4 Best Baguette Baking Pans

Are you a fan of French bread like I am? Then you might consider freshly baked loaves from your kitchen. And when you’re ready to go the homemade route, have a handy baguette baking pan by your side. I recommend the Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-stick Bread Pan to get the job done.

Hi, there! My name is Michelle, and my bread-baking journey has been quite a bumpy one. I had the most challenging time making bread in the beginning years. Now, ten years down the line, I can whip up almost any bread you can imagine – including baguettes!

Of course, the only way to make true baguettes is to have a baguette baking pan in your kitchen arsenal. There are plenty of options on the market, depending on your needs.

After thorough research, I found the Chicago Metallic pan to be the best in the biz. This perforated pan allows for superior air circulation for bread that’s baked perfectly on all sides. Made of steel, it’s a reliable and durable pan that’s dishwasher-safe for your convenience, too.

Although I love the Chicago Metallic model, I know everyone has specific needs for their baguette baking. For example, some might want more than two slots, while others prefer different materials. That’s why I created this handy top four list.

Who’s ready to check out the best baguette baking pans on the market?

Best Baguette Baking Pans: Top Choices

To make my top four list, I paid close attention to each product’s features and actual reviews. Let’s dive into the top four picks.

1. Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-stick Bread Pan (Top Pick)

  • Key Features: Sturdy, perforated, heat conductive, non-stick, dishwasher-safe
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Slots: Two

This baguette baking pan is undeniably the top pick. It’s a sturdy and reliable choice that you will depend on time and time again. But why should it make its way into your kitchen cabinet?

For one, this baguette baking pan is constructed with heavy-weight aluminized perforated steel that allows for superior air circulation and heat conduction. This results in perfectly crisp and golden-brown bread all the way around.

The ultimate baguette baking pan construction doesn’t stop there, though. It’s also diamond-quality and coated with a non-stick coating to ensure bread is released quickly, efficiently, and with no leftover residue on the pan. 

Perhaps the most convenient benefit is that it’s dishwasher-safe. However, handwashing is recommended as much as possible to extend the product life. 

The only pitfall of this pan is that it doesn’t come with any handles, so it can be a bit tricky when it comes to removing the bread. With a little trial and error, it shouldn’t be a big deal for long.

2. Amagabeli Baguette Pan (Multiple Slots)

  • Key Features: Perforated, non-stick, multiple slots
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Slots: Four

For some bakers, two slots for baguettes simply aren’t enough. Does this sound like you? Then you’re likely on the hunt for a baguette pan that can offer you multiple slots to achieve all of your baking needs. 

For those that want multiple slots, let me introduce you to the Amagabeli Baguette Pan. This stellar pan comes with an impressive four slots, giving you plenty of room to bake all of your favorites from fresh baguettes to desserts and more.

Much like my top pick, this baguette baking pan is constructed with perforated steel coated with eco-friendly and non-stick material. This allows for beautifully golden-brown bread that slides right out of the pan. 

I wouldn’t recommend trying to pick this pan up with a single hand, especially with a full load. It can and will bend. Always use two hands when operating with a baguette baking pan.

3. Emile Henry Baguette Pan (Best Clay Option)

  • Key Features: Perforated, non-stick, comes with a lid, shock-resistant, dishwasher-safe
  • Materials: Clay
  • Number of Slots: Three

Prefer clay over steel? Then you will love the Emile Henry Baguette Pan. This unique pan is designed with holes in the base and the lid to allow moisture release for perfectly crispy baguettes. The lid also creates the ideal humidity for baguettes, ensuring the best taste and texture.

All-natural clay is designed to distribute heat thoroughly, which means all of your bread will come out the same. Resistant to thermal shock and designed with a scratch-resistant glaze, this pan can go right from the freezer to ovens up to 500F.

Last but certainly not least, you will love the look and ease of use of this pan. It’s ultra-smooth to combat sticking and is available in three colors: burgundy, black, and white. This slick and sophisticated pan is sure to be an eye-catcher in any kitchen. 

If you’re not used to working with a baguette baking pan with an accompanying lid, be extra careful so the lid doesn’t slide off. 

4. PDJW Silicone Baking Pan (Best for Miniature Baguettes)

  • Key Features: Designed to make mini baguettes, perforated, dishwasher-safe, high heat resistance
  • Material: Silicone
  • Number of Slots: Eight

Long baguettes are great, but what about miniature ones? Small baguettes are perfect for those that want to prepare sandwiches and other goodies without needing to cut a giant loaf of bread. For those seeking mini baguettes, choose the PDJW Silicone Baking Pan.

Aside from its ability to create miniature baguettes, you will love the fact that this pan is made of food-grade silicone. It’s flexible to ensure that the baguettes keep their shape and are also easy to remove from the pan – which, by the way, has minimal sticking due to the silicone material.

Another reason to like this mini pan is that it is high heat-resistant and can go from -40F to 446F with ease. It can go in just about any appliance, too, from the freezer to the microwave, oven to the dishwasher.

Since this pan is made of silicone, it’s flexible. This is a good thing for baking baguettes, but it’s definitely something you will need to get used to. This is especially true when trying to place the pan in and out of the oven. 

Best Baguette Baking Pan: Things to Consider

I’m sure you’re itching to buy one of these pans to start whipping up homemade baguettes. But before you purchase, consider these few things.

Number of Slots

Are you planning to make one or two loaves, or do you want multiple? While my top choice allows for two baguettes at a time, some shoppers might need more room. If that’s the case, choose the pan that makes three or four (or eight if you want miniature baguettes).


You will find many materials on this top four list, including steel, clay, and silicone. All of these materials will work wonders for baking baguettes. It really comes down to personal preference. I prefer steel because I like durability and non-stick, but you might enjoy the flexibility and versatility of clay or silicone.

Added Features

Baguette baking pans are relatively basic because they do one thing: bake baguettes. But some pans come with a few “extras,” such as an accompanying lid or dishwasher-safe. That’s why it is essential to pay close attention to the key features each product offers.


All four of these baking pans are designed to craft delicious, perfectly crisp baguettes. I prefer the Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-stick Bread Pan because it is a durable, reliable, and non-stick pan that bakes beautiful baguettes every time.

Have you tried any of the baguette pan mentioned in this article? Got a better one to suggest? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

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