Can You Buy Bread from Subway?

There are many reasons why Subway is a sandwich-making giant. From their incredible (and reasonably priced) foot-long subs to their yummy wraps and salads, Subway is the go-to for anyone looking for a tasty lunch that won’t break the bunch.

One of the biggest draws to Subway is its delicious bread types. At Subway, you can choose from many different loaves of bread, including healthy options like 9-grain honey oat or the iconic Italian herbs and cheese.

Biting into one of these yummy sandwiches may leave you wondering whether or not you can purchase the bread by itself. After all, the honey oat bread would make a perfect base for homemade breakfast sandwiches, while the jalapeno and cheese may be the ideal dinner accompaniment. 

Unfortunately, you cannot buy bread from Subway. Trust me, I would know. While I have spent the last ten years baking goodies in my kitchen, I worked at various Subways across Southern California beforehand.

Read on to discover whether or not you can buy bread from Subway!

Can You Buy Bread From Subway?

Customers love Subway bread. 

Again, this is coming 100% from personal experience. I worked at many Subways in SoCal, and customers raved about the bread. I, myself, am also a big fan of Subway bread types, so I understand the obsession.

Unfortunately, though, consumers cannot buy bread from Subway. A loaf of bread is not in the system and therefore is not an option for customers. 

Will Subway Offer Just Bread in the Future?

Plenty of people are begging Subway to sell their loaves of bread; they’re just that good.

However, the company would need to sell hundreds of loaves for that to be profitable.

So, in my opinion, Subway won’t sell their bare bread loaves anytime soon. After all, I never had a single customer ask to purchase the bread independently, so I can’t imagine it happening often enough for the company to see it as a lucrative option.

Disclaimer: I could totally be wrong, and they could start selling loaves tomorrow. If you’re one of the many individuals wishing they could buy bread from Subway, keep your head held high and hope for the best!

How to Get Just Bread From Subway

Does that mean you absolutely can’t get bread from Subway?

Not exactly.

There is a way around it. Here’s how:

  • Order a “Veggie Delite” sandwich
  • Choose your type of bread. The most common include Wheat Bread, White Bread, and Italian Herb & Cheese
  • Ask for no toppings on your sandwich
  • Wait for the confused Sandwich Artist to double-check that you want nothing on your sandwich
  • Let the Sandwich Artist wrap your bare bread
  • Go enjoy your Subway bread however you’d like!

Yes, this technique will get you a loaf of Subway bread. Is it worth it, though? The foot-long Veggie Delite sandwich costs about $5.50. That’s not exactly cheap, especially when there are competitor bread types at the grocery store for much less. But it’s entirely up to you!

Subway Bread Copycats

Paying $5.50 for a loaf of Subway bread can seem outrageous. Not only that but the process of getting it can be a little odd. Coming from experience, I’d think it was a little unusual to order a sandwich with absolutely no toppings.

That said, your other choice is to look for “copycat” loaves in your grocery store. For instance, you can buy a loaf of French bread to mimic the white loaf. You can also bake an Italian loaf with oil, cheese, herbs, and spices to transform it into the famous “Italian Herbs & Cheese” loaf.

You can also make your own Subway bread loaves! There are countless recipes on the internet describing how to successfully recreate Subway bread, whether you want Italian Herbs & Cheese, Honey Oat, or another delectable flavor.

The benefit of making “Subway” bread at home is that it’s much cheaper. Depending on the ingredients you use, it may also be tastier and healthier. It’s a win-win situation!


I’m sorry I had to break the bad news, but someone had to do it. All we can do is hope that Subway changes its tune in the future and allows its businesses to sell loaves. In the meantime, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Where can I buy bread from Subway?

You can’t buy bread from Subway. The bread is solely sold to franchised establishments. The only alternative is to buy a foot-long Veggie Delite sandwich and add zero toppings (if you don’t mind a few puzzled looks). You can also bake your own DIY Subway loaves at home (for less).

Does Subway sell bread or cake?

Subway does not sell bread on its own. They also do not sell cake. If you need a sugar fix after enjoying your sandwich, you’ll have to opt for one of their scrumptious cookie flavors. Most Subway restaurants sell Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Cheesecake, and White Chip Macadamia Nut (my favorite).

Is making sandwich bread cheaper?

Typically, it’s cheaper to make homemade sandwich bread. However, it depends largely on the type of bread you’re making. You might not save that much money initially, but the more homemade loaves you make, the more you’ll save long-term. Read more here: Is it Cheaper to Make Bread at Home?

You Can’t Buy Bread From Subway

As much as we might want to buy loaves of bread from Subway, the fact of the matter is, we can’t. Subway does not sell their loaves of bread on their own. However, you can get around this “rule” by ordering a foot-long Veggie Delite with no toppings. The better solution is to find a copycat recipe online and make it yourself at home. (It will be tastier and cheaper!)

Are you a fan of Subway bread? What is your favorite type of Subway bread? Do you make homemade “Subway” bread, and if so, what recipe do you use? Let’s talk in the comment section!

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  • Robert Werwee

    Does the new CA minimum wage law cutout for Panera Bread change Subway’s calculation of selling bread only?

    • Michelle

      Hi, Robert!
      I’m really not sure, I’m sorry. I haven’t heard anything about this as I no longer live in CA. If you find anything, please let us know!