10 Different Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are lovely things. They can transform any typical “round” cookie into a work of art. OK, maybe not to that extreme. But nobody can deny the cute and fun designs that cookie cutters provide. They’re not solely used for cookies, though. They can be used in many other ways.

Cookie cutters aren’t solely for cookies. You can use cookie cutters to cut foods like sandwiches and fruit or use them for various crafts.

Hey! My name’s Michelle, and I am a self-taught baker that’s enjoyed ten years of baking in my home kitchen. I love to be creative when it comes to recipes, but I venture my creativity into other outlets, too. That said, I’ve found many fantastic ways to use cookie cutters (which tend to never see the light of day unless you’re mixing dough).

Want to find out other ways to use your cookie cutters? Check it out below!

10 Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

A cookie cutter is excellent for transforming boring round cookies into fun and spunky treats. But they’re so much more than cookie transformers. You can use cookie cutters for tons of other things, too. Here are my top ten ways to use cookie cutters that you will surely enjoy!

1. Sandwich Cutter

My favorite way to use cookie cutters is to cut sandwiches into fun shapes and designs.

OK, in reality, it’s my kids’ favorite way to use cookie cutters. But hey, whatever it takes for them to gobble up their sandwich during school lunchtime, right?

Using cookie cutters on a sandwich is a cinch. Simply assemble your sandwich, push the cookie cutter down on top of it, and remove the excess pieces.

Tip: Don’t toss the leftover cookies! Eat them yourself or save them in a small bag and serve them as a snack the next day. 

2. Pancake Mold

Round cookie? Meh. Round pancake? Even more meh.

It’s 2023, and let’s face it, we’re getting tired of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole!

That’s why I use my cookie cutters as pancake molds.

Place the cookie mold onto a heated pan. Then, pour the pancake batter on top. Once the pancake batter has set and is bubbling, remove the cookie cutter and flip the pancake. Viola! Now you have stars, hearts, candy canes, and other exciting pancakes.

Tip: Please make sure that your cookie cutter won’t melt on the hot pan. Ensure they are heat-resistant.

3. Fondant Cutter

Hi, I’m Michelle, and I bake a lot of cakes – but you probably already know that.

Needless to say, fondant is a common ingredient in my household – and it can be convenient when it comes to making shapes and designs!

All you need to do is lay your fondant down and use the cookie cutter to cut out shapes. It’s that easy, yet it brings a theme to life beautifully. 

Think: a strawberry cake for Valentine’s Day will look that much cuter and “full of love” with fondant hearts in every direction!

4. Fruit Cutter

If you have very teeny-tiny cookie cutters, you can use them to cut shapes into larger fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and apples.

I mean, come on. Fruits are delicious and appealing enough. But when you cut them into adorable and fun designs, they get that much more scrumptious. It’s science! (Not really.)

Cut out some fun shapes and add them to your next charcuterie board, or stick them in your kid’s lunch pail to really wow them (and make all of the other children envious of their mom, of course).

5. Stencil for Artwork

Did you really think that cookie cutters were just for desserts and foods? 

Think again!

If you’re like me and can’t draw a square or a circle to save your life, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can use cookie cutters as stencils in your upcoming art project.

Yeah, that’s right – go ahead and use that cool dinosaur cookie cutter to wow your friends and family members into thinking you’re some kind of superstar artist. I won’t tell them your secret.

6. Ice Cream Pops

Listen, when it’s hot as heck outside, the last thing I want to do is turn the oven on to make a batch of cookies. How about you?

That said, you might think it’s time to toss the cookie cutters into the back of the kitchen cabinet for the summer season.

But you don’t have to.

Use cookie cutters to make delicious and fun ice cream pops – your taste buds and eyes won’t be disappointed.

7. Bird Feeder

Yes, I know this idea is really outside of the box, but who doesn’t love to be creative – and help the bird population?

Don’t worry about breaking out the wood, saw, and paints this year to make a birdhouse.

Keep things simple by making a birdfeeder with cookie cutters.

No, you won’t be able to use the cookie cutters again, but honestly, that’s not a big deal – especially when you hear the happy birds chirping on your patio.

8. Organize Small Food/Items

Buying a big organizing bin for smaller items just seems silly when you have cookie cutters on hand.

Whether you’re serving a charcuterie board or need a spot to organize smaller items like paper clips, staples, and pins, you can use cookie cutters.

Cookie cutters are the perfect size to keep small things together in one spot. Not only that, but it’ll make your space look cute and fun and always make you smile. It’s a win-win!

9. Crayons

I have a love-hate relationship with crayons.

Yes, I love that they can bring a coloring book page to life. Yes, I love that my children love to color with them. Yes, I love how colorful and bright they are and how easy they are to use.

But let’s face it, they’re prone to breaking – and often, too. And being left with a box full of broken crayons just isn’t fun.

However, when I discovered you could melt crayons to make “new ones,” I was thrilled. The best part? Using your cookie cutter, you can cut the “new crayons” into fun shapes. Imagine the surprise on your child’s face if you try this idea!

10. Stamp Art

Last but not least, you can use cookie cutters as stampers. This is especially fun for little kids who are just starting to explore new types of art – and parents who are ready to clean up a possible major paint explosion.

To do this fun project, you only need to give your child (or yourself) a piece of paper, a few cookie cutters, and some paint.

Dip the cookie cutter into the paint and stamp it onto the paper. Continue until you’re happy with your artwork. So much fun!


Wow, who knew there were so many great things to do with cookie cutters (and I didn’t even name half of the ideas!). Although I’m sure you’re excited to try these new ideas, I recommend looking at these frequently asked questions before you leave. Let’s check ‘em out!

Can you use cookie cutters on any cookie?

Cookie cutters can be used for all types of cookies.

Can you cook an egg with a cookie cutter?

You can cook an egg with a cookie cutter. In fact, that’s a great way to spruce up your regular breakfast food. Simply place the cookie cutter in a hot pan. Drop the egg inside. Cook. Yum!

What else can I cut with a cookie cutter?

Honestly, you can cut just about anything with a cookie cutter, as long as it’s not too hard to do so. Whether it’s a pie crust, a tortilla, or a brownie, you can cut it and enjoy the cool and fun new shapes!

Cookie Cutters Can Be Used for Just About Anything!

Needless to say, cookie cutters are tremendously versatile. They are especially handy when it comes to cutting food into shapes, yet they’re also great for a number of art projects.

How do you use cookie cutters? Share below!

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