Why is Smeg So Expensive?

Smeg is known for its gorgeous, retro-style appliances. If you’re in the 50’s theme, you will want (need) these appliances in your kitchen. However, they’re not known for their unique beauty alone. The high price tags have also created a name for them in the shopping world.

Why is Smeg so expensive, though? Well, it boils down to a few different factors. 

For one, they’re seen as a “luxury” brand that offers top-of-the-line, aesthetically-pleasing goods. They also have limited supply and high demand, causing a boost in the price tag. And don’t forget costly collabs, like the one with Dolce and Gabbana.

Hey! I’m Michelle, and I can understand why people go crazy for Smeg products. They’re truly gorgeous, especially if you’re into the retro theme. As an avid baker, I was dying to know why Smeg products are so expensive, and I’m here to share my findings with you.

Let’s discover why Smeg is so expensive!

Why is Smeg So Expensive? Top 6 Reasons

Smeg products aren’t expensive for the fun of it. There are actually six actual reasons why these kitchen appliances are so pricey. 

1. It’s Art

Smeg has made it a mission to have its products stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to appearance. Their products can easily be labeled as “art pieces” on top of high-quality kitchen appliances.

They focus so heavily on aesthetics that they even have celebrity designers and architects putting together the appearance of their products. For example, Guido Canali (famous architect) and Marc Newson (influential designer) are two big names with an impact on Smeg aesthetics.

2. It’s Luxury

Think of the most highly acclaimed luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Mercedes Benz. These luxurious products are expensive, and those who can afford them will buy them. Even those that don’t have oodles of money make it a goal to purchase one of these luxury products at least once.

Well, think of Smeg as another luxury brand that people can and do pay for. 

3. Pricy Collaborations

At this point, it’s clear: Smeg is a luxury art brand rather than a traditional “kitchen appliance” brand, although its products still perform the same functions, whether you opt for the fridge, the toaster, or one of many other fine appliances.

However, seeing how they focus on being an aesthetically-pleasing art form, it’s no surprise they collaborate with other fine retailers.

For example, they’ve paired with Disney and Dolce and Gabanna to create stunning, limited-edition products – paired with a high price tag, of course. 

These collabs certainly aren’t cheap, but it revs up the pristine and exclusive nature of the products, making them all the more sought-after and pricy.

4.  High-Quality

While there is undoubtedly an emphasis on looks when it comes to Smeg products, one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the quality. 

This brand certainly doesn’t rely on cheap materials. No, they use only premium materials so you can get a top-of-the-line product that won’t resort to breaks, chips, and other misfortunes soon after buying.

5. Limited Number of Products

When something is “limited,” it makes the customer feel like they have to buy it – or it might be too late. This type of panic buying is quite popular amongst other luxury brands, and Smeg has followed suit.

By making their products seem almost unattainable, they instantly create high demand. Their limited products sell out fast for one simple reason: people don’t want to miss out. That said, they can charge a high price, and people will still feel the need to “have” it.

6. High Demand

The bigger the demand, the higher the prices can go. And that’s one of many things that have contributed to Smeg’s high-priced kitchen appliances. People truly love Smeg products and don’t hesitate to purchase them, even with a higher price tag. 

High demand = higher prices for some brands such as Smeg.


There you have it! Smeg products are so expensive because they are truly a “luxury” name brand in the realm of kitchen appliances. If you want to learn more about this fascinating topic, check out these FAQs.

Is Smeg a luxury brand?

Smeg can certainly be described as a luxury brand. This is especially true, considering they have teamed up with other luxury brands like Dolce and Gabbana. Their impressive aesthetics and high-quality materials also lend them a hand in being truly “luxurious.”

Is Smeg Made in China?

Some of Smeg’s products are made in China, while others are made in its home country of Italy. In fact, some say that is one reason that contributes to the higher price. Products made “at home” rather than abroad tend to be pricier, but people are willing to pay for them.

Is Miele more expensive than Smeg?

It depends on the product, but yes, most of the time, Miele products are more expensive than Smeg. This is primarily due to the fact that Miele products have far more innovative features and options, especially when it comes to their ovens.

Does Smeg go on sale?

If you want to purchase Smeg products, you likely want to wait for a sale. Sales don’t happen too often, but when they do, it’s your opportunity to snag one of these luxury kitchen appliances without draining your bank account. Stay on alert for when these fine products go on sale!

Is Smeg worth it?

If you’re creating a kitchen that focuses on art and lavishness with a lovely retro theme, Smeg products can certainly be worth it. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it, though. For one, I don’t have a retro-themed kitchen, and two, I think you can buy the same products for less. But it’s up to you!

Final Words

Smeg products are expensive for many reasons. They’re genuinely a luxury kitchen appliance brand that focuses on creating pieces of high-quality art rather than industrial appliances. They also use gimmicks like “limited products” to create a sense of urgency, leading to additional sales.

Do you like Smeg products? Do you own or plan to buy?

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  • Sue Marshall

    I’ve just purchased the Smeg kettle and toaster I have a big gripe with the water level…it is really difficult to see how much water you have in it. Its the worst kettle I’ve had for this but I do love it at the same time just so disappointed with this one flaw

  • marie

    how do I get a smeg from Italy and not China?

    • Michelle

      Hi Marie,
      Only some of the products (typically larger appliances) are made in Italy. You can find them on the Smeg website: https://www.smeg.com/. If you have questions about where each product is manufactured, I would recommend reaching out to their customer service team.

  • Helen Rhead

    Hi i have always purchased Smeg i have a fridge Toaster but my kettle is dissapointing i loved it when bought but now after 3 tears its blowing my electrics so not hapoy as they are expensive to buy i expected it to last longer
    Helen Rhead

    • Michelle

      Hi Helen,
      So sorry to hear about that. Have you tried contacting the company about this issue?