5 Best Bread Mixes for Bread Machines

Bread can sometimes be a struggle to conquer, especially when starting. Enter: the ease of use of a bread machine and bread mixes. But which bread mix should you use? While many great brands and products exist, the Bob’s Red Mill Bread Mix is undeniably the best option.

Hey, there! My name is Michelle, and I’ve set it once, and I’ll repeat it – bread wasn’t always my friend. I struggled to make bread for a while. Thankfully, I conquered bread-making and love to do it now, but I will be honest and say that bread machines and mixes are lifesavers!

Now, I love to make things from scratch, including bread. But if I’m in a rush or lazy (come on, we all get lazy now and again!)I will settle for store-made products like bread mixes. I’ve tried a couple out, and I found that the Bob’s Red Mill mixes are top-tier.

I love Bob’s Red Mill Bread Mix because it has ten grains to get added nutrients from my loaf of bread. The flavor is incredible and has just the right amount of nuttiness to complement my sandwiches, toast, garlic bread, and so much more. It’s surprisingly delicious and tastes homemade!

While this is a great bread mix, I can understand wanting a different brand or flavor altogether. Well, whether you want bread that’s sandwich-ready or want something sweet to spruce up your French toast shenanigans, you will find it below.

What are we waiting for? Let’s make some bread!

Best Bread Machine Mixes: Top Picks

Whether you’re a fan of Hawaiian sweet bread or can’t get enough sourdough, there’s a bread mix to meet your needs – and you will find them all on this top five list. The only question is, what bread mix will find its way into your kitchen cabinet? Let’s find out!

1. Bob’s Red Mill Bread Mix (Top Pick)

  • Key Features: 100% Kosher, ten different grains, healthier options, easy to make, only requires three ingredients, comes with two packages
  • Quantity: 2 19-ounce packages
  • Flavor: Multigrain

When it comes to bread mixes, you really don’t need (or should I say knead) to look further than Bob’s Red Mill. Bob’s Red Mill has consistently provided top-notch products since 1978, from flours to grains, oats to bread mixes. It’s no wonder why their bread mix ranked as #1.

The Bob’s Red Mill Bread Mix is multigrain with ten different grains to provide consumers with the utmost amount of nutrients. The final product has a delicious, mildly nutty flavor that works well for sandwiches, toast, and beyond.

This 100% Kosher bread is easy as pie to make. Simply add warm water, a pinch of oil, and a single yeast packet to your bread machine. Set to “basic white bread,” and your bread will be ready in no time. 

Shoppers enjoyed this bread. However, a few people claimed that it tastes even better with a pinch of salt and sugar. While it’s not entirely necessary, you might give their suggestions a try to take your multigrain bread to the next level.

2. Krusteaz Sourdough Flavored No-Knead Bread Mix (Best Sourdough Option)

  • Key Features: Delicious sourdough with a crispy exterior and chewy interior, customizable, easy to use, comes with 12 packets, shelf life of 548 days
  • Quantity: 12 14-ounce packages
  • Flavor: 

Sourdough bread is one of the more challenging bread flavors to make. But now, you don’t have to leave sourdough to the professionals. It’s easy to create sourdough bread right from home, thanks to the Krusteaz bread mix!

With the Krusteaz sourdough bread mix, you can whip up customized sourdough in no time at all. Toss in some flax seeds, chia seeds, wheat berries, or other great flavors to bring your sourdough creations to life. Then, enjoy your perfectly crispy and chewy creation.

This pack is huge, so you better be a sourdough lover before thinking about buying. After all, the box contains 12 14-ounce boxes of bread mix. That makes enough bread for the whole neighborhood! Don’t worry, though – it has a shelf life of 538 days, so you likely won’t waste it.

This bread mix came with a few minor complaints, mostly about packaging. The packaging is not ideal. Others desired a more sour flavor, so adding a bit of citric acid is recommended. A few shoppers also said the loaves came out somewhat small, but the taste was incredible.

3. Krusteaz Hawaiian Sweet No-Knead Bread Mix (Best Hawaiian Sweet Bread Option)

  • Key Features: Natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, just add water, colossal box, the shelf life of 548 days
  • Quantity: 12 16-ounce packages
  • Flavor: Sweet Hawaiian

On the other hand, those who love Hawaiian bread’s mouthwatering sweetness will definitely want to add this bread mix to their repertoire. And no, there are zero artificial flavors added. Nothing but natural sweetness in this yummy bread!

Making this Hawaiian sweet bread is a cinch. Just mix water with the yeast packet, and your bread machine will do the rest of the work for you. Does it get any easier than that? No. And don’t forget to add in some favorite mix-ins like nuts or fruit to make the flavors “pop.”

This box is another huge box from Krusteaz. It comes with a whopping 12 packages, each measuring 16 ounces. With a shelf life of 548, you can indulge in this bread mix for well over a year without fear of it going bad. (But let’s face it – you will likely use it way before the 1-year mark!).

Everyone seems to love this bread! However, some had to do some tweaking using the bread machine. A few people claim that you need to use less than the packaging instructs. With 12 packages, there’s plenty of room for trial and error, so don’t worry!

4. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix (Best Gluten-Free Pick)

  • Key Features: Gluten-free, made in a gluten-free facility, passes the ELISA Gluten Assay Test, Kosher, vegan
  • Quantity: 4 16-ounce packages
  • Flavor: Gluten-Free

Whether it’s for personal or medical reasons, plenty of people opt to go gluten-free. Unfortunately, that poses a slew of specific challenges – one of the biggest is trying to navigate through life without bread.

Well, with this gluten-free bread mix from Bob’s Red Mill, you never have to go without your handy sandwich or morning toast ever again. This bread mix is made in a different facility altogether to avoid contact with gluten. It also passes the ELISA Gluten Assay test.

This vegan and kosher gluten-free bread mix provides superior flavors and is a breeze to make from home in your bread machine. Each box comes with four 16-ounce packages, so you can keep making gluten-free bread for months without needing replacement.

You might have to do a little mix and match with ingredients to get your desired texture and flavor, but that’s more of a personal journey rather than a product problem. The only real issue is the packaging. People are definitely not fond of it and wish for better packaging (hopefully soon?).

5. Sturdiwheat All Natural Bread Mix (For Garlic Lovers)

  • Key Features: Garlic with a hint of basil, super simple, natural ingredients
  • Quantity: 4 19-ounce packages
  • Flavor: Garlic basil

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with garlic. I add it to basically everything I cook (when possible when baking). That said, one of my favorite bread flavors is none other than garlic – and yes, I make cheesy garlic bread using garlic bread.

If you can’t get enough garlic, you will love this bread mix from Sturdiwheat. The flavors are phenomenal (garlic with a hint of basil), and you can easily enjoy this bread with your favorite sandwiches or turn it into the most garlic-passed cheesy bread you’ve ever consumed.

I love the simplicity of this bread mix, too. Just add water, and the machine does the rest of the work for you. The box comes with four 19-ounce packages, so you can quickly whip up some garlic basil bread whenever you want it.

Some wanted more flavor. Well, if you need more, you can get more. Just add some garlic powder or dried basil to the bread machine when you’re ready to make bread. Then, you will have an even more pronounced taste. You can’t go wrong with that!

Best Bread Mixes for Bread Machines: Things to Consider

Bread mix is going to make your life so much easier. But that doesn’t mean you should rush into purchasing. Here are a few things to consider before buying.


The most important thing is flavor! After all, you’d be upset to find out you just ordered 12 packets of sourdough bread when you hate sourdough bread. That said, pay attention to the “flavor” section underneath each bread mix’s name.


First time making bread with a bread mix? Buying 12 14-ounce packages might not be equitable for you. Start with something small. On the other hand, if you’re an avid breadmaker and love bread mixes, I totally recommend going with a vast quantity and getting a bargain for bulk!


Gluten-free? Natural ingredients? Only needs water? While bread mixes won’t be incredibly different from one another, they will still have their standout features that you might not be able to live without. So, give the “features” section a good lookover before committing to a mix.


I love all of these bread mixes for one reason or another, but the Bob’s Red Mill Bread Mix is the best and can accommodate almost anyone. It’s nutritious and perfect for everyday use. 

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  • Deanne

    Good morning. Since bread “machine” mixes are no longer to be found anywhere, I was excited to see this article but quickly realized that the products being reviewed here are NOT bread MACHINE mixes. There is a difference. Thank you.

    • Michelle

      Thanks for your comment, Deanne!

  • Andrea

    Is there a good recipe to adapt Bob’s Red Mil 1:1 all purpose flour to make a good sandwich bread in a bread machine? I can’t find the ‘wonderful’ mix referenced in this article, and every gluten free bread machine recipe I find online says to create a customer flour blend from several types of gf flour