How to Transport Cupcakes

Trying to transport a cake of any kind is difficult, let alone an assortment of miniature-sized ones. Well, transporting cupcakes doesn’t have to be challenging. With a cupcake container, cupcake box, or even the pan you used to bake them in, you can easily transport them.

Hi, there! My name is Michelle, and I am a cupcake fanatic. Not only do I enjoy eating them, but I love making them, too. I have made cupcakes for all kinds of situations, from birthdays to Halloween to a special dessert treat for my kiddos.

Whether you’re transporting for a few minutes or an hour, I have the top three tools you need to consider when transporting cupcakes. Oh, and I’m also going to be sharing some great tips for those cupcake transporting missions.

Let’s transport some cupcakes, everyone!

How to Transport Cupcakes

People can be pretty creative when it comes to transporting cupcakes. I have seen everything from makeshift containers to t-shirt boxes and more. However, I don’t think you should have to fuss with your cupcake transportation. In my opinion, there are only three good options.

Cupcake Container

My favorite option is a cupcake container. Obviously, someone understood the concerns of transporting cupcakes and designed carriers that would get the job done. You have options here. 

I am a big fan of these cupcake carriers because it makes the cupcakes look like they came from a grocery store. There’s something about that classic look that everyone loves. Plus, the pack comes with 100 containers, which means you won’t run out anytime soon.

If you’re planning to reuse your cupcake container, then I would recommend something like this. The case is entirely reusable but still has a great, clean look to it. With plenty of space for cupcakes and dishwasher-safe, this is a reliable and convenient container to have on hand.

Cupcake Box

If you saw my post about how to ship cupcakes, you would know I am a big fan of cupcake boxes. Cupcakes boxes make it a breeze to place your cupcakes inside and head out. 

Cupcake boxes are typically disposable, making them a great choice for those who are toting cupcakes to a birthday party or selling to a client. Cupcake boxes have a classic bakery appeal which plenty of people are drawn to, too, making them a top-notch choice.

Cupcake Baking Pan

Did you know that you don’t have to spend a dime on your cupcake transportation? While things like cupcake containers and boxes look great, they’re not always feasible. If you’re on a budget or simply don’t really care how your cupcakes are being transported, the baking pan is a good idea.

This trick is simple: wait for the cupcakes and cupcake baking pan to cool entirely before covering with aluminum foil. You can decorate the cupcakes before covering, but if doing so, make sure that the aluminum foil is placed loosely so as not to mess with the frosting or decorations.

Bonus: Egg Carton

Okay, I know I said I was only giving three choices today. But I had to share this option, too, because it’s so handy and cheap. 

If you’re making itty-bitty miniature-sized cupcakes (which just so happen to be my favorite type of cupcakes!), then you can simply use the egg carton in your refrigerator. You will want to empty any eggs that are still inside. Place them in a bag, airtight container, etc.

The best thing about using an egg carton is that you can decorate it however you want. Paint it, bedazzle it with jewels and glitter, add some intricate designs – there are no limits. Let your creativity fly, and when it’s dry, place the cupcakes right inside and transport them to your destination.

Tips for Cupcake Transportation

By now, you know whether or not you want to use a cupcake container, box, or baking pan for transportation. Does this mean you’re all set? Well, kind of. But you might want to see these simple tips for cupcake transportation before you rush out the door.

  • Consider a cooler. If you’re headed somewhere hot or plan to be outdoors, a cooler should be considered. A cooler will ensure your tasty treats don’t end up a melted mess.
  • Decorate later. Transporting cupcakes is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about frosting. If you can wait until you’ve reached your destination before frosting your cupcakes.
  • Give the cupcakes space. Whichever option you’re using (one of mine or a different one entirely), make sure the cupcakes have some space. If they collide, you might have a jumbled mess by the end of transportation.
  • Use some frosting to keep them in place. Is your transportation device not doing its job? Don’t panic. Simply drop a dollop of frosting on the bottom of the container or box before sticking your cupcake on top. It’s like a glue that isn’t too sticky but works great.
  • Keep your car cool. If you’re planning to transport cupcakes in your vehicle, make sure the car is nice and cool. This is especially true for long trips. Point the air conditioner on the cupcakes to keep them fresh and free of melting. 


Transporting cupcakes really isn’t that difficult. You can spend money on classic containers or boxes or simply keep them in the same baking pan. If you’re still curious about how to transport cupcakes, check out these frequently asked questions. 

How do you transport hundreds of cupcakes?

If you have a big order of cupcakes you need to transport; then your best option is to use stackable strawberry boxes. Then, you can place your cupcakes inside, stack them up as high as you need, and be on your way. Just be careful when moving them around!

How long can cupcakes sit out uncovered?

I don’t recommend letting cupcakes sit out uncovered for the simple fact that they will be exposed to the elements, such as bugs, water, etc. However, they won’t dry out if they’re left uncovered for up to two days. Again, I would recommend simply covering them, so they stay freshest.

What is the best way to store cupcakes?

If you’re planning to store cupcakes rather than transport them, I recommend using an airtight container or plastic freezer bag. That way, they can sit in the fridge or freezer without drying out or going bad. You can also use the handy plastic container that I suggested earlier!

How do you wrap cupcakes individually?

There are a few ways to do this. For one, you can simply wrap them loosely with cellophane and use a ribbon or another tie to seal the packaging. Second, you can use a single cupcake container. Lastly, you can get creative with “cupcakes in a jar,” which are deconstructed.

Final Words

When it comes to transporting cupcakes, your best option is to use a cupcake container (disposable or reusable) or a cupcake box. If you’re on a budget or don’t want to do anything fancy, you can also simply use the cupcake baking pan or repurpose your egg carton.

Do you transport cupcakes regularly? What is your favorite way to transport cupcakes? Do you use any of these methods? Share your transporting tips with us below!

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