How Many People Does a 9-inch Cake Feed

Trying to figure out what size cake to make for your gathering can be challenging. If you’re doing a smaller gathering, with 20 or less people, a 9-inch cake will be fine. Most of the time, 9-inch cakes can feed around 20 people, although it depends on the shape of the cake.

Hey, there! My name is Michelle and I am a cake-baking genius. Okay, I am just tooting my own horn here – but I’m pretty darn good! Knowing what size cake to bake or order is imperative when you’re putting together a birthday bash, anniversary extravaganza, or another party.

So you’re considering a 9-inch cake. Great! But is it enough for your party? This is exactly what this article is here to teach you. Below, you will find everything you need to know about how many people a 9-inch cake feeds (plus some other nifty information).

Let’s talk about 9-inch cakes, shall we?

How Many People Does a 9-inch Cake Feed?

Typically, a 9-inch cake is going to serve around 20 people. But you have to think about the shape of the cake and how it is cut. This can have a major impact on how many people your 9-inch cake ends up serving. Let’s take a closer look.


For some things, it’s the size that matters. But we already know the size – nine inches. So, what we have to pay closer attention to is the shape. A round 9-inch cake is going to offer a lot more servings than an oval 9-inch cake, for example. 

Follow this chart for a better understanding of how shapes can affect cake serving sizes.

Round 9-inch cake24
Heart 9-inch cake20
Petal 9-inch cake14
Hexagon 9-inch cake20
Sheet (9×13) 9-inch cake36


Clearly, the shape has quite an impact on how many slices you will get out of a 9-inch cake. But there is more to it than just the size. It’s the number of tiers, too. If you add an entire new tier to your cake, you’re going to get a lot more slices out of it. This is especially true if you dive into the realm of three or four-tiered cakes. 


The last thing to consider is the slices themselves. There are two things to remember: how the cake is cut and how big the slices are. 

  • If you’re cutting using the party method, you will serve fewer guests because the slices are larger (two or three inches).
  • When using the wedding or event style of slicing, you will serve more guests as the slices are cut smaller (around one inch).

So, always consider the serving size when deciding how many guests a 9-inch cake will serve. For a regular round 9-inch cake, you can easily serve 24 guests using the party method or 32 guests using the wedding-style method.


Now you should know whether or not your 9-inch cake is big enough to feed your party guests. If you’re still a little iffy on the subject, don’t worry. I have pulled up some of the most frequently asked questions to give you peace of mind. 

How many slices can you get from a 9-inch cake?

This all comes down to what kind of 9-inch cake you’re getting and how big the slices are. As we mentioned earlier, a 9-inch cake with generous portions will feed around 24 people. But a petal 9-inch cake will provide far fewer slices, only serving around 14 people.

How big is a 9-inch round cake?

Looking for the specifics about the 9-inch cake? I don’t blame you! A round 9-inch cake is exactly 63.5 square inches in diameter. This size is able to handle eight cups of cake batter, which is important to know if you’re baking the cake from home.

How many people do 8-inch cakes feed?

An 8-inch cake is a bit smaller than its 9-inch counterparts, so you won’t be able to feed as many people. However, the difference isn’t too big. For generous sizes of 2 ½ inches, you will be able to serve 14 people. Smaller sizes, such as one inch, can serve up to 24 people.

How much cake do I need for 15 guests?

If you are planning to serve 15 guests you should plan on making or buying at least a 7-inch cake. A round 7-inch cake will provide enough guests for 15 people while a 7-inch square cake can serve up to 24. I always say go big or go home!

Final Words

When it comes to 9-inch cakes, I recommend a gathering of no more than 20 people. That way, everyone can get a decent-sized portion and you won’t have to worry about running out. 

Do you buy 9-inch cakes? How many people do you end up serving? Share below!

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