How Long Does Bread Last in the Fridge

Bread… in the fridge? While some people might tell you this is a sin, storing bread in the fridge is actually a great way to extend longevity by a few extra days. It just needs to be properly sealed to avoid drying out. 

Hey, there! My name is Michelle, and I always have a ton of bread on hand. Whether store-bought or homemade, I always have a few loaves lying around. That said, I had to learn how to store my bread in the fridge, and I’m here to share my knowledge with you.

Leaving your bread at room temperature is ideal, but if you have too much bread and just need to extend the lifespan by a few days, there is nothing wrong with opting for the fridge. This article will teach you how to do it correctly so you can enjoy it – even a few days later.

Who’s ready to store their bread in the fridge?

How Long Does Bread Last in the Fridge?

First, let’s determine how long bread lasts at room temperature (which is the preferred storage method for bread). Homemade bread will typically last around four days, while store-bought bread lasts up to seven. Not bad, huh?

But what if I told you that storing your bread in the fridge could extend the shelf life by up to five days? That means that your fresh bread can easily last nine days, while store-bought bread can reach 12 days. Pretty impressive.

That said, bread stored in the fridge can easily last up to 12 days. If stored properly, I wouldn’t hesitate to hit the 2-week mark before tossing it.

Keep in mind that storage is key to success, though. Just because you can store your bread in the fridge for up to two weeks doesn’t mean you’re going to want to eat it. Why? Because improper storage leads to dried-out, disgusting bread. No, thanks!

How to Store Bread in the Fridge

Don’t worry – storing in the fridge is easy as pie. You don’t need any fancy tools or equipment, either. As long as you have plastic wrap, a freezer bag, or an airtight container, you can store your bread in the fridge with ease.

If you’re storing store-bought bread in the fridge, you can keep it in its original packaging, too. The key is to use the bread clip. I know, I know. If you’re anything like me, that’s the first thing you throw away. But hold onto it, as this will ensure the moisture is locked into the loaf.

If you’re storing homemade bread in the fridge, you want to make sure that the bread is cooled off entirely before sealing and storing it. Otherwise, you will end up with a soggy mess that just simply does not taste good.

Proper storage is 100% key to bread success, so don’t try any shortcuts. The more sealing you provide from the elements of the refrigerator, the less chance you have of your bread becoming dry, crumbly, and lacking flavor.


See? Storing your bread in the fridge doesn’t have to be such a problem. With proper storage, it can last a couple of weeks. Still have some questions about this topic? We have you covered. Just keep reading these frequently asked questions below.

Can bread last a month in the fridge?

Technically, no. Have I done it once or twice? Sure. While I don’t recommend you try to push the shelf life limits of your bread, I would suggest thoroughly checking the bread for any signs of mold or dryness before consuming it. If you want your bread to last longer, put it in the freezer.

Can you eat expired bread if it was refrigerated?

As long as the bread is in good condition (still moist, with no mold, and smells and tastes good), then you can eat “expired bread“. Since bread lasts a few extra days in the fridge, sometimes it might go beyond the “best by” date printed on the bag.

Can you eat 2-month-old bread?

The problem with 2-month-old bread is that it might have lost its moisture and flavor. It will likely have come stale, taste sour, or have mold growing on it unless stored properly. To keep bread for two months or longer, store it in the freezer (but seal it properly).

Should bread be kept in the refrigerator?

Technically, no, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. As long as it is sealed and stored correctly, you can keep your bread fresh a little bit longer.

Final Words

Don’t hesitate to store your bread in the fridge (I know I don’t!). As long as it is sealed and stored properly, bread stored in the fridge can last up to two weeks.

Do you store your bread in the fridge?

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I have been a lover of sweets since day one. This led me on a self-taught baking journey starting at the age of 13. It's been over 10 years since the start of my baking adventures, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Now, people rave about my delectable treats, whether it’s a chocolate cake or a strawberry crepe.

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  • Helen

    I have a loaf of Dave’s bread that I have stored in my refrigerator. I found a stamp on the bagel that’s AQMX05-22515-22-01. I took a slice of the bag and it was very moist and I didn’t see any mold on the bread. Could there be mold inside the slice?

    • Michelle

      Hi Helen,
      How long has the bread been in your refrigerator? Check for other signs of spoilage before proceeding.
      PS, I love, love, LOVE Dave’s Bread! Yum!

  • Del

    Never keep your bread in the fridge. The starch molecules in bread recrystallize very quickly at cool temperatures, and causes the bread to stale much faster when refrigerated. *Shop-bought loaves should be kept in an air-tight plastic bag at room temperature rather than in the fridge.26

    • Michelle

      Hi, Del! I completely agree – the countertop (or freezer) is the best place for bread. But storing in the fridge in certain situations can work. If you ever give it a try, I suggest heating the bread in the oven so it loses some of the staleness from the fridge.
      Happy baking,

      • Sue

        I store bread in the frig for lack of counter space but the inside of the bag gets condensation and the bread gets wet…bad, bad. However, since covid I don’t put the bread away until the following day or so and maybe that makes a difference? Coming right from the store it may be colder to begin with. Now I take it out 15 minutes after placing in frig and transfer to a freezer bag and put it back in the frig. Some bread seems to be OK then but some slices actually feel wet a few days later . So far I have not had bread drying out for sure. Any suggestions? Thanks.

        • Michelle

          Hi, Sue!
          I have never actually dealt with this problem unless it was homemade bread. Are you making sure that the bag is closed all the way? What is the temperature of your refrigerator?