Can Cats Eat Cake?

It’s your cat’s birthday. Now what? Should you give it a big slab of cake? While a little piece of cake won’t harm your cat, it’s not recommended. Chocolate cake should be avoided entirely. Cats can’t taste sweet anyway, so don’t fear a ruined birthday without cake. 

Hello, there! My name is Michelle, and while I love cakes, I don’t like cats so much (sorry) but my daughter loves them. So naturally, as a toddler, she wants to feed it cake on its birthday. I had to find out whether or not it was safe as a rare treat, and I found the answer intriguing.

If you’re thinking about surprising your feline friend with a birthday cake on their birthday, you need to know the facts. Knowing which cake is sometimes okay and which ones to avoid is important. Below, you will find all the must-know info as well as a yummy cat friendly cake.

Can Cats Eat Cake?

Feeding your cat a spoonful of cake isn’t going to cause much harm. There is nothing inside a cake that is necessarily toxic and instantly damaging to your cat’s health. However, the high amounts of sugar and fat aren’t exactly good for it, either.

Does that mean it should be avoided? Not necessarily. If you’re enjoying a cake for a holiday, or you really want your cat to feel special on its birthday, then a little bite of cake won’t hurt it. 

The goal should be to keep the bite as small as possible. It should also be a rare occurrence. For example, you wouldn’t want to give your cat cake every day. This could easily lead to health problems, especially obesity. 

Should Cats Eat Cake?

No, but you shouldn’t feel bad if you let your cat indulge now and then, either. It won’t harm them. It won’t delight them either, though.

You see, when a cat takes a bite of cake, it’s not going to feel the same gratification and satisfaction that a human does. In fact, they won’t be able to taste it at all. Cats do not have sweet taste buds. They are known as being “sweet blind.” 

So, even though you think your cat is going to be enjoying its tiny piece of cake, you’d be incorrect. It can’t indulge in the sweetness or the richness and would likely prefer something other than the cake, to be honest. 

What About Chocolate Cake?

Most people are well aware that chocolate is toxic to dogs, and they should not eat it. However, a lot of people don’t know that the same is true for cats, too.

Studies have shown that chocolate in all forms is toxic to cats. Therefore, your cat can’t have any amount of chocolate cake. It doesn’t matter if the cake is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Theobromine and caffeine are harmful to your furry friend.

Signs of Chocolate Toxicity in Cats

A small amount of chocolate isn’t likely going to kill your cat, especially if it’s a tiny bit of milk or white chocolate (which contains smaller amounts of theobromine and caffeine). However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know the toxicity signals in cats – just in case.

The following are signs and symptoms of chocolate toxicity in cats:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Sudden rapid breathing
  • High temperature
  • Rigid muscles
  • A sudden increase in reflex responses
  • Seizure
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Coma

If you think your cat is struggling with chocolate toxicity, it must see a veterinarian right away.

Cat Cake Recipe

I get it – you want your cat to enjoy its birthday with a cake. Well, you shouldn’t hurry off to bake sugar and fat-filled cake. Instead, make a cake your cat will actually enjoy that has nutritional benefits for it, too. 

You can whip a cake for your cat together in just a few short minutes. Combine flour, tuna, egg whites, and a bit of cheddar cheese. Place in a muffin tin and cook for 15 minutes at 350F. Let it cool and garnish it with a few pieces of shrimp.

This creates a birthday cake that is fit for a cat king or queen. They will love all of the flavors, and you won’t have to worry about any harm being done to your fluffy pal, either.


Basically, your cat doesn’t need to eat cake, but it can have a little piece here and there. If you still have questions, keep reading. Below, there are a few frequently asked questions you might want to know the answer to.

What happens if a cat eats cake?

If it’s a really small amount, then nothing. Large amounts regularly can lead to health problems. It’s best to skip feeding your cat cake and give it a cat-friendly version instead. Avoid chocolate cakes entirely. 

Can cake kill cats?

Chocolate cakes can kill cats, especially if they eat a lot of them. Other kinds of cakes won’t kill them instantly. Eating large amounts over time can lead to health problems and nutritional deficiencies that could eventually lead to death. 

What kind of cake can cats eat?

Cats can eat just about any type of cake as long as it does not contain any type of chocolate. 

Can cats eat cake icing?

Yes, cats can eat cake icing. But again, it shouldn’t be eaten by your cat regularly or in large quantities. The frosting has a lot of sugar and fat that cats do not need. Cats cannot eat chocolate icing as it is toxic to them.

What sweet things can cats eat?

Ditch the baked goods. If you want your cat to eat something sweet, consider a sweet fruit like watermelon or honeydew instead. Fruits are nutritious for your feline and are a great option for sweet treats.

Final Thoughts

Cats can eat cake as long as it is not chocolate cake and in very small quantities. However, they don’t necessarily need cake in their diet. Cakes are high in sugar, fats, and other undesirable ingredients that are not good for your cat. Instead, choose fruit or a cat-friendly cake option.

Have you ever fed your cat cake? Did they enjoy it? Share below.

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  • Jan

    My cat seems to really want cake. I’ve caught her licking a pound cake that was left on the counter to cool, and won’t leave me alone when I’m eating cake. She really goes nuts for it. Also, lemon is bad for cats, too, not just chocolate.

  • Will

    I wanna make my cat a cat cake for her birthday! What are the measurements for the flour and tuna, and how many egg whites? Thank you!