How Long to Bake Cupcakes at 350 or 325

Cupcakes are so much fun. They’re the perfect handheld treat that’s nice and soft on the bottom and covered in a layer of delectable frosting. Baking cupcakes isn’t too challenging, either. The biggest hurdle some new bakers face is how long they should bake their cupcakes. 

Hey, there! My name is Michelle, and I love cupcakes. I especially love making mini cupcakes. They’re just so adorable! As a self-taught baker, I’ve had to discover the best temperature to bake cupcakes, and I’m here to share my discoveries with you.

Most of the time, regular-sized cupcakes will need around 15 to 20 minutes to bake at 350. Baking at 325 will need more time, between 22 and 27 minutes. It depends mainly on the size of the cupcake and the recipe you’re using, though.

Let’s bake some cupcakes!

How Long to Bake Cupcakes at 350

Most cupcake recipes will tell you to bake your cupcakes between 325F and 375F. However, 350F tends to be the most common since it’s the right smack dab in the middle. But how long will your cupcakes actually take to bake at 350F? 

If you’re using a regular-sized cupcake pan, most cupcakes will take between 15 to 20 minutes to bake at 350F. This number can vary depending on the ingredients used and the type of pan. Remember, dark pans bake quicker than lighter ones.

The size of your cupcakes will also make a big difference. For example, a batch of mini muffins in a mini muffin pan will take roughly 10 to 15 minutes at 350F. Jumbo muffins in a jumbo-sized pan will need more time, about 20 to 25 minutes. 

How Long to Bake Cupcakes at 325

Not all cupcake recipes are the same. For example, this tasty funfetti cupcake recipe calls for cupcakes to bake at 325 F. But how long until these treats are baked and ready for action?

For regular-sized cupcakes, most will bake in about 22 to 27 minutes. Remember that the same rules apply for 325F as they do for 350F: dark pans bake faster, and you will need to add or subtract time for mini and jumbo-sized pans.

With 325 F and 350F, the best thing to do is to follow the recipe closely for the best results. 

How to Check Cupcakes for Doneness

Now you know the “basic” rules for baking cupcakes at 325 F and 350F. However, sometimes things can go haywire. You might wait the recommended amount of time, only to find that your cupcakes aren’t done – or worse, they’re burnt

How can you avoid this cupcake devastation? By knowing how to check your cupcakes for doneness properly. Here are two simple ways to do this.

  • Toothpick test. The toothpick test is the most accurate for checking cupcake doneness. All you do is stick a toothpick (or another sharp object – sometimes I use a fork) into the center of the cupcake. If it comes out dry, it’s done. If the batter comes out, keep baking.
  • Touch test. Another way to check for doneness is the touch test. Give a cupcake a poke. If it springs back, then it’s done. If it doesn’t, keep baking. 

I recommend going with the toothpick test if you’re new to baking. Sometimes, it can be challenging to know whether a cupcake is properly “springing back” or not, especially when you’re brand new to the baking game. 


The cooking time for cupcakes changes depending on the oven’s temperature, but they should almost always be done in under 30 minutes. Check out these handy, frequently asked questions below if you still have some questions.

Can I bake cupcakes at 325 instead of 350?

Yes, you can bake cupcakes at 325 instead of 350. However, I recommend sticking to your cupcake recipe as much as possible for the best results. When changing the oven’s temperature, you will need to adjust the baking time.

Is it better to bake a cake at 325 or 350?

If you want a flat-top cake (or cupcake), it’s better to lower the temperature to 325F. If you desire that infamous dome on your baked treats, kick it to 350F. That said, no temperature is “better” than the other. It’s more of a preference for your desired results.

What is the normal temperature for baking cupcakes?

The temperature suggestion depends mainly on the ingredients used and the desired outcome of the cupcake. Plenty of cupcake recipes will suggest baking at 350F. However, this number can vary between 325F and 375F. 

Final Words

When baking cupcakes at 350F, they should be done within 15 to 20 minutes. Baking at 325 F will require 22 to 27 minutes. Every cupcake is different, though. Follow the recipe and check your cupcakes halfway through and at the end of the recommended baking time.

How long do you bake your cupcakes?

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