5 Best Greaseproof Cupcake Liners

It doesn’t matter whether you’re baking miniature muffins, jumbo-sized treats, or sticking with standard goods. The last thing you want to end up with is a greasy liner bottom. Yuck! To avoid greasy messes, consider using the Caperci Standard Cupcake Liners

Well, hello there, cupcake crafters! I’m Michelle, and I’ve been baking for the past ten years. I’m a big fan of cupcakes because they’re relatively easy to bake yet are highly versatile and convenient, thanks to their handheld size. 

One thing I’ve noticed along my cupcake baking journey is that not all liners are created equally. Some of them can get really greasy, which is not only going to be visually and textually undesirable, but it can affect overall cupcake success.

I found the Caperci liners to be a must-have for grease-free lining. This 500-count is budget-friendly and designed with food-grade paper that won’t absorb batter or emit undesirable odors. They’re also the ideal height and width for standard-sized cupcakes. 

If you’re tired of greasiness taking over your beloved cupcakes, you need to jump on the greaseproof cupcake liner bandwagon. And today, I’m lending you a helping hand with these top greaseproof cupcake liners

Let’s bake – without the grease.

Best Greaseproof Cupcake Liners: Top Picks

As promised, I am going to share the very best greaseproof cupcake liners on the market. I researched high and low to ensure I found liners with the greatest features and positive reviews. Let’s dive in!

1. Caperci Standard Cupcake Liners (Best Choice)

  • Key Features: Ideal size, easy to use, safe up to 428F, come with sturdy packaging tube, food-grade paper, versatile, safe and effective
  • Cupcake Size: Standard
  • # Liners per Pack: 500

If you want perfectly greaseproof standard cupcakes every time, I highly recommend the Caperci liners. This pack comes with 500 cupcake liners, all nestled into a sturdy packaging tube to stave off bending and twisting.

The liners themselves are crafted using high-quality, food-grade paper that won’t emit odors and provide a safe and stable cup for cupcake batter. They’re the ideal size, with 3 inches on top and 3.25 inches on the bottom. 

These easy-to-use cupcake liners are pretty adaptable, too, and can handle up to 428F – perfect for almost every cupcake imaginable. Use in the oven, microwave, and fridge without fear. 

Although these liners are sturdy and reliable, they’re on the thin side. This doesn’t affect functionality whatsoever. They can also be slightly tricky to pull apart, so double-check that you’re grabbing a single to avoid accidental waste. 

2. Staruby Cupcake Liners (Best Unbleached Option)

  • Key Features: Unbleached, non-toxic, healthier option, a brown shade that’s highly versatile, perfect size for standard cupcakes
  • Cupcake Size: Standard
  • # Liners per Pack: 300

Are you a firm believer that unbleached is the way to go? Many bakers are swapping traditional bleached cupcake liners for the (potentially) safer unbleached ones. For those that prefer natural, unbleached cups, consider these great liners from Staruby.

This pack comes with 300 unbleached, non-toxic, and of course, grease-proof cupcake liners. The material is said to be “healthier” than other options on the market, which can give bakers an added sense of confidence and comfort when they’re whipping up chocolate cupcakes.

Another benefit is that the color won’t fade, even after baking the most whimsically-colored cupcakes. Yes, the cupcake liners are a brown shade. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For one, your cupcakes get to be the star of the show. Secondly, brown matches everything, making this a versatile liner for every occasion.

A few buyers said that the liners detached from the cupcakes before they were technically supposed to. However, they insisted that these were still all-star cupcake liners that worked like magic in the kitchen. I wouldn’t hesitate to give these a try!

3. Gifbera Mini White Cupcake Liners (Best for Mini Cupcakes)

  • Key Features: Perfect for miniature-sized cupcakes, odorless, bright white color
  • Cupcake Size: Standard
  • # Liners per Pack: 400

Mini cupcakes are the best thing in the entire world. No, I’m not exaggerating. You can literally stuff a whole mini cupcake into your mouth and enjoy the delicious flavors and textures of the cake and frosting simultaneously. Obviously, I’m obsessed and had to add these liners.

The Giberfa mini cupcake liners are 100% odorless, so you can enjoy the scent of your freshly baked treats rather than the smell of paper (it’s subtle, but ew.) With 400 per pack, you have enough to make a seemingly endless amount of adorable tiny treats.

One of the benefits of these small greaseproof cupcake liners is that they’re a bold, bright white color. This makes your cupcakes really “pop,” whether you’re sticking with classic vanilla or doing something more robust like dark chocolate cherry with orange zest. 

The biggest “complaint” was that these liners are a tad smaller than some of the other miniature cupcake liners on the market. It did not affect efficiency or quality. It was simply a surprise for some bakers when they pulled them out of the package. No big deal, I’d say!

4. NextClimb Store Cupcake Baking Cup Liner (Best for Jumbo Cupcakes)

  • Key Features: Extra-large, unbleached, odorless, ultra-thick to avoid rips and tears, healthy choice, impressively deep
  • Cupcake Size: Standard
  • # Liners per Pack: 50

Whether it’s your little one’s first birthday or you’re preparing a bachelorette party, there is one thing you don’t want to forget – giant cupcakes. Forget standard size. Significant events call for massive flavors, and that’s precisely why I included these larger-than-life jumbo cupcake liners on the list.

These jumbo-sized liners are designed with a spacious 3.75-inch top and 2.75-bottom. They’re two inches deep, two, which means you will be able to sink your teeth into a whole lot of goodness. They’re entirely unbleached for your convenience and safety, too.

Another big plus about these liners is that they’re designed to be ultra-thick. That’s right – flimsy options, move over. These liners are prepared to take on the challenge, no matter how much batter might be loaded. 

A lot of reviewers said that these jumbo-sized cupcake liners were too large for their jumbo-sized pans. Okay, but is this really a bad thing? That just means you can add a pinch more batter without the fear of it spilling every which way. Turn a negative into a positive!

5. MontoPack Party Paper Baking Cups (Most Colorful)

  • Key Features: Rainbow colors, vibrant hues, no poisons or toxins, odorless, come with a strong storage tube to prevent rips, won’t leak dye
  • Cupcake Size: Standard
  • # Liners per Pack: 300

Want to add a little razzle-dazzle to your cupcakes? Sure, your cupcakes are bursting with flavor and might even look like they’re ready for a catwalk. But there’s nothing wrong with adding a little extra charm and pizazz. If you need a thrill, consider these liners from MontoPack.

This pack comes with 300 cupcake liners ranging from flirty pink to cool blue. With so many color options, you can bring your cupcakes to life in a way you never thought possible. You’re sure to be the hit at the next party!

Aside from the vibrant hues, these cupcake liners are designed to be greaseproof (of course) yet have zero bad smells, no poisons or toxins, and they will not leak dye into your cupcakes. They come in a strong storage tube to prevent folds and breakage, too. What more could you ask of your rainbow cupcake liners? 

The interior shade of these cupcake liners is a bit less vibrant than the exterior. This isn’t a significant issue, seeing as most people are only concerned about the outside appearance. It’s just something you should know beforehand!

Best Greaseproof Cupcake Liners: Things to Consider

Grease-free cupcake baking finally awaits you. But wait! Before you commit to buying, consider these few critical things.

How Many Liners Per Pack?

If you’re an avid cupcake baker like me, you will 100% want to indulge in a pack that comes with a lot. For example, my top pick – the Caperci liners – comes with 500 cupcake liners. If you don’t plan on baking, you’ll be OK with 300 or less!

What Size Are the Liners?

There are two things to take into consideration here. For one, find the right “size” such as mini, standard, or jumbo. Then, pay extra close attention to the dimensions. Just because a cupcake liner says it’s a specific size doesn’t mean it’s going to fit in your pan correctly.

Bleached or Unbleached?

Plenty of people are taking strides to live a healthier lifestyle and may prefer unbleached options. However, it’s imperative to keep in mind that bleached liners do not pose risks to your health. It’s more of a personal preference, and I respect you either way.

What Do They Look Like?

I made it a goal to add variety to my post. Above, you will find colorful liners and white and brown ones. White and brown liners work like a charm and can work for any situation, letting your cupcakes do the talking. But some people really want that extra “flashy” appearance. That’s OK, too!


I really like all of the cupcake liners on this list, but the number one option is undeniably the Caperci Standard Cupcake Liners. It comes with 500 safe and effective food-grade paper liners that can work with all of your favorite recipes. 

Have you tried any of these cupcake liners or have a good one to share? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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