How Much Bread Should You Eat a Day?

If you had eggs and toast for breakfast, you might think you have to skip the sandwich at lunch and garlic bread with dinner. But that’s not necessarily the case. The average person can eat around seven to eight pieces of bread per day, although this number can vary based on factors such as age and sex.

Hello, there! My name’s Michelle, and I’m slightly obsessed with bread. Whether it’s a slice of sourdough for breakfast or naan bread to accompany my curry, I could eat bread all day long. Naturally, I wondered how much bread was actually “OK,” so I did some digging.

Are you concerned you might be eating too much bread? Want to see if there’s some wiggle room for more bread in your daily intake? Then keep reading. This article shares how much bread you can and should eat in a day.

Let’s talk about bread consumption!

How Much Bread Can You Eat in a Day?

I’m going to kick this article off by discussing how much bread you can eat in a day because the actual number you can consume is definitely different from how much you “should” consume.

The average person can eat seven or eight pieces of bread per day. However, this number varies depending on several factors, with sex and age being the biggest.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much bread one can eat in a day, according to the USDA.

Toddlers12 to 23 months1 to 3 ounces
Children2-4 years5-8 years3 to 5 ounces4 to 6 ounces
Girls9-13 yrs14-18 yrs5 to 7 pieces6 to 8 ounces
Boys9-13 years14-18 years5 to 9 ounces6 to 10 ounces
Women19-30 years31-60+ years6 to 8 ounces5 to 7 ounces
Men19-30 years31-59 years60+ years8 to 10 ounces7 to 10 ounces6 to 9 ounces

Keep in mind that “ounces” refers to any kind of grain, such as bread. One slice of bread is equivalent to one ounce. With that said, a toddler can eat up to three pieces of bread per day, a woman in her 20s can eat up to eight slices a day, and a man in their 40s can have up to ten.

How Much Bread Should You Eat a Day?

If we focus solely on the chart above, it’s clear that the “average” number of bread one can eat in a day is seven or eight slices. That doesn’t mean you should eat that much, though.

When the USDA refers to how many grains one can eat in a day, they’re not just talking about bread. They’re talking about other types of grains, too, such as oatmeal, rice, and barley. 

With that in mind, how much you “should” eat varies significantly from how much bread you “can” eat. 

At the end of the day, it’s best to eat a well-balanced diet. Consider having a slice of bread for breakfast, two slices for lunch, and another slice to go with dinner. Then, you’ll have some allowance for other types of nutrient-rich grains to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Not sure how much bread you should be eating, especially if you’re dealing with some kind of diet restrictions or health problems? The best thing to do is talk with your doctor and a registered dietician, as the numbers above are “typical” but may not be suitable for everyone.

What Kind of Bread Should You Eat?

The USDA doesn’t go above and beyond to explain what breads you should and should not eat. That said, you can follow the numbers above for almost any type of bread.

That doesn’t mean you should fill up on white bread with fewer nutrients, though.

If you consume bread regularly, I highly recommend opting for a healthier option. If nothing else, you’ll be fueling your body with some added nutrients that will be beneficial to your well-being.

Some of the best options for bread include whole grain, sprouted grain, sourdough (make homemade using one of these handy machines), rye, and those labeled as “low carb.” Eat these in moderation, and don’t feel guilty about it!


If you’re like one of many individuals with a love-hate relationship with bread, these numbers might surprise you – and might even make you happy knowing you can double up on your fave loaves. Before you take off, check out these FAQs!

Is it OK to eat 4 slices of bread a day?

It should be OK to eat four slices of bread per day. Most people can have more than four per day. It all depends on your age and gender. Of course, everyone has their own restrictions, so if you’re unsure, double-check with your doctor or a registered dietician.

Is it OK to eat bread every day?

Although some people might think bread is a no-no, it can be a part of a healthy diet and consumed daily. As always, I recommend going with a healthy bread type, like whole grain. If you really want to cut down on bread, here are some great alternatives to bread for sandwiches.

Are 3 slices of bread too much?

Three pieces of bread aren’t too much for the average individual. So, if you’re a healthy person that doesn’t need to lose weight or stay away from bread for other health reasons, don’t panic when you eat three – or more – per day.

Go Ahead and Enjoy Your Bread!

Bread isn’t the “evil” ingredient it used to be known as. Today, people understand that a well-balanced diet can and should include bread, especially healthier bread types. In fact, most people can eat around seven or eight pieces a day without any adverse effects.

How much bread do you typically eat in a day? Do you agree with this amount? Do you enjoy any bread substitutions that you’d like to share with others? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below!

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