texture of cornbread that melts in your mouth is due to several reasons, but one main reason is the inclusion of eggs. Since eggs contain some liquid, it provides some moistness for cornbread.
  • Appearance – Cornbread has a delightfully brown appearance, and eggs play a significant role in creating an attractive look.
  • Flavor – Finally, eggs also improve the flavor of cornbread, leaving you with a satisfied belly every time.

At this point, I know what you’re thinking – eggs are basically a magical ingredient for cornbread, and you can’t go without it. While it’s true that eggs are an important part of cornbread recipes, it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful without them.

The key is finding the right substitute to do all of the same wonderful things for your cornbread that an egg can do. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best egg replacements for cornbread.

Egg Substitutes for Cornbread

The good news is, there are plenty of great substitutes for eggs in cornbread, so you shouldn’t need to run off to the store to purchase any ingredients. (If you need to, then you might as well pick up a carton of eggs – right?) 

1. Applesauce – ¼ Cup per 1 Egg

If you have checked out any vegan baking recipes, you will notice that a lot of them include applesauce. This is because applesauce is a binder and has plenty of moisture, two important things for baking. The same is true for baking cornbread, too.

When it comes to successfully substituting eggs in a cornbread recipe, try applesauce! Applesauce contains pectin, which binds ingredients. It also has a healthy amount of moisture to create the fluffy texture we all know and love.

It’s best to opt for plain, unsweetened applesauce unless you want to give your cornbread some extra sweetness and a possible hint of cinnamon goodness (try it, you won’t be disappointed). Use ¼ cup of applesauce for each egg the recipe calls for.

Note: Bananas and other fruit purees can work, too.

2. Ground Flax Seeds – 1 Tablespoon Flax + 3 Tablespoons Water

Another vegan baking trick is to create your own “egg” using ground flax seeds and water. To do this, combine one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds with three tablespoons of water and stir vigorously. Let the mixture sit for around three to five minutes before adding to the batter.

This mixture is suitable for replacing one egg.  So, if your recipe calls for two eggs, you will need to double this mixture to two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds and six tablespoons of water. 

The “fake” flaxseed egg will work similarly to a regular egg in your cornbread recipe. As a bonus, your cornbread will get a little extra boost of nutrients thanks to the Omega-3, fiber, and protein content of flax.

Note: Ground chia seeds work, too.

3. Silken Tofu – ¼ Cup per 1 Egg

Who knew that silken tofu could be so versatile? This handy ingredient has become a staple in many kitchens (including mine) and can replace meat in just about any recipe – but it can also replace eggs. 

To use silken tofu as a replacement for eggs in cornbread, simply use ¼ cup of silken tofu for each egg the recipe calls for. Silken tofu is easy to work with, and the liquid will bind and generate moistness like an egg. Plus, your cornbread gets a protein boost with the tofu. Yes!

4. Yogurt – ¼ Cup per 1 Egg

Most people have yogurt in their fridge, but they won’t use it for baking. Well, think again. Yogurt is a great option for replacing eggs when making cornbread. To use yogurt, swap ¼ cup for each egg that is called for. 

Try not to use a flavored yogurt or one with too much sugar. Otherwise, it may alter how the final recipe turns out. If you want to give your cornbread some extra nutrients, opt for plain Greek yogurt.

5. Mayo – ¼ Cup per 1 Egg

Mayonnaise in your cornbread recipe? Sure, why not. Mayo is similar to yogurt and will be a great option for replacing eggs in your cornbread recipe. All you have to do is use ¼ cup of mayo for every egg the recipe calls for. The result? A moist, delicious cornbread!

Note: Sour cream also works.


Do you still have some pondering questions about egg substitutes for cornbread? Then check out these frequently asked questions below.

What happens if you don’t put eggs in cornbread?

If you don’t have eggs or don’t want to use eggs, don’t skip it altogether. Otherwise, your cornbread will not be able to bind properly, and it will fall apart instantly. Also, the overall flavor and moistness might be altered negatively.

Can I make Jiffy cornbread without eggs and milk?

You can, yes. You will need to replace the milk with your favorite dairy-free option, such as almond or oat. Then, replace the eggs using one of the substitutes mentioned above.

Can you use mayonnaise instead of eggs in cornbread?

Yes, you can! You will need to replace one egg with ¼ cup of mayo. Some bakers say that it’s also recommended to add a pinch more baking powder to ensure the cornbread rises properly and has a light and fluffy texture.

Final Thoughts

Eggs are important in a cornbread recipe, but there are viable substitutions. My favorite is to use a “fake egg” (ground flaxseed and water combination). Still, applesauce, silken tofu, yogurt, and mayo are great options that will render similar results to an egged cornbread.

Have you ever used one of these substitutes in your cornbread recipe? Which one is your favorite? Did you use a different substitute? Share with us below!

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  • Jennifer Gerald

    Hi,I really enjoyed your article on egg replacements. I’m following the keto diet. I love cornbread but my recipe calls for 6 eggs and I find that it tastes a little eggy. Also,the amount of corn extract that it calls for seems to give my cornbread a little too much corn flavor. Can you give me any suggestions on replacing some of the eggs in the recipe and if so how many.

    • Michelle

      Hi Jennifer!
      I would start by replacing two of the eggs with 1/2 cup of mayo and a pinch of baking powder.

  • Carmen

    Thank you for the substitution list. My slightly sweet cornbread is an all-time favorite with both family and friends; it goes perfectly with my savory (with a hint of ginger) butternut squash soup. If I hadn’t shared that I used Greek yogurt to replace an egg, no one would have known. As usual, it was devoured. I’m going to try using yogurt and no eggs at all next time.

    • Michelle

      Hi Carmen,
      That sounds delicious! Let me know if it works with no eggs.

  • Shannon Whaley

    I tried the 1/4 cup of mayonnaise in place of one egg in my Shawnee Mills white cornbread mix. It not only turned out beautiful it was moist and very tasty!

    • Michelle

      Hi, Shannon!
      Yes, moistness is a definite “pro” when using mayo. I’m so glad I could help and that your cornbread turned out delicious.

  • Melissa

    I was making a chicken pot pie in the slow cooker today and made jiffy corn bread for on the top. Forgot I had no eggs so googled it and came across your page and gave the mayo a try. Omg it turned out fabulous. I loved it so much thst I don’t think I’ll make it the normal way again!

    • Michelle

      Hi, Melissa!
      That sounds incredible. I will have to try that. I’m so glad I could help!

  • Robin

    Sweet pumpkin puree instead of egg.. #Yummy

    • Michelle

      Hi, Robin!
      It’s delicious. Have you tried it yet? Let me know!
      Happy baking,

  • Karen Lynch-Ingram

    Thank you so much this is been very helpful I thought mayonnaise but I was surprised with some of the other answers it’s great to know though thank you so much again

    • Angie

      Hi Karen,

      I’m glad you found it helpful, you’re so welcome!

      Hope the baking was a success!