How to Keep Croissants Fresh Overnight

A croissant. Is there anything better in the morning for breakfast? While pancakes and waffles tend to be the top contenders for breakfast faves, nobody can deny the appeal of the croissant. However, if you have leftovers, you must know how to keep them fresh overnight. 

The best way to keep croissants fresh overnight is to wrap each croissant individually with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Then, you can place them inside an airtight container (optional). Store at room temperature in a cool and dark space.

Hello, everyone! My name’s Michelle, and I make fresh (and buy store-bought) croissants regularly. They’re a favorite in this household for breakfast! Although, if the croissants aren’t stored correctly, they might resort to some dried-out croissants that nobody wants to eat.

Without further ado, let’s talk about how to keep croissants fresh overnight!

How to Keep Croissants Fresh Overnight – 3 Steps for Success

Dried pastries are never going to be appetizing. And if you don’t store your croissants correctly overnight, that’s precisely what you’ll end up with. Don’t worry, though; I have found the three-step process to stash croissants overnight, so they remain fresh and delicious!

1. Wrap Them in Plastic Wrap Individually

The simplest way to keep your croissants fresh and crisp until morning is to wrap them with plastic wrap.

Now, the goal here is to wrap them individually. If you try to wrap several croissants, you may accidentally allow some air to flow through them, leading to stale croissants by the morning time. 

Yes, it’s a little bit of extra work to do them separately, but I guarantee that it’s worth it.

Don’t have any plastic wrap on hand? You can also use aluminum foil. Still, you’ll need to wrap them individually for the best results.

2. (Optional) Store in an Airtight Container

I love my airtight containers. I use them for everything, from storing my flour, sugar, and cocoa powder to stashing leftovers that can be left at room temperature.

I had to add this option to my three-step process.

Now, you don’t have to wrap the croissants when using an airtight container. Yet, it’s a good idea if you want to add an extra barrier of protection.

With the plastic wrap and airtight container combo, you have no fear of your croissants becoming a dried-out and rock-hard disaster by morning!

3. Store at Room Temperature in a Cool and Dark Area

Now that your croissants are appropriately wrapped and/or stored in an airtight container, you’ll need to find a nice spot for them to hang out overnight.

Croissants can – and should – be left at room temperature if you plan to eat them within 24 to 48 hours. Keep in mind that the location should be cool and dark, for example, inside your pantry.

Make sure that the croissants are kept away from moisture, too. We all know what can happen when moisture touches bread – soggy disgustingness and mold growth

Tip: If you need to store your croissants for an extended period, wrap them securely and toss them into the freezer. Try to avoid the refrigerator, as this is the spot that can dry croissants the fastest.

How to Freshen Up a Stale Croissant

Even if you’ve taken all the proper precautions, there’s still a risk of ending up with a stale and yucky croissant. That doesn’t mean your croissants are destined for the trash can. There are two easy ways to bring your croissant back to life using your microwave or oven.

Microwave Method

The fastest way to revive a stale croissant is to toss it into your microwave.

Of course, you’ll want to wrap your croissant with a paper towel first.

You don’t need to dampen the paper towel unless you’re dealing with a very dried-out croissant. 

Either way, you’ll cook the croissant for 15 seconds, turning it over halfway through. Then, let it sit for a moment before diving in. Yum!

Oven Method

If you have a little more time on your hands and want to make your croissant taste like it just came out of the oven (for the first time, that is), then you’ll want to use the oven method.

Start by preheating your oven to 300F. 

Decide whether or not to spritz your croissant with water. Remember, a dab of moisture can help to revive very dried-out and rock-hard croissants. It’s not always necessary to do so.

Then, allow the croissant to bake for six minutes. Remove it carefully from the oven and let it cool off for a few minutes before eating it.


Keeping croissants fresh overnight is a relatively simple task and only requires one item – plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or an airtight container. Who knew? Oh, but don’t leave just yet. Below are a few frequently asked questions to check out.

Are croissants still good the next day?

As long as the croissants are stored correctly, they can be enjoyed the next day. If you’re not planning to consume the croissants within a day or two, it’s recommended to place them inside the freezer. Just make sure they’re wrapped tightly before being stashed away.

Do croissants last overnight?

Croissants can easily last overnight when they are stored correctly. Wrap them individually in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Then, store them in an airtight container for added protection (optional). If you don’t plan to eat them within two days, place them in the freezer.

Can you make croissants the night before?

You can make croissants the night before and keep them fresh until the next day. All you need to do is allow them to cool entirely before wrapping them individually in your preferred material. You can also place them inside an airtight container until the next day.

Croissants Are Easy to Store and Keep Fresh Overnight

Storing croissants and keeping them fresh isn’t hassling. The key is wrapping each croissant individually with plastic or aluminum foil. You can also throw them into an airtight container, with or without wrapping first. Put them in the freezer if you need to store them for longer than 48 hours.

How do you store your croissants and keep them fresh overnight?

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