Where to Buy Brewers Yeast for Baking & Find it in Grocery Store

Brewer’s yeast, formally known as Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, is a fungus used to brew beer and bake certain bread. It has a bitter flavor/odor yet wields plenty of nutritional benefits. Brewer’s Yeast can be found in some local stores, big box stores, or online.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and if there are two things I love, it’s beer and baking. That said, I am pretty familiar with brewer’s yeast and where to find it. I will say that living in California has its perks when finding ingredients, but I know some other handy tips for finding them, too.

Does your recipe call for brewer’s yeast? While you could potentially use baker’s yeast instead, I always feel it’s better to follow a recipe 100% for the best results. If you’re having trouble finding it, keep reading. Below you will find out where to buy brewer’s yeast for baking.

Get your aprons on, and let’s start baking!

What is Baking Brewer’s Yeast?

Brewer’s yeast is a fungus, formally known as Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. While it is commonly used to brew beer, the baking brewer’s yeast is specifically designed for baking certain kinds of bread.

When combined with the rest of your ingredients, the baking brewer’s yeast will ferment carbohydrates and trap carbon dioxide. In turn, this creates the necessary “rise” for braids. In the end, you’re left with bread that is fluffy and light rather than dense and flat.

One of the major benefits of using brewer’s yeast is its nutritional properties. It is far “healthier” than other kinds of yeasts. It contains a slew of vitamins and minerals, including B-complex vitamins. 

Where to Buy Brewer’s Yeast

The first place to check for brewer’s yeast is at your local grocery store. It is uncommon to find baking brewer’s yeast in smaller stores, but it isn’t impossible. If not, don’t worry. There are plenty of other places you can shop for brewer’s yeast.

  • Online – Online marketplaces like Amazon have brewer’s yeast available in all shapes and sizes. When shopping online, it might be best to buy in bulk so you won’t have to worry about this dilemma in the future.
  • Big box stores – If your small local grocery store doesn’t carry brewer’s yeast, you can always branch out into the big box stores like Walmart or Kroger. These stores have almost anything you can imagine, brewer’s yeast included.
  • Health stores – Health stores, such as the Vitamin Shoppe, may have brewer’s yeast. It may be under a different name, though, so double-check with the clerk if you have the right product.
  • Brewing stores – These might not be around your area. But if they are, don’t hesitate to check and see if they have baking brewer’s yeast in stock. It’s worth a shot!

Keep in mind that most stores will only have brewer’s yeast as a nutritional supplement rather than baking yeast. That said, be extra careful when shopping and seek out baking brewer’s yeast rather than a supplement.

Where to Find Brewer’s Yeast in the Grocery Store

If you are lucky enough to find a baking brewer’s yeast in a grocery store, it will likely be around the baking section where you find other yeast. Again, it is important to avoid the supplement. If you find brewer’s yeast in the health aisle, it’s likely a supplement and not for baking.


It can be a little tricky to find brewer’s yeast at the local grocery store. You will have better luck online or at bigger chains.  If you still have questions about this topic, keep reading. Below are some frequently asked questions about where to buy brewer’s yeast and more.

Can I buy brewers yeast at the grocery store?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends. You will have no problem finding brewer’s yeast as a nutritional supplement, but not the “active” kind necessary for baking. For this type, you will likely need to venture to bigger chains or shop online.

Can brewers yeast be used for baking?

Yes. Most of the time, brewer’s yeast is used for baking bread. It may be too bitter for other types of recipes, such as cookies or cakes because it is not sweet. However, plenty of bakers use it and have altered their recipes to make fantastic-tasting treats using brewer’s yeast.

Can you use instant yeast for brewing?

Yes, you can. So if your goal is to brew instead of bake and only have instant yeast on hand, go ahead and use it.

Final Thoughts

Brewer’s yeast specifically designed for baking can be a bit challenging to find, as most stores only carry brewer’s yeast as a nutritional supplement. If nothing else, you can find baking brewer’s yeast online or at a local brewing store. 

Do you use brewer’s yeast for baking? Where did you find it? Share with us below!

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