How to Write on Cookies

Cookies alone are amazing. But when you add writing or decorations, they get that extra “oomph” that everyone knows and loves. Not only that, but they can be customized and look like they came straight from the most famous bakery in the world. But how do you do it?

Writing on cookies isn’t as challenging as you might think. As long as you have some wax paper, tissue paper, a projector, or a steady (and confident) hand, you can write on cookies like a professional.

Hi, there! My name is Michelle, and I have been baking cookies for years. I started with testing out new flavors and textures until I finally reached the point I wanted to write on my cookies, too. And today, I am going to show you how you can do it successfully, too.

Get out your pens (or should I say piping bags?), and let’s get to it!

How to Write on Cookies

While you might look at a cookie with writing on it and think, “Wow, that looks professional. I could never do that.” The fact of the matter is, you can. And it’s not as hard as you think! There are four different ways to do it. 

Projector – Most Expensive, Best Results

A projector is the best option for writing on cookies. Like the old-school models you used in grade school (am I showing my age here?), the projector will display the image right onto your cookie. All you have to do is trace it with your icing, and voila! Picture-perfect cookies.

The downside to using a projector is that it is the most expensive option. You don’t want to buy a cheap projector. The images might not come out clear enough to trace all of the details, or they might die halfway through your cookie decorating.

Go ahead, cookie boss – splurge on a top-notch cookie-decorating projector, and you will be glad you did. To better understand how to properly use the projector to write on cookies, check out this fun decorating video!

Tissue Paper – Cheap, Quick, and Easy

I bet you didn’t think the tissue paper hiding in the back of your holiday storage closet was going to be used for cookie decorating, huh? Well, think again! The color doesn’t technically matter, but I suggest going with white tissue paper so you can see better. Then, do the following.

  1. Print your design. It could be words, a character, or basically anything you want to replicate on top of your cookies.
  2. Place tissue paper on top of the cutout and trace with an edible marker. Oh, you’re definitely going to want to have some handy edible markers on hand to do this!
  3. Place tissue paper on top of the cookie and trace again lightly. Using the same edible market, trace on top of the cookie gently. You want to leave a stencil without damaging the frosting.
  4. Trace with your icing. Using your piping bag filled with icing, connect the desired tip and trace the cutout.

So, this option requires a few more steps to complete, but it’s really cheap. All you need is tissue paper, edible markers, and a cutout of your desired design, and you can create amazing-looking cookies in no time. This video shows how it’s done.

Wax Paper – Cheapest, Most Time Consuming

This last option is a bit more time-consuming, but it’s definitely the cheapest choice. It’s super easy, too. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Print out your design or words. 
  2. Place wax paper on top.
  3. Trace the design or words using a piping bag full of icing.
  4. Set aside to dry.
  5. Once fully dry, peel off and place on top of the cookie.

For the final step, you may need to apply a bit more frosting to the back of the letters or designs to get them to stick. Also, be super careful with this technique. The icing can break very easily, which leads to even more time wasted tracing and drying.

Free Hand – No Cost, Least Precise

If you’re making cookies for your best friend or don’t care about being overly precise, you can always free-hand write on your cookies, too. Obviously, this should not be the choice for professional cookies or cookies you are planning to sell. 

But when all else fails, there is nothing wrong with trusting your own hand to create lovely wording on your cookies. You don’t even need a “real” piping bag. Just use a plastic bag and poke or cut a small hole into one corner and you’re ready to rock and roll (or write and design).


When it comes to writing on cookies, you now have all the knowledge to succeed. Yay! If you are still wondering about writing on cookies, though, just keep reading. We have some FAQs below for you to see.

What to use to write on cookies?

The best thing to write on cookies is icing, of course! But before you take the plunge to decorate on top of the cookie, you can use a projector, tissue paper, or wax paper. All are wonderful options with professional-looking results.

How do you stamp letters on cookies?

If you’re stamping cookies with words instead, all you need to do is place the stamp into the uncooked dough. It shouldn’t be so hard that the dough breaks. Do it gently, but make sure that all letters are clearly visible. Pull the stamp straight up to avoid messing with the letters.

Do you have to be an artist to decorate cookies?

Of course, not! The methods I listed above are so easy to accomplish; anyone can do them successfully. So, don’t think because you don’t have the artist’s touch that you can’t write on your cookies. You can!

Final Words

Writing on cookies is pretty simple as long as you have the right tools under your belt. The best option is to use a projector, but you can get by with tissue paper, wax paper, or free-hand.

How do you write on your cookies?

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